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10 of the Best Earphones Under Rs 500

When it comes to investing in high-quality Earphones, never Compromise on them. Also, researching earphones is necessary when you plan to buy yourself the best earphones. So Today in this Article! I’ll address my audience the top 10 best earphones under Rs 500, which are budget-friendly and serve you with the best long-lasting,  Pleasant, Vibing, and Impactful Experience. 

Earphones have emerged as the daily Necessities of our life. There are times when we want to get lost in our World, give ourselves the space and time to relax and feel our favorite music! Hence, Earphones help in those situations removing all the noises and giving us a Peaceful and Enlightened life. 

The Demand For Good Quality headphones has been there for years. They are great to study when you need to focus and concentrate on the essential audio lessons and understand the crucial concepts. 

Earphones give you the option to attend meetings and disclose a presentation, virtually with proper sound recording and audio listening. 

Interested in the best wireless earphones under Rs 2000?

Let’s Comes to Point 

Many times people buy Earphones, and after some use, it gets damaged, and you need to throw them off. Earphones are more prone to damage than any other device. If a small problem arises in the internal system of it, results in dysfunction of the entire system. So Choosing the best brand and the ideal headphone is crucial in the long-lasting of the Product. 

So Here we go, People! Let’s get started 

1. Boat BassHeads 242 

Never Worry About The Product Quality when choosing the best-selling Earphones and Headset manufacturing brand – Boat.

The Boat BassHead 242 is the next Generation- earphones under Rs 500. It provides next-level sound quality and gives you the Pleasant Vibing Experience. 

Get Ready Enjoy the best lifestyle experience with Boat Basshead 242 Earphone. 

The Earphone is manufactured keeping Quality and comfort in mind. It provides optimum comfort with the Ear-Hook crafted with Silicon, giving a secure and comfortable feel. 

The 10MM drivers produce a shrill and Quality Sound Giving you the high Bass and immense energy to carry out your workout sessions. It’s with IPX 4 resistance that acts as Sweat and Water Resistant. 

The Earphones are exceptionally portable with unique features that boost your dopamine. Travel wherever you want and enjoy the quality of the boat BassHead 242 Serves. 

It allows you the freedom of free movements with the super coated cable, which is flexible and durable, that reaches comfortably to your ears without any hesitation and with ease. 

Also, You Get the option to connect it with multiple devices using the 3.5mm straight jack and enjoy music anywhere and everywhere. The pause/play button takes all your calls and controls the volume with a single click. A must-have Earphones under 500 provide you with all the necessities you are looking for.

  • The 10MM drives produce High-quality and High-Base Sound.
  • It Acts As A Water and Sweat Resistant. So, don’t stress and enjoy life
  • The Line Mic Feature Gives You Easy And Comforting Control
  • It Comes With One Year Of Warranty
  • It Is Affordable and Long Lasting
  • No Major Cons
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2. Soundmagic ES30C Earphones

Soundmagic is a reputable brand that knows its customer’s demand and fulfills it with its best range of Products. 

The Soundmagic ES30C is the “Powerful Bass Wired Headphone” The Earphone gives you the best music experience by providing pure, clear sound quality making the Base more mellow and layered. 

It is easy to carry as it’s portable and lightweight (2.5g). Hence it provides you with the optimum comfort you were looking for in an earphone. It is one of the best earphones under Rs 500.

The ES30C is perfectly manufactured for noise isolation and non-noise interference. As you plug it in, you limit yourself from distractions and interruptible noises. 

The High-Quality Microphone function gives you the authority to record clear audio or attend calls. Also, these features act efficiently to carry out all the tasks like adjusting the volume, picking up calls, or pausing for a while in a single touch. 

The Soundmagic ES30C is friendly to be compatible with any device. It includes a 3.5MM jack, which helps it connect with Androids, Media Players, iOS smartphones, tablets, and many more. 

  • Sound Quality is next level! Even at the loud Bass and high volume, all the instruments are heard clearly
  • Mic and buttons assembly are efficient and perfectly placed
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • It is long-lasting, worth the price, and comes with Attractive packaging
  • The Cables are a bit weak
  • No magnets to hook the Earphone around the collar.
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3. Realme Buds 2 Neo

The Readme Buds 2 Neo is recommended to those high-end gamers who want to enhance the feel of their gaming experience. 

The earphones under Rs 500 work excellent and give you the best noise cancellation in such an affordable price range. 

The Realme Buds Neo 2 arrives as the successor to the Realme Buds 2. It comes with 11.2 bass boosters that provide high-quality sound that makes you crave it even more. 

It comes with a tangle-free design that provides hassle-free and comfortable use. 

The Realme Buds Neo 2 comes in different colors like The Regular Black and the Blue. These color options give you the scope to enhance your fashion style and create a next-level Personality statement.

The Earbuds are ideally designed with Soft-Silicone Earbuds to provide optimum comfort to your ears. It comes with a tangle-free design for hassle-free and comforting use. Also, the Earphone weighs 17 Grams which lets you carry and wear it for a longer time. 

Considering the price tag! The earphones perform far better and give you the best experience. It allows you to switch between music and has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. 

The Realme Buds 2 Neo is a Wired headset that doesn’t rely on batteries. You won’t have to overthink the problem of battery drainage issue. So a plus one to all the Realme Earphones fans, go for these earphones and get the best quality experience. 

  • Excellent Bass Performance
  • Durable Angled Design
  • Easy to use Remote and Mic
  • Gives you the option to play with different colours
  • The 11.2mm significant dynamic drivers for an impressive sound experience
  • The Bass is decent and normal
  • Edges are sharp
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4. JBL C50HI

When it comes to selling quality earphones and speakers, JBL emerges as one of the best-selling and demanded brands. They have next-level precision and Power in all their products. 

The JBL C50HI gives you impactful performance and the option to choose various colors. The earphones under Rs 500 come up with Trendy and bright colors that make you stand apart from the crowd and create your own statement. 

The Earphone provides you with deepened notes and High-Bass, making your musical experience more pleasing and beautiful. 

The One Button remote and the noise cancellation microphone! Gives you the authority to manage your calls with any disturbance with a feeling of control and easier management.

The 3.5mm L-Shaped helps shaped jack favors you with easier connection with devices and Laptops. Also, it is light in weight, which leads to a more comforting experience. 

The earplugs fit perfectly to all the ears and have the angled fit feature, which gives free movement and optimum comfort level, and you can wear them for hours without any hesitation. 

Don’t worry about the compatibility! The JBL C50HI supports maximum Android devices. Active your google assistant with a long press and manage your daily activities. 

  • The Sound Quality is Incredible
  • The Noise Cancellation Feature works amazingly
  • It is Lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time
  • The Button and click are fast and smooth
  • Must Have in this Price Range
  • The Wires Are Bit fragile and thin
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5. Philips SHE1505 

The Philips SHE1505 is ideal for high-voltage entertainment as it has impressive sound Quality that lasts longer with exceptional, Strengthened build quality. 

The Earphones under Rs 500 come in black color to give you a fashionable and appealing look. It is light in weight, allows you to carry it everywhere and enjoy the performance.

In many Earphone cases, the Ear in design sometimes irritates the ears, and you cannot wear it for a long time. Hence, The Philip SHE 1505 provides you with optimum comfort as its Ear in-design gives you the scope to enjoy and wear it for a long time. 

The She 1505 has the presence of 10mm drivers that gives you a premium level experience when listening to movies and streaming videos. Also feature a standard 3.5mm jack that is compatible and supports Android Devices.

Get the perfect fit without any slack or falling earbuds. The Philips She 1505 fits perfectly and makes your ears feel safe, secure, and pleasing. Enjoy hands-free calling, receiving, rejecting with the stylish Earphone from Philips. 

  • 3 interchangeable ear tips for the perfect in-ear seal
  • Enjoy Hands-free calling with the integrated microphone and call button
  • The 10mm drivers give you the best sound quality and impactful music experience
  • The Earphone is sweat and water-resistant
  • Worth to get in this price range
  • The bass function Is Decent, not exceptional
Check the Price on Amazon

6. Boat BassHead 152

Break out the old routine and get the Boat BassHead 152 to enjoy HD sound quality and Heavy tunes that boost your moods and give you a relaxing feel while carrying out the daily activities of life. 

Communicate clearly with the perfect inbuilt mic quality with high sensitivity and a versatile frequency range to provide exceptional performance. 

The Cables are impressive and give you a soft and delicate feel. You won’t feel that you are carrying an earphone, as it is flexible, durable, and provides the comfort you have been looking for for a long time. 

The Durable Super Coated Cable protects the Earphone from external causes and gives you the option to use it for a long time. Also, it is tangle-free, which makes it more appealing and worthy of getting. 

The Best part of this Boat BassHead 152 is its Vibrant and attractive colors. You get a total of 5 different color options that make you look appealing and make you stand you apart from the crowd. Also, it gets connected with most android devices and makes you feel the best experience.

  • The Sound Quality is Awesome
  • It Fits Perfectly and feels comfortable on the ears
  • Gives the best Noise Cancellation experience
  • Comes With Different Vibrant metallic colors
  • Ideal to buy and use for a long time
  • The Wires are thin, can lead to breakage issues.
Check the Price on Amazon

7. Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X 

The Bould Audio BassBuds Storm-X is designed to produce balanced tunes and deeper bass for all music play. Get lost in your World and enjoy the best music experience. 

The multiple classy colours give you options to try different colours and rock your world with the best performance. The Charm premium finish provides the Earphone with a more stylish and elegant finish. 

The Earphones under Rs 500 easily slip in your pocket, making it easy to carry and use. Gets connected and supports various devices and gadgets like Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Tablets. 

The Boult Audio Bassbuds come with magnetic drivers! Which makes the earphones stand apart and Perform Better. 

The Inline Control feature provides you with more straightforward controls. It gives you the scope to pause, skip tracks, receive and hang up phone calls. It doesn’t require you to be active and touch the device to control a range of necessary functions. One single touch and your desired thing are done. 

  • The bass is Good, and Vocals are crystal clear
  • Gives 3D Acoustic, Extra Bass and Micro-woofers
  • Choose Your Ideal Color and mark your style statement
  • Perfectly Snug Fits 
  • Affordable and Value of Money 
  • Earbuds are too thin to slack off.
Check the Price on Amazon

8. Blaupunkt EMO1 

Blaupunkt is an iconic German brand that has emerged to promote cutting-edge technology since 1924. In this Generation, the German brands hold the market and manufacture premium quality audio products. 

The Blaupunkt Produces pure sound, with deep bass and clear treble. It provides the best Audio Experience for all music lovers. 

No matter what you are doing, Jogging, Running, Exercising? Wear The Blaupunkt EM01 and get yourself free movements with the stress of Falling of the Earphone. 

The Built-in microphone feature gives you easy access to hands-free calling. Receive your calls, reject, play/pause without leaving your Comfort Zone. 

The Best Part about these Earphones under Rs 500 is their noise cancellation features. It blocks 90 perfect of the toxic noises and makes your go lost in your private World the moment you wear it. 

  • All Controls Placed in one place for easy, Comforting experience
  • Gives You The Best Noise Cancellation
  • Fits Perfectly to all the Ear Types
  • It is Made with high-quality materials that provide precise, pure and pleasing sound
  • Design for an active lifestyle and free movements
  • It is a bit shorter than the normal
Check the Price on Amazon


9. Boat BassHeads 102

Get Yourself Vibing Every Day with The Boat BassHead 102. The Audio Quality is immense, with 8mm inbuilt drivers to let you sink in any environment and give you the nirvana and peace you were looking for. 

Travel all over the World with this beauty! The passive noise cancellation rejects and Eliminates all the passive noises that affect your mood. Plug the earphone-in in and give yourself the space and time you need. 

The design is kept simple and comforting with tangle-free wires! You don’t have to stress to detangle it and use it. 

It is powered by 8mm Dynamic Drivers to deliver a thrilling and high-quality performance. Plug it in and let it do the talking to please your mind 

The 3.5 mm angled jack fits in with every Android device without hesitation and problems. 

The Detailed shiny finish gives you next-level fashion style. Wear the Earphone with a hoodie and a sneaker, and mark your style statement where you go or reach.

  • The Perfect Length Cable
  • Best Music Experience with the Immense Audio Quality
  • Passive Noise Isolation For Cutting-off the Extra Noises
  • Beautifully Designed for a remarkable, casual, and appealing fashion statement
  • Lightweight and worthy to get
  • The Bass Quality is not as expected
  • Small Ear beads
Check the Price on Amazon

10. We Cool Mr Bass

Enjoy the Power of high-quality music with We Cool Mr. Bass Earphones. They are equipped with powerful sound drivers that provide an HD sound experience. Watch Movies, Listen To Music or Play High-end games without any distraction, distortion, and hassle-free. 

The We Cool Mr. Bass Earphone is built for free movements and an active lifestyle. You can wear it and do all your daily activities like Intense Working Session, Travelling, Receiving calls in the best possible way. 

The MFB feature allows you to pause/play music, receive, reject calls, change tracks hassle-free and with ease. So, never miss out on music, fun, meetings, presentations in a crowded and busy area. You only need to wear and then sink in your thoughts and focus with no distraction. 

The Type C Earphone interface with Silver Coated Jack gives you the maximum strength and durability for long-lasting use. Also, it fits perfectly without any harassment to their ears, giving it a softer and delicate feel. 

The We Cool Mr. Bass is Compatible with all the devices, like One Plus 7 Pro / One Plus 6T/ Samsung Galaxy A50/ Xiaomi Mi A3 / and all type C devices. Go have this and enjoy at its level best. 

  • It is durable and has a long-lasting life
  • It Fits Comfortable and stays got with every movement like Walking, Jogging, Running
  • Gives You the Extra Bass and High-Quality Sound
  • It is beautifully designed with uniqueness and a stylish feel
  • Nothing as such
Check the Price on Amazon


So these were The Best earphones under 500 to have and benefit from the best performance. Grab any one of these mentioned earphones and make the most out of your life. Enjoy every second of your life, and feel free to connect and disconnect from the world.

So, it’s it for the day. Any questions or queries, Please mention them down in the Comment section.

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