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3 of the best smart speakers for students

portable speaker on brown wooden table

The world we are living in is already occupied by the internet and kinds of stuff. From air purifiers to washing machines, things are becoming smart now. Similarly, some smart speakers combine voice search, artificial intelligence, and what not to help humans. Smart speakers have evolved to a point that it no longer is only a speaker but much more.

They do calculations, turn on, and set the temperature of AC, Add items to the online shopping cart, and whatnot. In this post, we are going to see the best smart speakers for students and why.

Best smart speakers for students
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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the best smart speakers to own and for a student, it is even more beneficial. Amazon Alexa Echo devices come in a variety of formats. A puck-shaped device that connects to other speakers, an echo dot, an echo dot with the screen, an echo device, an Echo device with a screen, echo studio, etc. all has its pros and cons. Of all, the tiny echo dot is my favorite. It doesn’t cost more money but gets the job done, always.

Alexa’s skills are what interested me in the Alexa series. Skills are the third party software that Alexa could process. There are 10s of 1000s skills available in the market. Students can ask for logarithmic results with logarithmic skills.

Alexa’s ‘This Day In History’ tells what has happened on the same date today. NASA Mars skill will keep you updated with the latest news of mars. Daily Buzzword skills will make you learn a new word every day. Myth Buster skills will ask you questions and you will know what you know is a myth or a fact. Similarly, there are plenty of useful skills out there and it keeps on increasing.

The sound quality is great and the bass from small speakers is quite astonishing. Also, you will get an equalizer with tone controls where you can adjust the bass and treble. The sound is loud and is enough to fill a small room complete with music. You get a mic off button that disables the mic. This means amazon echo dot does not listen to the conversation. It is portable enough to keep it anywhere.

All you need is a power socket and wifi connectivity. In my opinion, it is the best smart speaker for students if you’re seeing an educational point of view.

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Google Home

portable google home mini on brown wooden table
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Like Amazon Alexa, google home is a smart speaker solution from google. In this case, google home mini is compared with Alexa echo dot. Google home mini is slightly smaller than the Alexa echo dot. Hence, the sound is also less in this speaker.
It comes in two colors. A grey and a white collared one. The top of the body has the speaker and is covered by the cloth. It looks very good to watch it. It comes with a few LEDs blow the cloth to convey the notifications, like volume level, to the viewers.
We all know that google search is the best of the bunch. Like google search, google assistant is the best compared to Alexa or even Siri.
Hence, students get consistent answers every time. It can also do small tasks like calculations.

It is intelligent enough to tell what element is in which part of the table in a periodic table. It can fetch you scores of the latest games and it can play a song from its service or third party service. It is a complete value for money and a good companion for students if you are an active user of Google products.

Apple HomePod mini

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Apple HomePods has launched years ago and is still the market leader in terms of the quality of sound that is put out. Now, we have its smaller version, the HomePod mini. It looks stylish. It has a complete mesh design and there is a touchpad on the top. The unit looks sleek clean and has a spherical structure. But, why is it a good choice for students? Like Alexa and Google, it can pull out details from the internet and is consistent every time. Siri is a highly smart and matured virtual assistant.

The difference is the Siri Shortcuts. You can program to do a task, can program to open an app, you can program to send an email out and Siri shortcut can do many things. It keeps evolving that it becomes smart and smart day by day. Also, the speakers are of high quality and that means, you can listen to music with high quality.

The pre-booking starts on November 6th and for what it offers, it is a killer deal although it cost double the money than the other two counterparts. Sound quality matters and therefore home pod minis can be the best smart speakers for students.


You must have seen the iteration of echo dot and it is still evolving. AI-based intelligent smart speakers are already in use and they are capable of doing more stuff than before. Each smart speaker brand has its unique usability flavor that attracts the buyer. It doesn’t mean the other is worse. It is just that one finds one aspect of the speaker more appealing than the other. Apple’s HomePod mini is all about sound quality. Google’s home mini is all about data retrieval from the google search engine.

But Amazon Echo is the better of both worlds. It’s the skills that are available for echo makes it stand apart. The sound quality is not bad either and the search function just works. Hence, in my opinion, Echo dots are the best smart speakers for students, as of today.

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