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7 of the best silent fans in India

Ceiling fans are an important electronics item that is required every day. For a country like India, you cannot have a day without fans. Be it a small room or a large auditorium you would require fans to clear out the hot air to make you comfortable. The gentle breeze from the fan is making millions of people sleep daily. One caveat of ceiling fans and table fans is that they are noisy. Now we get a few noiseless fans in the market. Silent fans are required for bedrooms and other places where silence is required. Let us see what are the best silent fans in India.

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BLDC is the latest technology in fans and it is here to stay. Many big companies have started to offer BLDC fans in their catalogue. You can know more about the working and advantages of BLDC fans here at is BLDC fan worth buying. You can also check the Best BLDC fans in India.

Let’s jump to the best silent fans in India.

Havells Stealth Air BLDC

Havells Stealth Air is one of the latest entrants in the market. Havells is a nice company that makes a lot of electric and electronics in India. They are also popular for fans as well.

The advantage of this Fan is that it has BLDC which is a silent motor and makes less noise. Added to that the Fan has very aerodynamically designed leaves. This further reduces the noise. So, in total, you will get a silent fan. Along with silence, it also has performance for optimum cooling.

It has 1200 of sweep and it is just enough for most of the household usage. Because of BLDC technology, the power consumption is also less. Unlike other fans, it uses RF remote so that you can use it from any part of the room to control the fan.

It is a 5-star rated product. Hence it has less consumption as already mentioned. Another plus point of this fan is that it doesn’t have the humming sound which is an inherent feature of many BLDC fans.

You can not only control the speed of the fan but also can program the fan when to turn off. There are 1/2/3/4/ hour turning off settings in the remote. Another cool aspect of this fan is that if there is an electricity disruption, the fan will restart from the previous settings when the electricity comes back.

All in all it is a fantastic product to have. And, it is one of the best silent fans in India.

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Orient electric Aeroquiet

Orient Electric is one of the pioneers in the ceiling fan industry. Their fans are superior in air delivery yet elegant to look at. Orient electric Aeroquiet is their new brand for silent fans. They are not only silent but look cool too. The fan may be silent but the performance is still great.

The fan delivers 240 cmm of air at the highest speed and the fan is relatively silent to traditional ceiling fans. The fan is made of glass infused compounded ABS and therefore it is sturdy enough for day-to-day tasks. The fan blades are also 100% rust-free in nature.

The fan might look traditional but a lot of aerodynamics has gone into designing and making this fan. The leaves are made with aerodynamics in mind so that the noise is less and the efficiency is more. It also gets a superior PU finish that looks awesome in any color.

As I have told you earlier, the performance of this fan is top-notch even though it is silent. The fan has an 18 pole strongest motor that delivers impeccable performance. Orient electric Aeroquiet is one of the best silent fans in India.

  • Aerodynamic design.
  • High performance
  • 100% rust-free materials
  • consumes 80 watts
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Havells Stealth

Havells Stealth
Havells Stealth

Havells is a well-known company in India. They are into making many pieces of equipment and they are leading players in the market. Havells stealth is their answer to silent fans. The fan looks simply gorgeous. It comes in three different colors. Metallic black, pearl white, and indigo blue.

The maximum air delivery it can do is 280 m³/min. It is quite a higher level of air delivery. The fan looks elegant and can easily get between any design of your interior. Be it a modern design or a traditional design, it mixes well.

The fan doesn’t only look nice but has awesome performance too. The maximum rpm it can do is 280. With a sweep size of 1250 mm, it can deliver a good volume of air forcefully.

The blade has good finishing. It has a dust and mark resistance coating. The total power consumption in its highest setting is 80 watts which are typical of any ceiling fans except for BLDC fans. Like the orient are quiet, it rocks a strong 18 pole high torque motor for powerful operations. It comes with a 2-year warranty. It is one of the best silent fans in India.

  • 280 m³/min air flow

  • 18 pole high torque motor

  • consumes 80 watts.
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Crompton Silent Pro Enso

Crompton Silent Pro Enso is the silent series fan from Crompton. When it comes to looks, it is excellent. Those sleek wings are not only aesthetically good but also function well. Aerodynamics plays here and the blades are designed to produce less noise and maximum air delivery.

This fan comes in two colors. All white and silk white. Both look great on this fan. The good thing is that it comes with 5 years warranty.

The fan has an air delivery of 240 CMM. It is not the highest on the list but not bad at all. The fan is 2 times more silent while it is operating. Hence, the fan produces 52 dB while working. Which is near silent.

The fan has a sweep of 1225 mm and the fan can go up to 315 rpm speed. The fan comes with a remote for additional functions. It has a sleep timer and the fan will automatically switch off based on the set timer.

The power consumption is also very less in this fan. The fan consumes about 42 watts compared to 80 watts of other mainstream fans. All thanks to the bloc technology. The brushless DC motor is highly efficient and makes less noise. Hence it is a win here. The fan motor utilizes 98% of all input power. The wastage is very less. The voltage range is between 90 V and 300. Crompton Silent Pro Enso is, therefore, one of the best silent fans in India.

  • bldc

  • remote

  • just 52 db

  • 1225 mm sweep

  • 42 watts

  • nothing in the price range
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Atomberg Studio+

Atomberg is relatively a new company and they are specialized in making fans. BLDC fans to be precise. This fan has a bloc motor. As said above, BLDC has a silent operation, unlike traditional motors. Apart from the silent operation, it consumes less energy. Hence, it is the favorite for new house building folks. It is one of the best silent fans in India.

It comes in three colors. Brown, sand grey, and white are those colors. The fan looks stunning in all colors. The fan comes in dust-resistant coating and hence the fan looks new every day. The sweep of the fan is 1200 mm. It is slightly smaller than the other fans listed here. But airflow has no compromise.

The air delivery rate is 237 CMM and the maximum speed it can do is 370 RPM. The input voltage is between 140 and 285 volts. The current consumption is just 32 watts. This is the lowest on our list.

The bearing used here is Deep Groove Double-sided Steel Shielding. It is noise-less and has good durability. The fan has led to an indication for speed. The remote has an operating range of 20 feet. You can control the speed of the fan using the remote.

There is a boost function where the fan runs at full potential for the highest airflow. There is also a timer function. It switches off after the set period of time.

The fan also has a sleep mode. It effectively decreases the fan speed by 1 setting every 2 hours. This helps in very comfortable sleep. For all the said reasons, it is one of the best noiseless fans in India.

  • remote

  • just 32 watts

  • 370 rpm

  • sleep mode

  • nothing in the price range
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Orient Electric Aerostorm

This fan is kind of unique in this category. This particular fan strikes the best balance between noise and performance.

This fan is designed aerodynamically for silent operation and also for high air blow volume. The blade design is inspired by aircraft wings. Because of the same, the fan is eye-catching beautiful. The curves and edges are perfect.

The components are made with quality items and powered by the sturdiest and heaviest motor, this fans will last for a long time. The motor is made of 18 pole design for longer life. This fan has 100% rust-free wings. It is made up of high-grade compounded and glass-filled ABS which vouch for longer life.

The fan has a sweep of 1320 mm. The fan has 3 blades and in total, it produces 300 CMM of air at the speed of 300 RPM. Therefore, the power consumption is at 75 watts peak. This fan is one of the fastest fans in the market and at low speeds, this fan is quiet as well.

  • 300 RPM
  • 300 CMM air flow
  • beautiful body
  • rust free design
  • fatsest fan
  • consumes as much as 75 watts during peak power usage
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Atomberg Efficio

Atomberg Efficio is yet another BLDC fan. It is not marketed as a silent fan but reviews say that the fan has a silent operation. It is a BLDC fan with a remote-controlled operation.

Atomberg Efficio consumes only 28W and it makes the fan extremely efficient. It is said that it can save up to Rs. 1,500 every year. It can also last up to 3 times more in case of running from the inverter.

It has inverter stabilization technology so that even if the power fluctuates to 140-285W, the fan can still run at the same speed. Hence, even with 140 W power, the fan can run efficiently.

This fan goes to a speed of up to 350 RPM and at that speed, it delivers an air volume of 235 CMM which is very good for a normal silent fan. Hence, it is one of the best silent fans in India.

It comes with a remote and the remote has three smart features. Boost mode pumps out even more air than the normal mode. It has a timer mode and you can set the timer and the fan will switch off based on the timer. It also has a sleep mode which blows air gently with low noise.

Like other BLDC fans and smart fans, this fan doesn’t require a regulator.

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We have listed 4 noiseless silent fans in India. each one has its own pros and cons. but, you cannot go wrong with any of these. The fans listed here are of good quality. if you ask me, my pick will be Orient electric Aeroquiet. Thanks for reading.

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