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5 best computer speakers with bass in India

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Speakers are important for a computer system. You can not only listen to music, watch movies but also can hear the system level notification. But, mainly, speakers are used to catering music and movie needs. There are different kinds of speakers. Some are geared towards sound quality while others are concentrated on loudness. In between the two, there exists a category of speakers that are bass-centric. As you know, today, we are going to see the best computer speakers with bass in India. Let us go to the list.

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Logitech Z-623 2.1

Logitech makes some of the finest speaker systems in the industry. And Logitech z-623 is the finest in 2.1 that Logitech makes. It is a two-channel speaker system with a subwoofer. The main highlight of this system is its THX certification. THX is a body or a company that certifies audio pieces of equipment based on performance. This Logitech Z-623 receives THX certification. Therefore, the performance of this system must be fantastic. The sound quality it puts out should be great. And, it is. The performance and sound quality are top-notch. 

The system is powered by an amplifier that puts out 200 RMS continuous and 400 RMS peak. This is a lot of value. In normal condition, the subwoofer consumes 130 watts and each speaker consumes 35 watts. This denotes that the system can go pretty loud. 

It has a single pair of AUX-in connectors. You can connect your computer or tv system here. Additionally, there is two other 3.5 mm input. You can connect your phone or compatible devices here. There is a headphone jack available to connect your headphones to this system.

There are power, volume, and bass control on the right speaker. The headphone jack is also available on the right speaker. There is also an aux-in the right speaker. 

The sound quality of this system is a lot better than many other systems around the same price range. The bass is awesome. It doesn’t sound bloated or boomy at all. The massive subwoofer does its job very well. The amount is just right for the song or movies played. The mids are clear and the vocals sound sweet. The midrange is also a treat to listen to. The treble is good as well. There is no dedicated tweeter in the system but the full-range drivers are so good that you don’t miss much of the treble. Overall the sound is fantastic for the price. This is simply the best computer speaker with bass in India.

  • THX certification
  • Capable subwoofer
  • 400W of peak power
  • 200 W RMS
  • Headphone jack
  • No tweeter
  • No Bluetooth
  • No remote
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Creative SBS E2900 is yet another offering from creative. It can be used with both computers or TV. Either be the case, the sonic performance is great. This Creative SBS E2900 is the most powerful of all the E2000 series and it, therefore, packs a punch. This is a 2.1 system. That means it has two stereo speakers and a subwoofer to produce bass.

This system has 60 watt RMS in total and it can go to a peak of 120 RMS. Hence, it can handle good dynamics and dynamic range. The heart of this system is a front-firing subwoofer. The subwoofer is big enough for a rumbling bass. It can easily complement the small drivers for left and right. The small drivers are full-range drivers and they can handle all the frequencies except low bass and high treble very well. You don’t miss treble much though as there is plenty of it despite there isn’t a tweeter. Having said that having a tweeter would have made it a better deal.

The subwoofer has all electronics that are necessary for the functioning of this music system. The subwoofer has funky led lights that go hand in hand with any gaming PC that has LED lights. There are three colors the LED can glow. They are red, blue and purple. These are quite an eye candy although I don’t prefer one with led decorations.

It has various Input options. Bluetooth 5.0 is available and you can stream any audio stream using Bluetooth. FM is available for tuning in to radio stations. It supports 3.5 mm Aux input as well. Above all these, it can also playback from a USB pen drive. Can’t ask for more. 

There are buttons and jog dials to control the system. It also comes with remote control. All the features can be accessed with the help of this fully functional remote control. For the price, it is one of the best computer speakers with bass in India.

  • Deep bass
  • Led lights
  • Remote control
  • 120 watts peak power
  • No tweeter in satellite speakers
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Creative SBS E2500

Creative speakers are well known in computer space. They are good at making good speakers for decades now. Creative SBS E2500 Is one of the best speakers for the money. Also, they are bass-centric. This pair of speakers come with a subwoofer and therefore you will get good bass speakers. It is considered one of the best computer speakers with bass in India under a budget of Rs 5000. This comes in a 2.1 configuration. There will be two speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers are stereo and the subwoofer is mono. 

The whole system looks very cool and will merge with any modern computers quite easily. The complimentary style is really good. The system is fitted with a far-field driver and therefore, you don’t have to sit in front of it to hear the best out of the system. The woofer is down-firing and gets a nice omnidirectional field. The system is made of quality materials. The MDF is hard and therefore, the build quality is very good.

You get buttons in front of the system to control it and you can also choose to control the system with the given remote. Remote has all the functions that are required to control the system. This is a bass emphasized system and you can hear the rumbles in the music. The mid-tones are good and the high tones are good as well. There isn’t a tweeter involved. The satellite speakers are full-range speakers and they take care of the high frequencies well. 

You will get a host of connectivity options like FM, Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm aux in, and playback from a USB pen drive. Of course, there is an option to connect to the computer via RCA inputs. For the price, it is one of the best computer speakers with bass in India.

  • Good sound quality
  • Remote
  • Far-field drivers
  • Wish it has tweeters
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Creative Pebble Plus 2.1

These are our favorite pebble speakers with a subwoofer. Creative Pebble is one of the finest sounding speakers in the price range. Even though the small driver put out some bass it was not enough. So creative has come up with these pebble speakers with a subwoofer. Now the speaker systems can dig deeper and louder. It is one of the best computer speakers with bass in India.

The system has a pair of 2-inch full-range drivers to produce the sound from mid-bass to treble. The sound quality is very good for the size and price. 

The total system power is 8 Watts RMS. Peak power goes up to 16 Watts. If you are connecting the speaker via USB to the computer, you can and it sounds nice. USB power is not enough for these speakers, quite frankly. But if you want louder sound, you can connect it to the wall socket with a 5V 2A USB adapter ( not included with the system) then the speakers will get the full 8 Watts and play louder. Additionally, there is a gain switch that you can side to get the most out of the tiny speakers. With 5v 2A current and high gain, the speaker system sounds much better and there is no drop in audio quality.

The driver is aligned 45 degrees in the speaker so that it sits right at pointing towards our ears. This gives maximum fidelity and loudness. The speaker’s off-axis performance is nice but with the speakers positioned on-axis, it produces crystal clear sound and with good imaging. The subwoofer can be mounted on the table or hidden somewhere and still, it produces nice bass. 

The sound quality is really good in these speakers. The bass is good and thumping, the mids are clean and energetic and the highs are warm and pleasant. You gotta connect the speakers to the computer via a 3.5 mm cable. It is sure one of the best computer speakers with bass in India.

  • Sound quality
  • Angled driver
  • Gain switch
  • Small driver
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Logitech Z607 5.1

Logitech z607 is the finest speaker system that is being offered at a good price. It is not a stereo system but a proper 5.1 system. You will get 5 speakers and a subwoofer. Setting this system is quite important. It can be used as a computer speaker or even as a home theatre.

THE total RMS of this system is 80 watts. It can go to the peak of 160 watts. The subwoofer consumes 25 watts in total and satellite speakers consume 55 watts total by all 5 speakers.

The subwoofer is a good one. It has a 133.35 mm driver pumping out serious bass. The bass can both be heard and felt. The satellite drivers are high-quality full-range drivers. The speaker wires are extra long so that you can connect the rear speakers conveniently yet within the specification. 

A remote is given along with this package. The remote is a full-function remote. You can control everything of this speaker system in the comfort of your couch.

You can connect your TV, phone, computer, gaming console, and whatnot to the system. It has a built-in FM tuner. Also, it has sd card reader and USB pen drive reader. You can play songs from sd cards and pen drives with ease.

With this speaker system, you can experience DTS and DOLBY surround sound. Simply decode the sound in your DVD, Blu-ray system, or from the computer, and once decoded, send the sound from the computer/player to the corresponding inputs, and this way you get to listen to those DTS and DOLBY digital sound. Sadly, there is no HDMI or its and Dolby decoder built into the system.

The system looks cool in black color. The speakers have to be placed properly. The center speaker must be on the TV or monitor. The side left-right speakers should be on either side of the screen. The rear speakers must be behind the listener on both the left and right sides. It is better to position all speakers at the ear level of the listener. This way you will enjoy the most out of this system. This is one of the best computer speakers with bass in India.

  • 5.1 playback
  • The front-firing speaker system
  • 160 watts of peak power
  • Beautiful to look at
  • No inbuilt DTS or Dolby decoder.
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The list above is not only the best computer speakers with bass in India but also cheaper. You cannot go wrong with any of these. One is thx certified and the other one is 5.1 channel. Each has its pros and cons. Hence no one is better than the other. It’s just different. Still, if you ask me I would choose Logitech Z-623 2.1. It is the best bass speakers in India Thanks for reading.

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