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5 best wireless earphones for iPhone

Iphones have changed the way we look at the world now. If it weren’t for iPhones, androids wouldn’t have developed so much. Active competition is always a win for consumers. Apple then launched wireless earbuds. Ever since then, the Bluetooth wireless earbuds have become a thing. There are a ton of wireless earbuds in the market. It is quite challenging to pick out the best earbuds of the bunch. Today, we are going to see the best wireless earphones for iPhone. Let’s dive in deeper.

Airpods pro – Best apple wireless earphones for iPhone

It is a product people were waiting for months since there was a leak. It is an upgrade to the existing AirPods with many new features. it is simply the best wireless earphones for iPhone

Like the AirPods, it has H1 chip, and therefore pairing with iPhones is easy. Simply bring the case near an iPhone and flip it open. The AirPods pairs with the iPhone in a fraction of a second.

The main feature that came along with this AirPods Pro is the active noise cancellation technology. The earphones capture the noise and invert its phase and send it to the earbuds. The noise will be canceled with the external noise leaked into the earphones. It is akin to Bose Quiet comfort range of headphones. 

There is also a transparency mode when it is turned on; it amplifies the surrounding sound and sends them to the earbuds. You don’t have to take the earphone off to talk to someone. It also has an ear detection system, and when you take one earbud off the ear, it stops the music. The music resumes once you put the earphones back into the ear. What convenience! You can also squeeze the stem to turn on the transparency mode. Also, the same stem can be used to control music, turn on Siri, accept incoming calls, etc.

Additionally, the earphone has an internal mic. The AirPods can help you to find the best pair of silicon buds. Select the option from the phone, and there is a microphone inside which measures and lets you know if the ear tips you have chosen is right for you. It comes with three pairs of differently sized silicone earbuds. Technology has grown so much. The headset is also an open back system, and you don’t feel the air pressure inside the ear, unlike any other in-ear earphones.

The phone has an IPX 4 rating. You can use it in mail rain, and it can withstand water splash. It can function very well with sweaty exercise session. Now your exercise session has become enjoyable.

The AirPods have a rated 4.5 hours of music listening, and with the case, it gives 24 hours of music listening. It is charged either by the USB type C or Qi wireless charging system. There is a quick charge feature, as well. Five minutes of charging will get you 1 hour of payback time. 

The only gripe is that there is no volume control on the headset. All in all, this AirPods Pro is the best earphones for iPhone with a microphone.


  • Noise isolation
  • Integrates well with iPhones


  • Sound quality could have been a tad better
  • No volume control on the headset
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Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2

Even if you’re not an audiophile, the chances are high that you know this brand Sennheiser. The German brand that makes great headphones. This momentum wireless headphones are of very high quality. It is the best earphones for iPhone with a microphone.

The build quality of these earphones is very good although it is made of plastic. The plastic used is of very good quality that gives a premium feel. It is no way felt cheap. The outside of the earbuds has touch controls.

Do you want to increase the volume? Touch and hold the Right earbud. If the volume is too much, touch and hold the left earbud, and you will see the volume drops. On the left side, a single tap will play and pause the music. Double-tap the earbuds to skip to the next song. A single tap is to attend the phone call or wake up the voice assistant on the right side. A double-tap would reject the call. When the call is not ringing, a double-tap will turn on transparent mode.

The transparent mode uses the microphone outside the ear, captures the sound, and feeds them to the inside speaker. It means you get to listen outside even with the earphones on.

The product has Bluetooth 5.0. The maximum distance it would work is 50 feet. It supports profiles like SBC, AAC, aptX. The phone also has ipx 4 rating, and that ensures the sweat or accidental splash of liquid will not enter inside. The headphones provide a 7 hour of listening time while the case has 28 hours of usage times. That means you can charge the wireless buds twice.

The sound is a typical Sennheiser. The bass is plenty but never overpowers. The midrange is sweet and natural, while the highs are smooth. It doesn’t have ear piercing highs. Overall the sound is natural. There is app support, and you can use the eq there. The eq is of a single band and fairly does the job. Overall it is a fantastic product, and it is currently the best wireless earphones for iPhone, in my opinion.

There is noise cancellation too, like AirPods. It does a respectable job with noise cancellation.


  • Sound quality
  • Sennheiser sound
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Battery life


  • No apple-like customization
  • Size could have been smaller.
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Jaybird vista

Jaybird is a company that revolutionized the earphone market a few years ago. Their products were cheap, yet the performance was awesome. It still continues even today. Jaybird vista true wireless earbuds are one of the best wireless earphones for iPhone and Android phones.

The size is comparatively small. Yet, it is ruggedly made. It is so rugged that it has an ip7 water resistance certification. This means it can withstand a drop of 3.3 feet inside the water for 30 hours. It is more than what other manufacturers quote. Sweat protection is a piece of cake.

These earphones go into ear canals, but they fit snugly on the inner surface of the pinna. That is the outer ear. Since it fits well into the ear canal, there is passive noise isolation. And it is very good. But active noise cancellation is sorely missed.

The outside of each earphone has a touch-sensitive layer. It can be set in the companion app on what a single tap or double tap would do. It is that customizable.

The Bluetooth version is 5.0, and it remembers up to 8 devices. Unfortunately, there’s no aptX support or any other HD audio support. It runs on SPC. Hence, hires audios cannot be streamed to it.

A single charge will work for 6 hours. With the case, you can expect 10 more hours of playback, which is a nice thing. It is not the industry leader, though. There is a fast-charging facility, and a 5-minute charge will give you 1 hour of battery life.

It comes with an app where you can change the sound signatures, apply EQ and access to other features. You get a feature of personal EQ that is tailored by the app, which sounds best for you. That’s a smart thought. Also, it keeps track of missed earbuds through GPS on a map.

The sound is why one should buy it. It is bass boosted in nature. The bass is very punchy and fast. The midrange is beautiful and forward. The vocals sound sweeter like never before. The Highs are airy and can be sensitive to some.

Overall, it is a nice pair of earbuds. It is one of the best earphones for iPhone with a microphone.


  • Sound quality
  • Build
  • Personalized EQ
  • Snug fit


  • Pairing is not easy like AirPods
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PowerBeats pro

Like apple, Beats is one of the highly regarded lifestyle brands. Ever since Apple purchased it, there is a change in sound quality. It is no more the v sound signature that it puts out. It now gives a proper high-quality listening experience.

The first thing you notice about this earphones is that bulky box. It’s significantly bigger than AirPods or anything in that range except for Sony’s. Open the box, and you will be greeted with a pair of nice earbuds. Now you know the reason why the EarPods box is huge. The earphone has ear hooks that make it bigger. Please note that the earphones aren’t bulky at all. It is just that the earphones are a tad bigger. 

Apple doesn’t give it a proper IP rating, but Apple says, it can withstand sweat and water. After all, it is a workout style earbuds. The earphone fits snugly. It is nearly impossible to lose one of them during the workout scenario.

Buttons are there on the outside of the earbuds, to control the functions. Both buttons on the earbuds do the same function. There is also a volume rocker on the top of the earbuds. You can activate Siri by pressing and holding the button on either of EarPods.

Unfortunately, there are no transparency modes so that you get to hear outside. Otherwise, sound quality is good. It is kind of neutral sounding with a pronounced bass. It is not a V curve at all.

The earphone comes with an H1 chip. So the pairing is that easy. Bring it closer t the iPhone, open the lid, you are good to go. It is that easy. H1 chip takes care of the rest. The signal is very good too. It is a class 1 wireless product, and therefore technically it can work for 150 feet line of sight. Mostly, it is just enough for commercial usage. Unfortunately, it can connect to only one source at a time.

Another best part if these earphones are its battery, it comes with huge battery life. The earphone comes with 9 hours of battery performance. And then, there is the case. % minute of charging would provide 1.5 hours of music listening. The case provides roughly 15 hours of charging time. Overall, it gives 24 hours of playtime, which is extremely good.


  • Good sound quality
  • Powerful sound
  • Apple H1 chip for easy pairing
  • Very good fit


  • Bass fans might be a little disappointed as the bass levels, and sound signatures aren’t the traditional beats type
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AirPods – cheap yet best. wireless earphones for iPhone

This pair of apple earphones resemble their wired version, EarPods, which is already famous. It is simply the best budget wireless earbuds for iPhone. The main drawback of EarPods is the lack of noise isolation. Unfortunately, it continues with AirPods too. Fortunately, it doesn’t fall off the ear like EarPods. For some, the fit is really good, and for others, the fit is okay.

The sound is exactly like EarPods. The soundstage is wide; the midrange is sweet with just enough bass for the music. Noise isolation would have made it even better.

There are touch controls on each earbud. Double tap for Siri, single tap for play and pause works can remove one of the earbuds from the ear, and the music instantly stops is a blessing. Put the EarPods back, and you will see the music resuming. The only gripe is that there is no volume control on the earbuds.

The connectivity is also very easy. The Bluetooth connections are taken care of by the inbuilt W1 chip. Open the line of the AirPods case, and you will see the AirPods pairing up with the phone instantly. You will see the guide on iPhone and also individual charge levels. It also supports wireless charging or charging over lightning cable.

The battery is brilliant for a wireless device. It can last for 5 hours of listening time. When the battery is dead, you can put it into the case for charging. Just 15 minutes in the case will give you 3 hours of music listening time. With the AirPods and the case combined, it can give a total listening time of 24 hours and talk time of 18 hours. All in all, it is the best wireless earbuds for iPhone cheap in price and better in performance.


  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Beautiful
  • Easy pairing
  • Neutral sound


  • Volume control is tricky
  • Noise isolation is bad
  • Next-gen AirPods 2 is already out
Check the Price on Amazon

Conclusion -Best wireless earphones for iPhone

Finding the Best wireless earphones for iPhone is not a tough task now. If you’re in a tight budget, go with AirPods. If you want even better performance, go with power beats pro. If noise cancellation and apple compatibility are your criteria, go with AirPods pro. If the sound quality is the prime thing, go with Jaybird Vista. And if sound quality and noise cancellation is your thing, then no look further than Sennheiser momentum truly wireless 2. Thanks for reading.

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