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5 of the best portable ac in India

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The summer is approaching and we already are feeling the heat. You must have wondered the same thing and have decided to sort this out. You would have considered installing an AC in your room but realized that installing a split AC or Window Ac is impossible. Hence, you’re searching for this portable AC. It is hard to find a decent portable AC in the market. And therefore, we have cumulated a list of the 5 best portable ac in India. I hope, you will find it useful. Let us go.

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best portable ac in India
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Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

Bluestar is one of the well-regarded ac manufacturers in India. They make the split, window, and portable Acs. This model portable AC is one of the best portable Ac to buy in India.

It has a cooling capacity of 1 ton. 1 Ton is enough for a small room. This AC is targeted at bachelors who rent a room for staying.

It has high energy efficiency. The Dynamic Drive design technology used in this portable AC is turned to achieve the best cooling possible with higher energy efficiency. The system has fuzzy Logic that allows you to sleep undisturbed at the night. 

The refrigerant used in it is of the R410A category. It has zero ozone-depleting substance. It has polyester oil that has better heat transfer characteristics, lubrication ability. This system is wax-free.

The Portable AC has a silver coating and it is designed to reduce transmission of diseases. It has an antibacterial filter that limits the growth of bacteria and gives good air. It also collects specks of dust leading to clean air circulation. 

This AC uses hydrophilic evaporator fins. This will not allow condensation of water in the system. It also reduces dust accumulation and thereby increasing efficiency. The AC has an auto mode that enables to adjust the temperature and humidity perfectly for a good sleep.

The AC comes with castor wheels. This allows the AC can be moved to another room or another house when shifting. A sleek remote is provided which has all the functions to operate this AC. The AC also has built-in self-diagnostics. In case of any fault, it throws an error code which can be decoded to find the exact issue with the AC. This bluster portable AC is the best portable AC one can buy in India.

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Croma Portable AC

This portable AC is of 1.5-ton capacity. The AC is supplied with a remote control that has all the functions to work with. Croma is a sub-brand of TATA products and they exude quality. Installation of this ac is very important to function properly. The AC has wheels attached to it. SO, it can be moved easily to any place. This product is a 3 in one portable air conditioner. It has a dehumidifier, air conditioner, and fan combined into one device. You can even use it as a fan.

This AC has no drip technology. While the Air conditioner is working, some water will be formed during condensation. In split ac, it is expelled outside. Where will the water go in portable ac? Well, it is connected to the exhaust, and water will be evaporated and sent out via the exhaust port. The product can be installed easily. It is kind of plug and plays but the exhaust pipe has to be installed properly which you might need assistance with.

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Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

Lloyd is a sub-brand of havells India. It looks sleek and cool. This smart and elegant design can match with any decor be it an office or home. The capacity of this ac is 1 ton, which is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms up to 100 square feet. 

The coils are covered with blue fins. This enhances cooling performance. Also, it has good durability and less maintenance. It has a 100% inner grooved copper tube which increases the efficiency a lot.

The ac has castor wheels that can turn 360 degrees. You can move it anywhere in the house without any issues. It has a smart led display. It displays temperature etc. The air throw is on top of the air conditioner. It also has auto swing functionality. This will evenly distribute the cool air in the room. It also has a sleep mode and auto restart. The self-diagnosis function is Meant to identify the faults easily and take the necessary steps to correct them. It comes with a 1-year warranty. There is a remote control for the AC and it is easy to use.

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Geek Aire, 0.7 Ton Portable AC 

Geek Aire comes in two different configurations. A 0.7 ton and a 1-ton version. We are going to see the 0.7-ton version. The only difference between the two is the cooling capacity. Like the Lloyd air conditioner, this geek Aire is a three in one air conditioner.

It is a powerful 8000 BTU air conditioner that is capable of taking care of a 100 sq feet room easily. It has user-friendly operating buttons. There are a digital display and all touch controls. It is quite easy to use. The ac can act as a fan with three-speed settings. 

There are 4 castor wheels attached to the body enabling the motion of this air conditioner in any possible direction. It is easy to move around.

The air volume it puts out is up to 320 cubic meters per hour. The air conditioner looks sleek and modern to keep in your room in the hall. The only caveat is that the noise inside the room will be high as the compressor is inside the room.

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Midea 1 Ton Portable AC

Midea air conditioner stands up to its name for a portable air conditioner. It looks great and functional as well. It has caster wheels underneath so that you can move the unit around. The louver is on top of the unit and this is where the cold air comes from.

It has auto restart functionality that you don’t have to turn on after a power cut. It is automatic. It uses copper tubes and the whole system is quite efficient. It has a sleep mode and has the functionality to auto adjust the temperature for a comfortable sleep. Since this is a portable ac, it is good for a small-sized room that is less than 100 square feet.

It has an anti-freeze thermostat. This makes the heat exchanger not collect frost. This makes the system function for a long time. The gold evaporator fins will keep the AC copper coil clean by keeping the dust away. The AC comes with Infini Cool Compressor Jacket which keeps the noise at the bay. It is still noisy for an air conditioner but the noise is comparatively less than other ACS.

The installation is quite easy for this machine. The main challenge is to fit the outlet hose. The rest is too easy. The system automatically vaporizes the water from the drainage tray efficiently. You can almost forget about it as the system will take care of it. This is one of the best portable AC in India.

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All the above portable Acs are valued for the money. All do the job of cooling the room and some have a dehumidifier built-in. while others have a built-in fan-only function. Of all the choices, I would pick up the Bluestar because of the market presence and available service center in the vicinity. Thanks for reading.

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