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7 best android smartphone for students in India

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Once upon a time, mobiles were cussed for students’ bad scores. Tables have turned now that it is mandatory to have a phone or laptop to attend online classes. Mobiles are inevitable for students’ world because they learn with mobiles in hand. Wikipedia helps in clearing doubts, and students can chat with other students or teachers to clarify their doubts. Now that mobile is essential, it is imperative to have an excellent mobile phone. We got you covered. We are going to look at the best android smartphone for students in India. Let us dive in.

Samsung Galaxy M01

It is one of the entry models from Samsung. For the price, it does a good job. The specifications are excellent too. Getting three Gb of ram for the entry model is quite nice. This smartphone is good only if you consider a non-Chinese smartphone in the market. For the price, it does the job very well. If anyone is looking at a primary phone for phone calls, WhatsApp, and youtube/Netflix, it is the phone for them. Students can use the browser for browsing, calculators, calendars, and everything needed is there on this phone. The only issue is that it works a tad slower than pricey models or Chinese models in the same price


  • Three Gb of ram
  • Bigger display 
  • Samsung brand value


No fingerprint unlock.

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It is one of the most excellent budget phones from Oppo. The phone comes with a 3 Gb or 4 Gb variants. Obviously it is best to go with more RAM, and therefore 4gb variant is the best pick. The storage capacity is 64gb, which is not at all bad for the price.

Oppo A5 is the best mobile for education as it is available for a lower price yet has the necessary features. 

The camera in this mobile is a quad camera setup. There is a 12 Megapixel primary camera with f/1.8 aperture. It has phase detection autofocus. In the right lighting conditions, it takes excellent pictures. The second camera is an 8 MP wide lens. The focal distance is 13 mm at 119 degrees, and it is quite broad. The third and fourth ones are 2 mp cameras. These cameras are supposed to sense the depth, and hence the portrait comes out of the primary camera has a nice bokeh.

The front boasts an excellent 8-megapixel shooter, and it is good for selfie shots. Also, the primary camera has an EIS, and this ensures the video out of the camera is stabilized well. The camera also does HDR.

The screen of the phone has a waterdrop notch. The screen is a 6.5-inch display and has a 1600 X 720P resolution. There is a gorilla display in place. It is quite a massive phone for one-handed operation. 

The battery is rated at 5000 mah. It easily lasts for two days. Unfortunately, it comes with a 10W fast charger and not 18 W. Fortunately, the USB is of C type and not micro USB. It is quite challenging to kill the phone battery in one day. With a 720p display, the battery life is incredible. Also, it supports reverse charging via USB.

The phone runs on Android Pie rendered by the OPPO’s Color OS. A Snapdragon 665 processor runs the phone. It is a 9nm processor meaning that the chip is efficient. It is one of the reasons for the incredible battery life of this phone.


  • 5000 mah battery
  • USB type C
  • Snapdragon 665
  • Price


  • 720 p display
  • Only 10W of fast charging
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Vivo U10

Vivo U10 is a phone made for both online and offline markets. It is one of the best smartphones for study purposes. The screen size is 6.3 inches at a resolution of 720P. It has a teardrop notch that houses a front-facing selfie camera. The camera is 8 mp f1.8 and can take nice pictures overall. There is also an AI beauty mode to make the selfies even better. The face unlocks done by this front selfie camera as well, and it works efficiently.

The backside houses triple cameras and a fingerprint scanner. The primary camera is 13 megapixels and takes beautiful pictures in good light condition. The second camera is an 8 MP ultra-wide camera. The third one is a 2 mp depth sensor. With the help of a depth sensor, it takes sound bokeh effects on portrait mode photos. The back case has a textured gradient that looks and feels nice. The fingerprint sensor is nice and snappy.

Surprisingly it comes with a micro USB charger and not a USB type c charger. Thankfully, it comes with an 18-watt fast charger in the box, which is a boon. The phone supports fast charging. It has a 5000 mah battery built-in, and the battery life is excellent. It is tough to kill the phone in one day, and for moderate usage, it can last for as long as 2 days or even more.

The phone runs on Funtouch os 9.1, which in turn is based on the android pie. The performance is good for the price. One can do gaming on this mobile at standard settings. The chipset is snapdragon 665, and the GPU is Adreno 16. It is a good GPU for budget mobiles as far as gaming goes. Overall, it is an excellent phone in the budget segment.


  • 18 W fast charger
  • 5000mah battery
  • 13-megapixel rear camera


  • Micro USB
  • Only 720 screen
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Oppo F11 is a mid tired budget phone from the brand Oppo. The phone has many good qualities and is the best mobile for engineering students as it is reasonably fast enough and the specs are good.

The rear has a dual camera. A 48 Megapixel primary shooter with f1.7 aperture and a 5 mp depth sensor. Nothing more and nothing less. The image it puts out is perfect in both the right lighting conditions and dull light conditions. The details are preserved in the shot. It has a portrait mode that makes use of the depth sensor, and the output is excellent. The night mode is perfect, as well.


The front has a 16 MP shooter at f2.0. They are mainly for a selfie, video call, and face unlock. It does the job well. The selfie camera also has AI beauty modes, and they return well-processed images. There is a portrait mode built-in that gives a bokeh effect to your selfies.

The phone’s front is greeted by a massive 6.5 inch 1080p Lcd screen at an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The screen looks saturated and gorgeous. The screen also has a waterdrop notch, which houses the camera. The front display is protected by a gorilla glass 5.

The phone has a 4 Gb or 6 Gb ram and 128 Gb storage, which is a lot. The phone is run by a Mediatek hello P70 octa-core SOC processor clocked at decent 2.1 GHz. It makes the phone run fluid. The performance is very good for the price paid. The hyper boost technology of Oppo boosts the performance of the phone even higher. 

There is a dual nano sim hybrid sd card slot where you can put two sims or one sim and a micro SD card. It is not an issue because the phone itself has 128 Gb onboard memory, and you highly likely don’t require another sd card to expand the storage.

The system runs on color OS, an OPPO customized version of Android Pie. The course runs flawlessly in the given configuration of the phone.

When it comes to the battery department, it isn’t bad either. It has a 4020 mah battery. It also comes with a VOOC charger and VOOC 3.0 profile, and it takes only less time to charge the mobile when in need. You can expect it to last the whole day with its battery on moderate usage. It is one of the best android smartphones for students in India.


  • Vooc charger
  • 128gb of memory
  • 6 Gb of ram


  • Wish the battery is a little bigger
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Redmi Note 10 Pro

Note 10 from Redmi, Xiaomi is an excellent phone overall. It is the best phone for college students owing to the features available within it. The phone has a massive 6.67-inch full HD AMOLED with a punch hole. There is nothing to complain about the display. The screen can do 120 HZ which makes the motion fluid. It also supports HDR10 with a brightness of 450 nits and 1200 nits as a peak value. There is a fingerprint scanner on the power button. It’s swift.

The phone comes in three variants. There is a 6 Gb ram 64 Gb variant, then there is a 6 Gb ram 128gb variant and also an 8GB variant with 128gb memory. The latter packs even better performance. The phone has dual nano Sil slot and a dedicated sd card slot so that you can add to increase the memory of the phone.

The phone packs a snapdragon 732G, an octa-core SOC processor. It takes care of the phone that every movement is fluid. You can even play high graphics games with ease. It also is very frugal in terms of power consumption. Yet there is no compromise on performance.

The battery built-in is 5020mah battery, and it has enough juice not to kill the phone in one day, even on heavy usage. The phone can hold the battery juice for up to 3 days on casual use. The phone supports 33 watts fast charging and gets to 59% battery from 0 in 30 minutes.

As far as the camera goes, it has a quad-camera setup. The phone houses a 108-megapixel primary camera at an aperture of f 1.9. It ensures the image quality is excellent, but also the natural bokeh is well preserved. The secondary camera is an 8 mp wide camera. It can be switched to take a wide landscape shot. There is also a macro camera which is of 5 mp. They take beautiful macros. The last camera is a 2 mp depth sensor. It is responsible for the creamy bokeh during portrait mode. The front selfie camera is a 16 MP shooter. Selfie quality is good too.

The phone has an IR blaster in it. The back of the phone is made of glass. It is a fingerprint magnet. Despite that, the phone is built solidly. It is good to see that the phone still has the headphone jack in place. The phone runs on the latest Android 11 version with MIUI 12 skin on top. As said earlier, the phone has excellent performance. It is the best android smartphone for students in India


  • Great hardware
  • IR blaster
  • Big selfie camera
  • 5000 mah battery
  • 8 GB variant


  • Advertisements
  • Bloatware
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Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung has taken the plunge and released the Galaxy M series to the online market. it is one of the best android smartphones for students Coming from the house of Samsung, we have always set the bar high. It didn’t disappoint this time. Samsung Galaxy M31 is the best Samsung phone for students in India. They aren’t costly, and they aren’t top of the line either. Its midrange and performs well for the asking price.

The phone has a 6.4-inch super AMOLED display, to begin with. There is a U notch to hold the front camera in place. The colors are punchy and combined with full HD resolution, which means it looks gorgeous. There is a fingerprint scanner at the rear of the phone. It is incredibly fast to open the phone. The phone retains a 3.5mm headphone jack. Also, it has two sim card slots and a separate micro-sd card slot.

One of the best features of this phone is the battery. It is a mammoth 6000 mah incapacity. If you’re a heavy user, the phone should serve for a day and a half. If you’re a moderate user, it can easily last up to 3 days. The screen on time is said to be 9 to 10 hours solid.

The phone is powered by an octa-core Exynos 9611 chipset. Exynos is Samsung’s own chip-making company. And it works flawlessly. The UI is One Os 2.0, which is powered by Android 10. The UI is very smooth and clutter-free. There are a few bloatware, though. The system has 6 Gb of ram and is more than enough for day to day usage. Combined with all the above, the phone has two variants. One is 64 Gb, and the other is 128 Gb. Since it comes with an sd card slot, a base model phone is enough.

The camera is the main feature of this phone. The rear cluster houses a quad camera setup. The primary camera is a 64 MP shooter at an aperture of f2.0. The picture quality is excellent and has a ton of details, all thanks to a high-resolution sensor. The second camera is an 8-megapixel ultra-wide sensor. The third camera is a 5-megapixel macro sensor. You can go very close to the subject to take macro images.

The fourth camera is a 5-megapixel depth sensor. It is responsible for the bokeh effect on portrait mode. Surprisingly, the front-facing selfie camera is 32 Megapixels. Your selfies are excellent, like never before. There is beauty mode on the front and back cameras, and it is on by default. There is a live focus more and pro mode to take better photographs.

Additionally, the system has Dolby Atmos sound system, and it sounds excellent on earphones. There isn’t a notification light. But the always-on display comes to rescue. Being Old, a few portions of the screen is always on and shows a notification. It is convenient. It also supports face unlock, which again is faster. It is the best Samsung phone for students.


Great screen

  • 6000 mah battery
  • Perfect weight balance
  • Always-on display
  • Great camera


  • Slow charging of the battery
  • No led notification light
  • Back is a fingerprint magnet
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Oppo 15

Oppo 15 is a mid-segment phone created by Oppo. It has excellent features, and it is the best android smartphone for students in India. It has a massive screen of 6.4 inches of ambled display. The colors are accurate and look pleasing.there is a v notch on top of the display, and it houses the front selfie camera. There is an in-screen fingerprint reader, and that is reasonably fast for an in-screen fingerprint reader. 

The top model of the phone comes with 8 Gb of ram and 128 Gb capacity. You also get an additional sd card slot along with the dual sim trays. The phone is very smooth with the 8 Gb of ram, and many apps were in the memory without offloading.

The phone supports vooc 3.0 charging and does 0-50% of battery in 30 minutes. The phone also has an excellent 4025 mah battery. The pack comes with a 20W quick charger. The phone should last for a day, even under moderate to heavy usage. Mediatek Octacore p70 processor powers the phone. It is a 12 nm processor clocked at 2.1 GHz. It means it has enough power and battery efficiency. Games can be played smoothly.

The backside of the phone has a colorful gradient finish, and it looks premium and flashy. The rear also holds a quad camera. The primary camera is a 48 megapixels shooter at f1.7. Because of the wider aperture, the low light performance is excellent. Also, the bokeh it makes is creamy. You don’t need a portrait mode to take nice pics. There is an inclusion of portrait mode and night modes.

The secondary camera is an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera. It is wider than expected. The rear also has two. 2-megapixel cameras. One is for portrait mode that gives the depth and bokeh for the camera. The other one is a macro camera. The macro camera is nice, although just 2 megapixels is disappointing. For selfies, the phone has a nice 16 mp camera. Even the videos out of this camera are excellent. The skin tone is maintained correctly, and there is a ton of details at our disposal.

The phone runs on color os 6.0 version of the Android P or pie. The performance is smooth. With the Exynos processor, the overall usage is trouble-free. It comes with a few bloatware included, and most of them can be uninstalled. For what it offers, it is the best cellphone for college students


  • 8 Gb ram
  • Quad camera
  • Vooc 3.0
  • In glass fingerprint reader


  • Android of yesteryear 
  • Not a Snapdragon processor
  • The macro camera is only 2 mp
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In this list, we have seen the best android smartphone for students in India. Each one of them has its pros and cons. Some are cheaper, and some are costlier. No matter what you choose under your budget, you don’t make a mistake. All the phones here are capable of their presented budget. Thanks for reading.

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