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Our Story is owned and run by Aju Vignesh (Vignesh Sathiaraj). What started as a hobby has turned into a serious profession.

The blog was started when Aju Vignesh was bedridden due to his arm location. He has put his best effort into designing and publishing this blog. We constantly raise our bars in benchmarks and work hard to achieve them. I hope you had a good time on our website.

Aju Vignesh is the main author of this website. He learned blogging from scratch from basics, and what he is now is due to his hard work and passion towards copywriting.

Aju Vignesh has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Audio Engineering. He is passionate about discovering new things. He is also passionate about copywriting and reviewing.

He is living in a small town in South India. He was born and brought up here. He had his schooling at a reputed school in the city. Having scored a good score in his school grades, he was admitted to an engineering college where he did his Bachelors in mechanical engineering. Since then, he followed his passion and ultimately learnt things he cared about on his own. Now he is a webmaster for a few blogs. His love continues, and so are his adventures.

His profiles

Facebook – Aju Vignesh | Facebook

Instagram – Aju Vignesh (@ajuvignesh)

Github – basilwood · GitHub

LinkedIn – Aju Vignesh | LinkedIn