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Aju Vignesh

Aju Vignesh Sathiaraj Padma is a mechanical and audio engineer. He is a person who loves technology and things. He is also an audiophile and loves to listen to music on quality audio gear. He is an avid writer and loves to blog. He is the founder and author of, and he is an expert in copywriting. You can find him either lurking in various forums or listening to classical music.

Maono AU-MH501- an awesome review

Music has become an integral part of our lives. For some people, it is impossible without music. Be it studio listening or casual listening, headphones are hard to replace. Today, we are going to see the review of Maono AU-MH501. These are no ordinary headphones but studio monitors. These are made for studios. Let us see the review in detail.

7 of the best budget phones with 120 Hz display

Every year we see technological advancement in every industry. The mobile phone industry isn’t different. It was just a year or two before flagship phones featured a 120 Hz display. Today, that technology has crawled into budget phones. You can get awesome-looking phones in the budget for not a huge price. In that regard, we are going to see some best budget phones with a 120 Hz display. Let’s go.

What exactly is Wifi calling? is it good in 2023?

You might have wondered when your call quality has improved, what happened suddenly? You might have wondered when you no longer wanna go outside to take a call. You might have wondered the signal inside the building is excellent. You might have wondered there is a ‘wifi’ symbol on your phone. Yes, these are the signs of wifi calling in place. But, what is a wifi calling or what is VOWIFI? We got you covered. Read on.

What exactly is a tactile transducer?

You would have come across this tactile transducer in forums or on websites. You know it is something to do with the low frequency. But, what exactly it is? Why is it being used? I have done a detailed article below. Keep reading.

cheerful young woman screaming into megaphone

why is acoustics important?

Today we are going to see, ‘Are acoustics important?’ The answer is Yes, it is. But there is more to it than just a Yes. Let us see in detail. Let us start with What is acoustics.

a smartphone in close up view

Is an iPhone 11 still worth buying in 2023?

Apple has launched iPhone 11 along with 11 pro on September 20, 2019. It was a great deal back then to purchase one. You see, iPhone 11 was better than iPhone XR and both sold like hotcakes. The hardware and software were very good that the phone’s iPhone 11 was worth the money spent. You must know that Apple is aware of it and launched it in a particular segment to capture the market and they did succeed in it.

What exactly is the use of a subwoofer?

You would have seen a subwoofer for sure. A box that is attached to the soundbar or speakers or a home theatre system. Subwoofer for home is becoming very common now. But you may not know what is the use of a subwoofer. In this post, we are going to see it.

Picture of iPhone 12 on a macbook pro

Is iPhone 12 worth buying in 2023?

Iphones are one of the best selling phones out there. As you may know, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, 13 pro, and 13 pro max are the latest entrant to the market. They can be a terrific upgrade for the phone users like iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 etc. On the other hand, iPhone 12 is also available to purchase along side iPhone 13. The price is cheaper too. But, Is the iPhone 12 still worth buying in 2021. Let’s analyse in detail.

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How to set up a stereo system?

Stereo music is still quite popular among music enthusiasts and audiophiles. 2 channel listening is so much fun. It is fun-filled only if it is set up nicely. In this post, let us see how to set up a stereo system well for music.