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Best 4k smart tv in India

Best 4K Tv in India

Welcome here. You might be upgrading your TV or perhaps interested in a new 4k TV to buy very soon. You’ve come to the right place. We will see what is the best 4k smart TVs in India in various price brackets. 

What is 4K TV?

Let’s consider a 4k display advertisement. These are the TVs that has 8 million pixels across the board. You see, ‘Pixels’ are the smallest part of the display that is capable of reproducing colour based on the input. If you take a cinema displaying 4k, the resolution is 4096 X 2160. This pixels arrangement is in a way if you count the pixels horizontally, you will see about 4096 pixels. If you count vertically, you will see about 2,160 Pixels. This is the cinema standard.

4K Tv is sometimes called a UHD tv. UHD is the consumer-grade standard for display. It measures up to 3840 horizontally and 2160 vertically. Since the horizontal resolution is about 4000 in both cases, it is named with 4k. It is different from 1080p TVs. 1080 is the vertical resolution and ‘p’ stands for progressive scanning.

Buying guide for the Best 4k smart tv in India

How to buy a 4k TV?

Decide your budget.

4k TVs are available across a price range between Rs 20,000 and 500,000 and even above. You need to set your budget first and then begin researching TVs. While travelling down on that journey you will find a huge difference between a cheap tv and an expensive one. We will cover all the details in the coming paragraphs. 

Size of 4K TVs. 

When it comes to entertainment, size does matter a lot. Remember you love watching movies in a theatre. Even if the story isn’t great we get immersed in the movie-watching experience. Why?

Why a cinema theatre produces an awesome experience?

Size is doing its magic there. Science has proved that the more the peripheral vision is covered by the screen, the more immersive your movie watching is. The sound is the next big thing. You can check here for the best home theatres to go with your tv.

It would be really better if you could get the biggest size affordable for you. Size as I repeat makes some serious differences in the viewing experience.


best 4k tv in india
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Brightness is another important factor that leaves your jaw dropped. Brightness is very important when it comes to HDR. Nits are the measure of TV brightness. Generally, 500 nits is a good tv you can buy. But, HDR contents are mastered for 1000 nits and above. Hence if you want to enjoy great HDR content, 1000 nits are absolutely needed unless it is a 500 nits Oled panel.

Edge-lit vs Backlit

A typical LED or Qled TVs have a pixel with three primary colours, Red, blue, and Green. A light is lit behind the pixel to illuminate it. That’s how you see the picture. Traditional LCD TVs used a CFL lamp for illumination. Modern TVs use LED lights to illuminate the pixel. The arrangements of these LEDs are classified as Edge-lit and Direct-lit.

Edge-lit has led lights concentrated along the border of the panel. Edge-lit is to save cost and is usually available on low budget TVs. On the other hand, High-end TVs have a Directlit mechanism. Here, the display has numerous LED lights placed directly behind it. This enables more brightness and uniform colours. And, they can be individually turned off or dimmed for HDR. This setup is otherwise called a Full Array Local Dimming or FLAD. We will see this shortly.

Qled is like any LED panel but uses small Quantum dots within the panel. They are essentially cadmium selenide nanocrystal. They produce perfect white and other basic colours. Hence the display looks vibrant, very bright, and natural.

Emissive Display

best 4k tv in india
Photo by Wilson da Vitorino from Pexels

OLED as used in LG TVs is self-emissive. They produce their own colour lights without any LEDs. Each pixel can also turn off completely leaving a pitch-black pixel. This is especially important for HDR content.

As mentioned earlier, Quantum dots or LEDs are arranged behind the Pixels in Led TVs. Since there are many LEDs available, they produce a very bright image. Samsung QLEDs can go up to 3000 nits peak brightness. At the same time, each led can be individually adjusted for various degrees of brightness. This is called local dimming. This means one part of the screen is blasting out 1000 nits while the dark portion of the picture remains pitch black. This directly affects the dynamic contrast of the TV.


Best 4k tv in india
Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Contrast is the ratio of the Darkest object on the screen to the brightest portion of the screen. Higher the contrast better the image. With a good contrast TV, you would see the perception of colours popping out. There are two kinds of contrast

Native contrast

Normal contrast of the display measured between white and black parts of the screen. Here, the local dimming is turned off. The LEDs are 100% working.

On-off or dynamic contrast 

This reading is with the local dimming or software dimming in place. This value is mostly quoted for the contrast of the TV as it shows a fairly high figure.

Panel type

Today we have three types of panels available in the market. 

  • OLED
  • MicroLED.

Micro led is simply the best. Each sub-pixel is made up of red, blue, and green LED lights. The advantage is not only brightness but also very good colour reproduction. Unfortunately, those are very very expensive and only a few could afford to buy one.

OLED is an Organic light-emitting diode. It is currently one of the best Panels for beautiful picture reproduction. Since OLED can turn OFF completely, it can produce the best contrast ratio. In this case, It is said as an infinite contrast ratio. Also, the saturated colours are beautiful to look at. The only negative of this panel is its burn-in issue. Burn-in is an issue caused by static images. If a part of the image shown in the video is static it is permanently burned in. These are beyond repair. The examples are

  • Channel logos
  • OSD menu
  • Game score display, etc.

 If you stream content or you constantly change channels, it is not an issue. 


HDR is a technology introduced shortly after the 4k video standard. The jump from 1080p to 4k isn’t much but the jump from 4k to 4k HDR is a day and night difference. HDR is the short form for the High dynamic range. The non-HDR contents are called SDR or standard dynamic range contents. Dynamic range is the difference between the small and largest value of its kind. For example, for the SDR compatibility, the brightness has to be 250 nits. Hence it can show a dynamic range of 0 to 250 nits assuming 0 is the pitch black.

what is HDR on iphone
credits: msi

HDR is mastered for 1000 nits with it, it should achieve at least 14 stops of dynamic range. Apart from brightness, HDR should support WCG or a wide colour gamut. SDR supports a colour gamut named Rec. 709. Comparatively, HDR supports a standard called BT 2020. Which in laymen’s terms, it supports more saturated and bright colours than an SDR TV. High brightness, High dynamic range, and more colours make the picture look beautiful. You could see a dazzling white object and beautiful shadow details all in one frame. This is simply impossible with SDR standards. If you want to know what is HDR in terms of a mobile, click here.

As much as the visuals, the sound is important. You can use a best Integrated Amplifier for TV. If amplifier is not vaiable, you can even use a good sound bar for a rich sound.

Coming back to the topic, we are going to see the best 4k smart tv in India.

Let’s Dive in.

Best 4k smart TV in India Under Rs 200,000

Lg cx – Best 4k smart Tv in India

Lg OLED is one of the best TVs around. The contrast ratio is incredible. With higher contrast ratio and great picture quality, It is a dream to watch movies like avatar on it. The self-emissive display can literally turn off when needed gives the blacks an edge. Blacks are inky deep black. The brightness can be low compared to other TVs but watching it in a dark room makes other TVs looks inferior to LG.

This TV is not only a smart TV but also voice assistant capable. It works with Alexa and google. Hence, it can be controlled with voice.

The sound quality is not so bad but you can be better off with a soundbar. I have already made an article on the best soundbar for TV under Rs 20,000 in India

  • Inky deep black
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Great viewing angles
  • Burn in issue
Check the Price on Amazon

Sony A8G

Sony is one of the best tv makers in the industry. The Bravia processor is the finest in the market. The Tone mapping and the Upscaling is unmatched by other manufacturers.

This TV is one of the best TVs in the segment. The Oled panel is made by Lg themselves. Hence, the TV has the best of both worlds. It has the best panel and also the best image processing as well. The result is splendid picture quality.

The Tv has a 40 Watts Output of pure sound. This is loud enough for moderately sized rooms. It is a certified android TV and has all the google features. You will be happy using this TV. It also works with Alexa beautifully well.

The screen brightness of this tv is 548.2 nits. This is more than enough for an OLED as the dynamic range of OLED tv as discussed above is quite high.

It is a 2019 model and is available till the stocks last.

  • OLED display
  • great color accuracy
  • nice price for an OLED display
  • nice motion
  • great picture quality
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Inky deep black
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Great viewing angles
  • Only 50 HZ
  • Burn in issues
Check the Price on Amazon

TCL 85 inch 85P8M

TCL might not be a top tier brand. Remember size does matter. 85-inch tv is simply huge. That means you will get more immersion. It might not have deep blacks as an OLED panel but in my opinion, it can be compromised for a large screen. If you watch the tv in pitch-black conditions, then OLED would be a better choice as far as picture quality goes. But on a non-light controlled room, Tcl would make sense.

  • large size for small price
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Not as good as OLED or QLED in terms of picture quality
Check the Price on Amazon

Samsung UA75TU8000KXXL

This is a smart tv with Tizen os, which is Samsung’s own os. It hits the refresh rate of 60hz. It has a better black uniformity. Being a Qled tv, it has very good brightness. It has well-controlled reflections which make the viewing under lighting conditions better.

  • Goes very bright
  • Great contrast
  • Saturated colors
  • No android OS
  • No dolby vision
Check the Price on Amazon

Best 4k smart TV in India under Rs, 100,000

Sony Bravia X9500G

sony- the best 4k tv in india
credits: sony

Now the legendary Sony x9500G is available at this price, it is a sweet deal. It comes with a 10-bit panel like other big players. It has a full array of local dimming technology with 60 dimmable zones. It can hit a peak brightness of 1200 nits. Like other Sonys, the Bravia engine in it is the best when it comes to upscaling and motion. This is one of the best 4k smart Tv in India.

  • Excellent image processing
  • Smooth motion
  • Great shadow details
  • Fantastic 4k upscalling
  • Nothing in this price range.
Check the Price on Reliance digital

Samsung Q60RAK

This is the starting model of Samsung’s Qled series. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with full-array local dimming. To compensate for that, they have employed a micro dimming feature. It just doesn’t get bright and dark as its elder siblings. Fortunately, the picture quality is still great. The brightness is about 500 nits. The motion handling is excellent. The blacks are great too.

  • QLED
  • Picture quality
  • Brightness
  • No full array local dimming
  • Edge lit
Check the Price on Amazon

Samsung frame series

Frame TV is a great 4k Tv in India
credits: samsung

This is yet another Samsung. But this tv is a bit unique. It can decorate your house than any other TV. Rightly named as a frame, this tv can be flush mounted to your wall and looks like an art piece. The frame of this tv resembles a frame on arts in a museum. It does not just function as your daily viewing TV but also as a display to show art when the tv is not in use. It has built-in paintings like in the gallery.

It has sensors to detect the ambient light and adjusts the picture accordingly. This makes your TV itself look like a piece of the art piece. The frames of different designs are available separately. As far as performance goes, it is identical to the Q60RAK series. There is a subscription-based service for arts in case you don’t like the inbuilt paintings. It is a kind of TV which has two parts.

The screen can be flush mounted and it is connected to the processing unit with a thin cable. It is indeed a unique tv and the price is justified for its one of a kind purpose.

  • beautiful tv
  • Gallary mode
  • Thin in size
  • can be used as a decor
  • No Full array local dimming
  • Edge Lit
Check the Price on flipkart

Best 4k smart TV in India under Rs 50,000


The panel of the C8 is edge-lit with micro-dimming. Micro dimming is no local dimming. It is the panel that completely switches off and local dimming is always superior. Micro dimming just uses software to emulate local dimming. The picture quality is superior for this price range. It supports Dolby vision and can decode Dolby Atmos sound.

The speakers are made by Onkyo and therefore the sound out of it is awesome. It has inbuilt memc support and therefore you get good motion and not judder. It is a certified android tv and therefore you get to use google assistant. It produces about 350 nits of brightness. The contrast ratio is 5000:1 which is good. It also has 93% DCI p3 coverage.

  • Excellent contrast ratio for the price
  • Has MEMC
  • Has only micro dimming and not local dimming
Check the Price on Amazon

LG 4K UHD Smart TV (50UP7500PTZ)

The Tv is by LG who is the market leader for OLED TVs. Hence guaranteed that the TV from the company will be good and can be trusted. Apparently, the picture quality is great. So is the sound quality. The panel is an IPS panel. Therefore the viewing angle is great. Also, this is a smart tv with great functions. Unfortunately, the magic mouse is a separate accessory that has to be purchased for you to use the most out of this TV. 

  • Great picture quality
  • Great viewing angles
  • Bright Picture
  • IPS Glow is evident
  • not as contrasty as VA panels
Check the Price on Amazon

Best 4k smart TV in India under Rs 30,000

TCL 43P615

A said earlier, TCL is a mainstream TV brand. It is all about marketing the value for money products online.

The panel brightness is up to 330nits. Yes, the HDR isn’t as good as a high-end TV. Still, this Tv tone maps HDR to SDR videos and is still fun to watch.

This TV is one such example of a great TV for a cheaper price compared to mainstream brands. For regular TV channels, this TV is more than enough.  Under this budget, it is the best 4k smart TV in India.

  • HLG support
  • 10 Bit panel
  • Great contrast for the price
  • Only 270 nits of brightness
  • No dolby vision
  • no local dimming
Check the Price on Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED TV 4A PRO|L43M5-AN

MI is a brand now well known in India. Thanks to their mobile sales and n number of showrooms across the country. They have many electronic items ranging from weighing machines to electronically controlled water faucets. They introduced TV in India long ago. 

They come with android OS and it is another value for money brand like IFFalcon and VU. It has a good panel and has an official google android Tv operating system. The size is 43 inches and costs under 30,000. Unfortunately, there is no local dimming available. It would have given a good contrast ratio. The contrast is poor. But it is enough for a highly lit environment. It also does a reasonable Tone mapping for HDR feeds and it works reasonably well.

  • certified android TV
  • good TV panel
  • poor contrast
  • no local dimming
Check the Price on Amazon

Conclusion – The best 4k tv in India

Here you have come to the conclusion. What is the best 4k Tv in India? In my opinion, it should be the Sony 9500G and LG cx. Both perform well in light and dim conditions. I prefer watching movies in a dim-lit room and these are the TVs better suited for it. Thanks for reading.

Vignesh sathiaraj

Aju Vignesh Sathiaraj Padma is a mechanical and audio engineer. He is a person who loves technology and things. He is also an audiophile and loves to listen to audio gears. He is an avid writer and loves to blog.


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