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Best android smartphone for students

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It used to be a notion in many parts of the world that students don’t need a smartphone. But in Today’s world, it is essential as anything. Not only that students can contact other students, but also a smartphone acts as a desktop or laptop replacements at times. Students can take notes, compute various stuff with the apps available on the phone. Take photos or a video note about lecturers and share them with other students. Today, we’re going to see the best android smartphone for students.

Best android smartphone for students

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Asus ROG phone 3

ROG Phone is from Asus, a well-known company. Reg stands for ‘Republic of gamers’. Essentially, it is a gaming phone. Well, students can play games on it but there’s much more to this phone than games. This phone is simply the best android smartphone for students

To begin with, it has an awesome AMOLED screen with a size of 6.59 inches. The icing on the cake is that the display is 144hz. This means all the interactions you do in it is silky smooth. The response is very fast as instant. Also, this phone can do more than 600 nits of brightness. This facilitates great outdoor viewability and incredible HDR presentation. Owing to the massive display, this is the best mobile for education on this list.

Chipset and Performance

The chipset used is Snapdragon 865 plus. It is already a powerhouse. In addition to that, the SOC octa-core chip is overclocked at 3.1 GHz. This is one of the serious phones and can rival any phones available today. The phone comes with 16gb memory and 512 Gb storage in the global version. In certain markets like India, It is available in 8 Gb and 12 Gb memory variants with a storage of 128 Gb and 256 Gb respectively. The storage is UFS 3.1 gives an added boost. The ram is LPDDR5 which enables awesome performance with frugality in required power.


The camera is not an impressive thing on this phone. But, it is not at all bad. They still produce top-notch photos. Just that it is not at the level of an iPhone or a pixel.

The phone has a triple-lens setup. The main camera is a 64 MP Sony 686 sensor. It takes the main pictures and the sharpness is quite good. The second camera is a 13 MP Ultrawide sensor. The third camera is a 5-megapixel macro shooter. The selfie camera is a hefty 24 mp camera and the selfies out of it are really good.


The battery is not a user-replaceable type. The battery capacity is 6000mah. That’s huge for a phone. But with 144hz, such a mammoth battery is necessary. The battery life is subjective still, it can provide you up to 2 days with casual usage. The battery performance is that good. The phone also supports Qualcomm’s quick charge 4.0. Fast charging is enabled and you can charge it with a 30W fast charging adapter.

The system runs on Android 10. The UI is near stock. There isn’t any unnecessary bloatware. The phone is a dual sim setup. It has 4 mics around for better noise cancellation and voice reception. Also, there’s an LED notification light.

The speakers are stereo. The phone has air triggers which you can assign for a custom button when playing games. The front and back are protected by gorilla glasses. In every way, this is the best android smartphone for students.


  • Screen
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Big battery
  • Flagship specs
  • Gaming functionality.
  • Stereo speakers


  • No 3.5 mm but a dongle
  • Weight 239 grams
  • No IP rating
  • No wireless charging
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Samsung Note 10 lite

Galaxy Note has set a benchmark for a device with a pen. You have so much flexibility using it. The s pen itself is a boon for many. Now, they have come up with a smaller device of the same galaxy note 10. The galaxy note 10 E.


The phone rocks a 5.8 inch AMOLED display. The resolution is 2280 X 1080 Pixels. The display is plenty sharp and saturated. Colors pop out and there is enough brightness to aid outdoor usage. The display has a hole punch paving way for the camera underneath. The display has an aspect ratio of 19:9 which is tall in nature. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5.

Chipset and performance

The phone houses an Exynos 9820 Octacore processor made with an 8nm process. Therefore, it’s not only efficient but also a powerhouse. It is coupled with 6 to 8 Gb of ram and the combo gives amazing performance. The fingerprint reader is integrated into the power button and it makes locking and unlocking the phone pretty ease. The fingerprint is fast enough for day to day usage. It also has gestures and with a swipe down, the notification tray opens.

The phone comes with 128/258 Gb of storage. The phone has a dual sim hybrid slot. So, it is either the dual sim or one sim and an sd card in use. With an on border storage of 128 Gb or 256 Gb, you wouldn’t most likely require an additional sd card. The phone runs on Android 9 or pie software. There is a One Ui on top of the Android OS.

With the s pen and its implementation, Samsung Galaxy s10e makes the best mobile for engineering students. It is excellent for designing stuff and also for video editing.


The cameras are straight from Note10. It has a dual-camera setup in the rear. The main camera is a 12 MP shooter with a variable aperture. The aperture goes from f1.5 to f2.4. f2.4 gives the sharpest picture while F1.5 gives a bokeh effect. The second one is a 16 Mp wide-angle camera. There is a front camera with 10 Mp. The aperture is set to f1.9. Unfortunately, no telephoto lens is given. There are optimizations like beauty mode is available.


The battery is 3100 mah. Wish it is slightly bigger. But with a small display and excellent processor, the battery life is good. You can certainly use it for a day with moderate usage. It supports wireless charging as well. The supplied power brick is a 15W fast charger.

Overall, it is the best android smartphone for students.


  • Light
  • S pen
  • Processor
  • Camera


  • The battery could have been larger 
  • A telephoto lens is missed
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Samsung A 51

Samsung has launched this A51 in the budget to mid-range segment and for what it offers, it a value for the money product. The phone is therefore best phone for students in 2021. Let’s see about this phone in detail.


The phone houses a 6.5” full HD AMOLED display. It’s massive. There is an infinity O notch for the little camera to peek out. It is not as ugly as a wide notch but certainly better. The colors are saturated in a typical Samsung style. It has good brightness to work on daylight.


The camera in Samsung A51 is a quad-camera setup on the rear. The main camera is a 48 Megapixel shooter at an aperture of f1.8. The second camera is a wide-angle camera. There is also a 5 mp macro camera to take shots of very small objects, closely. There is also a depth sensor that is responsible for bokeh shots during portrait mode. The front camera houses a 32 mp sensor all in the notch. The pictures come out good and the skin tons are perfectly retained with all the optimization and beauty modes off.


The performance is good for the price paid. The phone has an Exynos 9611 octa-core SOC chip made with a 10 nm process. The phone comes with an inbuilt storage of 128 Gb and can be extended with an sd card. There is a dual sim tray with an sd card slot. The memory is 6 and 8 Gb. It runs on Android 10 with a custom UI, One Ui V2, from Samsung. There is bloatware but most of them can be deactivated. The performance is flawless.

The phone has Dolby atmos sound output. Authentication is through in-display fingerprint reader and face unlocking. The phone also has NFC and Samsung pay built-in.


The battery provided in the phone is 4000 mah. That is just fine to do moderate tasks and still some left at the end of the day. The phone also has an always-on display but that doesn’t drink the battery juice much. With 4000 mah, it is one of the best android smartphones for students


  • Nfc
  • Big screen
  • Quad camera
  • Atmos sound


  • The notch can be ugly for some
  • Bloatware
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Pixel 4a

Pixels are a popular choice for developers for being a simple phone. You must be wondering how one of the pixels came under the best android smartphone for students. Read on.

When you buy the best smartphone for study purposes, it shouldn’t have many distractions. The phone Pixel 4a is simple and has no distracting nature. It is made of plastic, clean and well put together.


Since its inception, pixels are all about the camera. Pixel 4a is no different. It has the Sams sensor from the flagship Pixel 4. The software side of things is the same too. Google currently has the best algorithm for processing the photos. The phone rocks a single 12.2-megapixel camera and every photo it takes is as good as any flagships. The front 8mp selfie camera isn’t a slouch either. The photos it takes are of high quality too. The night mode is phenomenal too. At this price range, no one can handle a candle against Pixel 4 when it comes to cameras.


The display is again simple with a punch hole for the camera. The front is made of gorilla glass and the screen is an OLED display. Blacks are blacks and the phone goes decently bright outdoors. The screen size is 5.81 inches showing a resolution of 1080p. The colors are accurate and skin tones are true to life.


The phone might not have a mammoth battery. It is just 3140 mah. But for all the hardware it has and the optimization google has put on it, the battery life is surprisingly stellar. With low to moderate use, it can last for a day. There is no wireless charging though.


The performance is where the phone takes a back step. This is exactly where the phone shows why it is cheap and why there is a flagship that exists. By no means Google Pixel 4a is a slouch. It is snappy and has decent performance. It has a snapdragon 730G CPU. It has a ram of 6gb capacity It is being used in other smartphones and it functions well. For a college student, this is more than enough to take photos, do problems, call and text friends, and other small activities. It even has features like call screening, swipe for google assistant, etc. Fortunately, the headphone jack is still available. It is a very good phone for college students.


  • Camera
  • Battery life
  • Display


  • Performance could have been better for the price
  • No wireless charging support
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Redmi Note 9 pro

Note 9 is a phone from Redmi owned by Xiaomi is an all-rounder. It is the best android smartphone for students for cheap because of the features available within it. Read more to know why it made it to our list


The phone has a 6.67 inch full HD its LCD display with a punch hole for the camera. The display is of very good quality and the viewing angles are great. It is a 60hz display and doesn’t support a high refresh rate. The front and back are gorilla glass 5 for added protection.


The main camera of it is a 48mp sensor at f 1.8. The quality of pictures it takes is really good for the price. It also has a 5-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel depth camera for bokeh effects. The cameras do the job perfectly.

The front has a 16 mp camera for selfies.


The battery provided with this phone is a 5000 mah battery. It is quite mammoth that even with moderate to heavy usage, it will last for a day or even two easily. The screen is a 1080p panel and that too reduces battery load a lot. It also comes with an 18W fast charger.


The performance is very good for the price. It houses a Snapdragon 720g processor which is an octa-core CPU. The phone comes in two variants, 4 Gb ram 64gb storage or 6 Gb ram and 128 Gb storage. It is better to go with the higher-spec phone. The phone comes with a triple-slot sim tray where you can use two sim cards and a slot for sd card. The phone runs on Android 10 and MIUI 11 runs on top of it. Thankfully, the phone has a headphone jack and IR Blaster. This phone can simply be the best smartphone for college students in 2021


  • Ir blaster
  • Headphone jack
  • Big screen
  • 5000 mah battery


  • At least snapdragon 730g is given
  • Not an AMOLED screen
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Conclusion – Best android smartphone for students

We have discussed five phones here and all those are excellent for the price. All have their own pros and cons. But, they simply do justice for their purpose of existence. If the camera is your priority then its Pixel 4A is the right phone for you. If taking notes is the priority, then Samsung note 10 lite fits you well. If gaming and super performance is the priority, you have Asus Rog phone 3 at your disposal. If you want everything from ambled display to performance, then, Samsung A51 should be your choice. But, if you’re on a budget and still need a good phone for college, you can simply get the Redmi note 9 pro and simply ignore all others.

Thanks for reading.

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