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Best laptop accessories under Rs 1000

At this age of internet supremacy, having a laptop is inevitable. Laptops have grown so much that it can rival desktops in the same specs and price range. Your laptops of this generation are incredibly powerful than that of the last-gen laptops with Pentium processors. With added accessories, laptops can function even more. We are going to see ten best laptop accessories under Rs 1000 in this post. Let’s dive in.

USB sound card

You must be wondering what’s wrong with the inbuilt sound card of the laptop. You’re in for a surprise here. External sound card with a DAC or digital to analog converter can produce much more quality sound on your headphones than that of the onboard sound card. Sometimes, the sound card of your laptop is good but provides less volume to your headphones. An external sound card is a solution. Even if the internal sound card stopped working, you could rely on an external sound card.

INICIO Hagibis USB External Sound Card

sound card - Best laptop accessories under Rs1000
Hagibis external sound card

This sound card is capable of replacing your existing sound card on your computer. It looks like a small dongle. It has USB at one end and a 3.5 mm jack at the other end. It has a signal to noise ratio of 93 decibels which is very good for the price range. Frequency response is the usual 20 – 20kHz, and the THD is also in the respected range. 

It is compatible with Windows 10/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8/Linux/Mac OSX/ PS4/ Google Chromebook/ Windows Surface Pro 3/ Raspberry Pi are ok with the USB to audio adapter. Also note that it only supports mono microphone TRS, it does not support TS, TRRS. The mic is, therefore, incompatible with PS3. 

You can connect it to a home theatre using an aux cable. To read more about the best home theatres in india, check here.

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Gizga Cable Organiser Manager

When we add more and more accessories, more is the cable clutter. Keeping the desk clean is not only the artistic way of life but also extremely important. Gizga Cable Organiser Manager is a tube-like organizer with holes across its length. It would be perfect for around 5 HDMI cables to go through it. The build quality is excellent, and I recommend it for both desktops and laptops.

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Wireless mouse

You know that the laptops come with a trackpad. Some laptops have very smaller trackpads, while some like a MacBook Pro has a huge trackpad. Irrespective of what it is, it is painful to use at times. It can just not replace a mouse connected to the computer. It is one of the best laptop accessories to have. It is a crucial one to have for anyone who depends upon a laptop. No trackpads can compete with the comfort of having a mouse attached to the computer. 

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse 

A picture of logitech M221
Logitech M 221 wireless mouse

It is an excellent wireless mouse from the company of Logitech. The company gives you a small dongle to connect to the computer. This mouse is very tiny and can fit into your palm. It features silent buttons and a 1000 dpi optical tracking. The company also boasts an 18-month battery life. The mouse can work as long as the receiver is within 33 feet. It is one of the best laptop accessories under Rs1000.

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If Logitech M221 is not in your budget, you have an alternative.

Portronics Toad 12 Wireless

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ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand Tablet Stand

A picture showing a mobile stand
ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand Tablet Stand

When you are working, your mobile phone will be on the desk. It is tough to see the notifications unless you tilt the phone from the desk. ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand for rescue. This stand is made of aluminium, and hence, it is lightweight and durable. It has rubber protection on where the phone rests, and therefore it reduces damage to your device. The stand also has a slot conveniently placed to route the cable onto the charging port.

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Portable Speakers

A laptop is a small computer designed to carry around. The name is because of the ability to put them on the lap and work. Hence, it was compromised physically and functionally to bring it to a portable form. One such compromise is the speakers on a laptop. In almost all laptops, the sound is not great. They sound thin and lack stereo separation. Forget about dynamics; they don’t go louder. An ancillary speaker added to a laptop makes them produce a room-filling sound.  Besides, it also produces a clear sound. You can even watch a movie with it.

Edifier R12U 

This pair of speakers will cost you either slightly above our budget or well within it. Why does it make it to the list? Because of how good it is. They look absolutely cute to begin with. It has a 3-inch driver in a beautifully rounded enclosure. One of the enclosures houses a headphone jack, a volume knob, and a status LED. The sound is fantastic for the price. The highs are great. The mid-range is crisp and clear for the price range. Don’t expect earth-shaking bass, but it is a lot for the size of the speaker. It is also front-ported, and you have the flexibility to keep is closer to the wall. Edifier R12U  is one of the best laptop accessories under Rs 1000.

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Cleaning kits

Vastate Double Sided Microfiber Hand Glove

We live in a dusty climate, and even if you don’t take your laptop outdoors, it will still attract the dust. Dust is an enemy of any electronic items because it simply accumulates inside the connecting terminals. Also, dust enters the fan and block the airflow and messing with the thermals. So, it is imperative to have something to clean the laptop. The double-sided hand glove helps with easy cleaning of laptop, and it can be done quickly daily. 

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Gizga Essentials GZ-CK-104

This kit consists of a blower, brush, cleaning solution, cotton swabs, and a microfibre cloth. The blower can be used to blow dust from any nook and corner of the laptop. The solution and microfibre treatment can be used on laptops and even for mobile phones. 

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One of the overlooked laptop accessory items is the sleeves. It helps to avoid dents and scratches when taking it out. Sleeves can also be useful to protect the laptop when it is idle. But why? It is commonplace in many Indian cities or towns with a high level of air pollution. Clouds of dust are everywhere, and they are not a friend of electronics. They go into connection sockets and cause short circuits, which can bother any electronic items, let alone a laptop. Sleeves help with protecting the laptop from dust when it is not in use. Hence, having a sleeve is a must, in my opinion.

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve

It comes in purple, grey, blue, and black. Amazon basics are the basic items manufactured and sold by Amazon themselves, and all their product range speaks of quality. This product is just to carry the laptop and has foam Filling. It protects the laptop from the fall. The sleeve itself is slim and has a beautiful texture. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with tiny pockets to put the charger and other accessories.

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Annure Polyester 15.6 inch – messenger bag

It is strictly not a sleeve. You must be wondering, wth. I included it here because it is slim enough to be a sleeve yet has multiple functions. To begin with, it is a messenger bag and can hand-carry with ease. Secondly, It has several pockets where you can put your accessories from chargers to your mobile phone. It also ensures less damage or no damage at all for your laptops after a fall. It Features ultra-thick, yet lightweight protective cushioning to save your laptop from bumps, dents, scratches and spills at all times.

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There is a cheaper alternative for the above.

ASA Global Solution sleeve

It is the best of both worlds. It has a foam infused sleeve that can protect your laptop, notably from the fall, but also from water spills. It also comes with pockets to store laptop accessories. Best of all, this is selling at a lower price.

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Cooling pad

One primary reason a laptop cannot have the desktop’s performance is because of the thermals. Since the notebooks are compact, They have reduced efficiency in dissipating heat from the processor. If you keep the laptop on hard surfaces or bed, You might be limiting the airflow to the laptop. This means laptop cooling is less efficient. Adding an external cooling pad can benefit the laptop a lot. The cooling pad has fans to blow air to aid cooling. This is one of the best laptop accessories under Rs 1000.

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Dual

This product is a beautiful yet functional cooling pad. There are two fans underneath to blow the air, and each fan has a blue led light, which makes the product uber cool. Adding to this, it has four stop tilt functionality for keeping your laptop flat on the desk or inclined. You will use the USB cable to connect to one of the USB ports on the laptop. Don’t worry that you’re losing a USB port because it has two ports where you can plug in your other accessories.

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USB hubs

With a desktop, we have had several USB ports to connect to them. Today laptops have 4 ports in total. Some even have just 2 ports. With a few accessories in place, we would require more ports. Here is where the external USB ports come in handy. 

Quantum QHM6633

It is a 4 port USB hub from Quantum technologies. This is a cheaper yet highly functional version of a hub. Unfortunately, it has only USB 2.0 support. Also, note that they are self-powered and cannot connect very power-hungry devices to the hub.

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TP-Link UH400

If you need a more updated 3.0 version, you can go with TP-Link UH400. Since it is a USB 3.0 version, it transfers data 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Coming from a reputed company means it has a few advantages. One is the warranty. The build is really good, and the hub is very compact to use with a laptop. The connecting wire is also bend tested, and therefore the durability is excellent.

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Powerbank is another crucial thing mobile users are known to use. Tables have turned that there are power banks used for laptops. Powerbank is a simple device with a big battery attached and can be charged by connecting to a wall charger. The stored current is given back as a dc output to anything that is plugged to it. In our case, its a laptop.

Zinq Technologies Z10KPB

It is yet another product from zinq technologies. It is a power bank for any devices with a USB Type C port. This product houses a 10000mah battery. Zinq Technologies Z10KPB can charge a normal laptop about two times. Added to all these, it also has Qualcomm’s quick charge standard for fast charging, enabling mobiles and laptops to charge fast, and easy. The product comes with six levels of protection like short circuit protection, overload protection, etc. Another cool feature is that it allows us to charge two devices simultaneously. 

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USB fan

There are times when we take our laptops out of our home and work under harsh climates. I have always missed a fan on those occasions. A fan does help not only outdoors but also indoors. I prefer to have a fan on my desk even if the AC is running. Some companies set the Air conditioners to high temperatures for obvious reasons, and a fan is inevitable. 

CHHELL Adjustable Silent USB fan

 It is an adjustable fan meaning you can adjust the tilt of it favoring your conditions. The build is excellent, and the colors appear pleasing. It is beautiful to look at as a whole and is handy at times being portable. It produces comparatively 90% less of noise to a similar sized fan. It is because the fan has a BLDC motor, and has aerodynamically designed leaves. No doubt. it is one of the best laptop accessories to buy.

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Don’t worry if you find the price costly for a fan. There is a cheap alternative down here. In fact very cheap.

F S Solution USB fan

It is one of the cheapest things I have come across online. The fan has a flexible stalk, and you can assign the fan to any direction you would like. The tri leaf fan is very efficient too. It also comes with an OTG adapter so that you can connect it to a phone as well.

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USB LED light

If you’re a night owl, you might work, leaving the room light off. Or, if you have a sudden power outage, you need to find your smartphone to turn on the light. Worse still is if you have a laptop without a backlight keyboard, you fumble to find the right keys to press. A small USB lit led light comes in handy. They consume very little power but produce high levels of brightness. You would be surprised to see how much brightness a 5W led bulb can produce. It can lit a small room.

SWAPKART Portable Eye Protection USB LED

It is beautiful in one word. It can be connected to your laptop or a power bank and use it to read books without any glare. The product is white, sleek, and functional. You can twist the stem to any direction of your choice. It has a metal tube and rubber hose, and therefore they are very durable. The rest of the item has good quality build too. The hose length is 39 centimeters and 6mm wide.

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Ikea Steel headphone stand

As you may know, stand keep the table clean and tidy. The headphone stand is not an exception. IKEA is known for its high-quality products. This one is a headphone stand, and also it doubles as a phone or tablet stand. For a low price, you can make your workspace tidy with this stand/ mobile holder.

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Cable protector

HUMBLE® Spiral Charger Cable Protector

It is something everyone should have. It is a must if you have an apple product. Though the products are super durable and reliable, their cables, at least to me, are not. They just don’t good enough to endure day to day rough handlings. I have changed my lightning cable (very pricey, of course) multiple times because the cable’s sleeve gave up. So is with the charger of the MacBook pro. The wires easily give up upon bending. The product claims to minimize the damage by protecting the bending areas and therefore boost the durability. It is easy to put and comes in various colors. In my opinion, it is the best laptop accessory to buy under Rs 1000

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All the accessories said above are definitely value for the money. The HUMBLE® Spiral Charger Cable Protector is my favorite of all. Like in apple’s book, it just works. Irrespective of what you have, a decently cared laptop will survive for a long time. Thanks for reading.

Vignesh sathiaraj

Aju Vignesh Sathiaraj Padma is a mechanical and audio engineer. He is a person who loves technology and things. He is also an audiophile and loves to listen to audio gears. He is an avid writer and loves to blog.

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