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Best non Chinese earphones under Rs 2000

Best non-chinese earphones in 2020

Earphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. Being home or traveling around, we depend upon earphones for our music and movie needs. In fact, some YouTube channels recommend using headphones for awesome results. There is a pile of good and bad earphones in the market. You can read our buying guide here. As a change, we are going to see the Best non Chinese earphones under Rs 2000 in the wireless category. Let’s dive in.

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1.Infinity (JBL) Glide 120

Infinity is a premium brand from the house of JBL. I am a big fan of their kappa series of car audio. Infinity has these earphones for a competitive price and it is quite a bargain for what it offers. Infinity

(JBL) Glide 120 has rich sound quality. Like no other, it comes with a 12 mm driver. Bigger the driver better the low-end performance. It is true here as well. The earphones produce some strong bass. Additionally, it has a deep bass function and it can produce insurmountable bass at a click of a button. In the wireless category, it is the best earphones under Rs 2000 for bass performance. It gives the performance like a subwoofer in a home theatre.

Having deep bass doesn’t mean the rest of the sound is not good. In fact, the mids and highs are very good.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 ensuring great music and equally good battery life. Powering the 12 mm driver, the battery dies out after 7 hours of continuous playback. The earbuds are made of aluminum metal. That speaks about sound quality. The earbuds are magnetic. You can put it around the neck when idle and forget about it. It also has hands free calling, a 3 button remote, and voice assistance activation feature. Also, it is ipx5 rated and therefore you don’t have to worry about sweat damaging your precious earphones. It is Best gym earphones under Rs 2000.

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2.Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BT

Audio technical makes some amazing headphones. Their ATH M50x is a great example of the same. Audio technical has launched this Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BT Wireless for the Indian market. It even claimed that it is made for India. The build is good, just like any earphones of this price range. It thankfully comes with a good magnetic latch. You can put it around the collar and need not worry about losing it. It comes with a tangle-free cable as well.

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BT Wireless is IPX2 certified so that you don’t have to worry about your sweat killing your sweet earphones. The sound quality is very good. It has that Japanese audio technical sound signature. With clean and sparkling highs and well-detailed mids, it is a treat to listen to. The bass, although advertised as strong, is very very adequate though. It uses an 8.7 mm driver to produce sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BT Wireless delivers 7 hours of music with a single charge. The charging takes 2 hours. Fast charging is missed. It comes in four colors, White, black, blue, red. It is simply one of the best non Chinese earphones under Rs 2000

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3.Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear

Sony is a well-regarded company and the products from them full of quality. This pair of earphones is not at all an exception. The build quality is solid. There are black and white colors to choose from.
This Sony Sony WI-C200 supports hands-free calling. The sweetest thing is switching between the devices.

Suppose, you’re listening to music on a laptop and a call rings on your phone. The headset switches to the phone automatically. This is such a godsend of a feature. It also supports HD voice over calls. It has a Bluetooth version 5.0. It means, the unit is efficient and reception and audio over Bluetooth are good. Remote is great too. It comes with a universal controller that works with most of the phones.

It comes with a silicon rubber buds. The earphones have magnets is that you can suspend it around your neck. Unfortunately, the strength of the magnet is poor. Otherwise, the build is good. It comes with a USB type C charger.

This 15-gram beauty has a better battery life too. It can hold up to 15 hours of duty. In case you’re running out of battery, you can do quick charging. 10 minutes of charging will get you 60 minutes of playback time.
The sound quality is quite good for the price. It is not an extra bass series and therefore, you shouldn’t expect a ton of bass. Bass is there for what is necessary. The 9 mm driver takes care of it. The mids and highs are clear and detailed. This earphone makes one of the best non Chinese earphones under Rs 2000

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JBL is well known for its audio products and they are quite a value for the money. This JBL too is the same. This 18 grams pair of earphones in one of the Best wireless earphones under Rs 2000 in 2021. The earphone consists of an 8 mm driver which does the duty for bass, mids, and treble.
The headphones also have braided cables signifying durability. It packs a 120 mah battery and it is good for 7 to 8 hours. It takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

The Bluetooth range is quite good. It can work up to 10 meters from the source, which is nice. Another setback of it is no proper noise isolation. The noise creeps in and it is especially noticeable when no song is playing.

The sound signature is a normal jbl type. It’s kind of neutral sound. Bass, although present, is weak for bass heads and they will be disappointed. The highs and mids are great and will amount for great listening. Another con is there is no magnet in the headset. You cannot snap it around the neck. It is one of the Best truly wireless earphones under Rs 2000.

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5.Skullcandy Jib Plus

This is a pretty normal pair of earphones from skull candy. Skullcandy is known for bassy earphones. The bass performance here is quite adequate. Not overly bass at all. It comes in blue-black and red. The company claims that this is a splash resistance earphones. You can go jogging with it or even take to the gym for workouts. You don’t have to worry about damaging the earphones. Also, it has 6 hours of battery life. It is comparatively less than what other earphones on this page offer. Its is an American company and a non chinese earphone maker

Thankfully, it has 2 years of the manufacturer’s warranty. It comes with Microphone, Call, Track, and Volume Control with Activate Assistant. There is very less to complain about what is being offered at the price. The build quality is good too and the skull candy logo has this flex like beats earphones. This is one of the available best non Chinese earphones under Rs 2000.

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Buying Guide

Wireless vs Wired earphones

This is the main category of earphones. Wired and wireless. Each has its benefits. The wireless has the advantage of convenience. No matter what the format the wireless is using, wired is still the best for sheer audio quality. For consumer-grade earphones, wired and wireless doesn’t make a huge difference. Especially with new Bluetooth formats rolling out, the difference is minimal. But on pro-level headphones, the difference is significant.

Driver type

Although the dynamic driver is common, there are many driver types. A dynamic driver is a miniature speaker driver with a soft diaphragm. When an electrical signal passes to the driver, it vibrates to create sounds. Bigger the driver better the performance. In most budget earphones, this driver is used. Hence in all our recommendations, the earbuds contain dynamic drivers. The other type of driver is BA or Balanced armature. Those are found in high-end monitor earphones.

Battery life

Battery life is a subjective topic not only in the earphone market but in any markets. Battery life depends on how much you use the earphone with respect to the volume and clicks. It is always wise to choose the earphones with better battery life. Sony WI-C200 is the best in the compare with its 15 hours of battery life. It also provides a quick charge that 10 minutes of charge would give 60 minutes of playback

Bluetooth formats

There are many formats in existence for Bluetooth. However, the main one used in almost all earphones is A2DP. This stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. But, it cannot cater to HD music. Fortunately, there are two formats or codecs just for this purpose alone. Those are Qualcomm’s Aptx and Sony’s LDAC. Both support 24-bit audio. It means the sound is much more detailed.

On ears vs in ears

In-ear earphones are the thing of the present vs On-ear the thing of the past. In-ear earphones are a kind of earphones which is inserted inside the ear canal and sits there. It not only delivers music right into your ears but also blocks noises away. Hence, the music you listen to sounds clear. On-ear, on the other hand, sits outside the ear and doesn’t isolate the noise. Sound quality decreases too unless listened to them in a noiseless environment. It is better to go to in-Ears.


All the earphones showed above has good and bad. Still, my favorite choice is Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal for its sheer quality. It is the best non Chinese earphone under Rs 2000 in India. It has the largest driver, has great bass, and also IPX5 certified. It looks cool and doesn’t have to pamper it like a baby. That’s just me. No matter what you have or what you buy, the purpose is to listen to music. As long as the music is enjoyable, nothing can beat the experience of it.

Vignesh sathiaraj

Aju Vignesh Sathiaraj Padma is a mechanical and audio engineer. He is a person who loves technology and things. He is also an audiophile and loves to listen to audio gears. He is an avid writer and loves to blog.

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