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Best Robotic vacuum cleaners in India

Vacuum cleaners have become a part of our lives now. Be it dry, wet, or hybrid, they make life much more comfortable, especially if you have a carpeted floor. Before we see the best robotic vacuum cleaners in India, we will see a bunch of other related stuff at first. It includes, what is a vacuum cleaner, how it works, etc. Let’s dive in, Shall we?

What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a device that is used to clean the floor of your home or office. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the carpet, windows, shelves, etc. Some vacuum cleaners have a blower function with which you can blast air wherever it is needed. You can even use vacuum cleaner’s blowing function to spray paint your house. Yes, vacuum clears can do several functions

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The answer is in the name itself. It creates a vacuum-like situation by sucking the air out. This vacuum makes the particular spot a low-pressure area. Hence the air around the neighboring spots rushes in. The process continues. During this process, the Cleaning robot sucks not only the air but also the dust, dirt along with the air. It has a connection to a filter which filters the dust particles and send out the clean air. The dust particles stuck at the filter can be removed later on when the bag is full. This is how a vacuum cleaner works.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Some vacuum cleaners are designed only for dry use, and some for mopping. There is an availability of High-performance vacuum cleaners in India that can suck out the water leaving the floor dry. Best wet and dry vacuum cleaners are available at all the cost and form factors. However, we are going to see just the robotic vacuum cleaners alone.

What is a robotic vacuum cleaner

Picture showing a hand operating a robotic vacuum cleaner
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a robot cleaning machine that is capable of doing its job on its own. Some do only sweeping, and some do both sweeping and mopping. It is a combination of traditional vacuum cleaners and a logic board that does robotic functions. It is like a vacuum cleaner on an autopilot. The cleaner first scans the deployed area. It then maps the area and, therefore, creates algorithms on where to go, where the rooms are, the stairs, the carpet, etc. Then, when deployed to work, it automatically goes across the place and does the Best robot vacuum and mop functions. You can even make a custom map to the vacuum cleaners, where it should go, and where it shouldn’t.

How does it charge?

It is really a fascinating thing to watch the robotic cleaners at work. It is even more extraordinary how it takes care of its charging need. Basically, we need to place the charging dock on the floor convenient for the vacuum cleaner to see. Once it is done and configured, the robotic vacuum cleaners take care of it all by itself. When it detects a low battery signal, it goes to the dock and charges on its own. After charging, it continues to work where it left off—such a brilliant machine.

The best robotic vacuum cleaner in India

360 S7 Laser – Best robotic vacuum cleaner in India

This is one of the good looking smart and Best robotic vacuum cleaner in India. This vacuum cleaner Does sweeping and mopping of the floor. Also, this robotic vacuum cleaner is compatible with Alexa, which makes it even smarter. Let’s see things in detail.

It has a laser navigation system, to begin with. The laser is very, very accurate than that of the optical mapping sensor. This laser detection system works like a cakewalk, even in darkness. With the help of this LIDAR sensor, this robotic vacuum cleaner maps the floor and save it to them like a profile. While working, 360 s7 intelligently follow the best route for cleaning.

It uses something known as the ‘SLAM’ algorithm to achieve this and also to detect stairs and carpets. Once detecting a carpet, it switches to the more powerful 2000 pa of suction power to remove the more dirt. The maximum noise by this machine is 65 dB.

When the battery runs out to 20%, it automatically reaches the charging dock. After fully recharging the battery, it resumes the work from where it left off. Once automated, it can do things on its own.

Smart features

You can control the whole system using a mobile phone. It listens to Alexa comments and does the work accordingly. You can off limit the places in your house where the robotic vacuum cleaner has no business to do.

You don’t have to worry about messing the map as it automatically makes adjustments to the map. It also has Multi map management, and you get to choose which map it should execute. You can schedule the robotic vacuum cleaner to do its job at any given time. If you want to clear a spot, you can manually instruct the vacuum cleaner to do it. It also comes with a spot cleaning mode, proximity cleaning mode, etc. 

The suction has three stages.

  • Quiet mode: 800pa
  • Normal mode : 1300 pa
  • high performance mode: 2000pa.


This robotic vacuum cleaner has anti-collision sensors. It avoids collisions with walls, furniture, etc. It also prevents the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck in narrow spaces. The system is slim enough to slide under the furniture todo its job. The anti-drop sensor prevents this vacuum cleaner from falling off from the stairs. It even has a wall sensor to sweep around the corners of the wall.

360 S7 robotic vacuum cleaner is not just a dry vacuum cleaner but also does mopping. In fact, it does sweeping and mopping all at the same time. It has the technology to slowly seep in water to the mop pad from the water tank for efficient mopping. Once the system stops working, the water seeps stop too. This leaves no wet spot on the floor. If the water tank is removed, it switches to sweeping mode. 

This 360 degrees s7 is the Best robotic vacuum cleaner in India. It makes no compromises and entirely aimed at performance and convenience.

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Runner up

Trifo Ironpie m6+

Just because it is a runner up, it is no slouch. Trifo Ironpie m6+ is the best budget robot vacuum cleaner for the price. The reason it is runner up is because of slightly less suction power of 1800 pa and lack of some features. 

The main stand out feature of Trifo Ironpie m6+ is the camera. You can connect to it using the app. It aids home surveillance. When you’re away, you can use the camera to see what your pets are doing. You can move the Vacuum cleaner, pan it to see desired directions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a good mapping feature of s7 because of the absence of a laser. So the sweeping will not be very precise.

The zones cannot be set, unlike s7. It needs light to function as it is camera-based and not laser-based. It is also a bit loud when it works. There is no resume function, either.

The robotic vacuum cleaner has a mobile app to control it. The app is available for both android and IOS. Trifo Home APP comes with

  • start function
  • stop function
  • cleaning schedule
  • customize, charge
  • real-time monitoring with a visual navigation camera 
  • accessory status functions.

 Trifto works well on the tiled floor, as well as the carpet floor. It uses the camera to make a 3d map of your home, and it works accordingly. There is a smart navigation mode and a spiral navigation mode to do a thorough cleaning. It also has a drop sensing sensors that avoid falling off from the stairs.

Trifto has a big and powerful battery that can help to do the work for 100 minutes. Once the battery is drained or the job is completed, it automatically goes back to the dock for charging. 

It has a bionic moping system. It keeps the water level at optimum on the mopping pad so that mopping is done effectively. Once the mopping is done, the water seeps stops to keep the resting place dry. It can contain up to 300 ml of water. 

It can clean doorsills and carpets up to 20 mm in height, which is a very good thing. It can reach under the furniture with its low-profile body. This means all your space is sparkling clean.

It is not efficient as 360 s7 robotic vacuum cleaner, yet, it is the Best budget robotic vacuum cleaner available at the price range.

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The two vacuum cleaners stated above are very good in their price range. Both do almost similar functions. Whatever they do, they are good at those. You cannot go wrong by choosing either of the two. There was Roomba floor cleaner available at across the budget. For some reason, it is not available anymore as of today. Hence the choices are between Trifo Ironpie m6+ and 360 s7 vacuum cleaners. As far as the best robotic vacuum cleaner in India, it is 360 s7, in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

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