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Best speakers for home music

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Music is inevitable in today’s world. Be it ubiquitous pop music or relaxing jazz, music always finds its way to our home. But, is our home well equipped to receive it and sing it in full glory? Probably no. For you folks, we have compiled a list of the best speakers for home music. Please read on.

Best speakers for home music
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Desktop speakers

Desktop speakers are the kind of speakers that are put on a desktop or in a bookshelf or simply on a stand. They can be listened to from close to the ears or far from the ears. Since there are two speakers, they tend to make better stereo impression and separation. It is a joy to listen to music on desktop speakers. Let’s see the three best Desktop speakers.

Edifier R1280T 

Edifier R1280T looks great. The enclosure is made of wood like material and plastic. The build quality is great. The speakers are front ported ones and have no problem placing it right close to the wall. It is a two-way system with a woofer and tweeter setup. You will get two inputs to the speaker. The best thing is, both plays at the same time.

The right speaker is the main unit and has an amplifier built-in. The left speaker is connected to the right speaker using a wire. On the right side of the right speaker, there are controls for volume, bass, and treble. There is also a status indicator. Edifier R1280T is one of the best speakers for home music

The system comes with a tiny remote. The remote has a mute button and volume up and down button. The mute button is only available on the remote and not on the unit. Remote is certainly handy for its size and functionality.

Edifier R1280T is from the monitor series of Edifier and therefore, you can expect good sound out of it. You won’t be disappointed as the sound is very good. There is ample bass but it is not bass-heavy. The mids are crisp and the highs are airy. Nothing is overdone, maybe, because it is a monitor setup.

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Swans Speakers – M200 DSP

Like edifiers, swans make high-quality speakers too. Swans M200 DSP is a powerful speaker for your desktop. The size is huge and so does the sound. The cabinet has a sandwiched design and the front panel of the right speakers hold the control knobs. There are knobs for bass, treble, and volume control. Speaker comes with a speaker grill and with or without it, the system looks cool to one’s eyes.

The rear of the right speaker has an on-off switch, power socket, one said of input RCA ports, a proprietary connector to connect the left speaker to the right. The right speakers, as it houses the amplifier, has heat sinks at the back.

The woofer is a 5.25-inch long-throw driver and is up for midrange, bass, and mid-bass duties. The Tweeter is a 28 mm, ‘cat-eye’ tweeter made from annular wool damping cotton and silk diaphragm. It is coated with a special damping acoustic absorption material. It provides warm vocal highs. Owing to the high-quality woofer and tweeter, the sound quality is top-notch. The bass is tight and punchy while the treble is airy. Swans M200 DSP is one of the best speakers for home music.

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Jbl – 104 BT

This is my favorite of the bunch. Partly because of its co-axial design. We will look into detail soon. The speakers look absolutely cool, especially in white color. The rounded edge makes it appear small. It can be a perfect desktop speaker but, it can be a stand mount too. It can an array of connectivity options. RCA, Aux, Bluetooth, TRS are those. Being a monitor speaker, TRS inclusion is unsurprising. But, it is surprising to have Bluetooth in it. 

The speaker has a 4.5-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter. The fashion they are put inside the cabinet is coaxial. That is, the tweeter is placed in the middle of the bass driver. This arrangement has advantages. First of all, it is time-aligned. This makes them sound cohesive and beautiful. The imaging is intact. You get to experience the vocal comes from the center like there is a speaker placed. All instruments are nicely arranged between the two speakers. The third advantage is that you can do near field listening like no other monitors.

The sound is neutral and natural. Since the speakers are placed co-axially, the sound appears to have nicely blended bass, mids, and highs. The bass is tight and just right. The midrange is where the speaker system shines. Highs are nice too. You wouldn’t go wrong with this speaker. In my opinion, JBL 104BTs are the best speakers for home music.

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Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a range of portable speakers that can be used to play music connected to Bluetooth of the phone. They are usually small in size but packs a punch. They came with an inbuilt battery, mostly. You can charge it and take it anywhere you want and play music with it. It also has other features like attending calls, Aux-in, etc. Although, they can be taken out, it is still plays as a best speakers for home music.

Jbl flip 5

Jbl flip 5 is one of the highly reviewed speakers today. Their flip series is an all-time hit. Jbl flip 5 is made up of a mesh-like fabric wrapped rubber body. They have updated to a single large driver as opposed to a dual smaller driver of flip 4. A larger driver means more bass and loudness.

Jbl flip 5 has a claimed battery life of 12 hours and it is awesome. It can be charged in 2.5 hours approx. The given connector is USB type c and it is already future-ready. But it is not, in fact. The Bluetooth in here is still Bluetooth 4.2 and not Bluetooth 5. That is a deal-breaker for a few people. It also has an IPX 7 rating. An accidental splash of water on it is no more an issue. It can withstand up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes as they claim it.

The sound quality is very good. It has a neutral sound signature. There are two passive bass radiators and they function extremely well. The large driver adds up for more bass. The mid is clear and forward sounding. Highs are good and smooth too. Simply, the sound quality is great. It also has a party boost function where you can link another flip 5 for stereo pairing. Furthermore, it supports the pairing of more than 2 speakers. It comes in 11 different colors and on JBL’s website, you can custom print it. For the price, it is still one of the best speakers for home music.

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Sony SRS-XB33

SRS-XB33 is a quality product from Sony. The product is super durable. Advertised as rustproof, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, it is quite a great outdoor speaker. Fascinatingly, it is good in home entertainment speaker too.

The speaker consists of patented Extra bass speakers accompanied by a couple of passive radiators to give fantastic sound. The speaker unit by itself is called an X balanced speaker unit. This speaker is neither circular nor rectangular but in a unique shape that produces good bass and loudness. It has a Mica Reinforced Cellular speaker cone and dust cap that ensures rich sound and durability. Overall, the sound is very nice with punchy bass for its size. It also supports hands-free calling.

The system has lighting modes and that can be controlled by a mobile app. Lighting makes it a cool speaker. The battery life is amazing too. It manages up to 24 hours of playback time and with LEDs on, it can withstand up to 14 hours of music playback time. You can connect this speaker with up to 100 other XB 33s and make the place a party hub. In the wireless audio realm, Sony SRS-XB33 is one of the best, if not, the best speakers for home music.

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In my opinion, it’s not the speaker but the music that has to be enjoyed. But, having decent speakers are a must to enjoy the music to the fullest. A bad speaker not only makes the sound worse, but it also makes a bad impression about the music you’ve listened to. If you ask me, I will take the JBL 104BT anyway as it has coaxial drivers, Bluetooth functionality, can stand mount, and also works as a desktop speaker. It is truly a performer. Therefore JBL 104BT are the best speakers for home music.

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