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6 of the best 1-ton silent Ac in India

Air conditioners have become a part of life in many cities. The summer has become unbearable and the requirement of an AC has become a necessity. Be it a hall, bedroom, or music room, a silent Air conditioner is essential. It not only keeps the noise away but also gives peace of mind. Today, we are going to see the best silent Acs in India. Lets go to the article.

7 of the best silent fans in India

Ceiling fans are an important electronics item that is required every day. For a country like India, you cannot have a day without fans. Be it a small room or a large auditorium you would require fans to clear out the hot air to make you comfortable. The gentle breeze from the fan is making millions of people sleep daily. Once caveat of ceiling fans and table fans is that they are noisy. Now we get a few noiseless fans in the market. Silent fans are required for bedrooms and other places where silence is required. Let us see what are the best silent fans in India.

5 best IFB washing machine in India

There is no denying for the fact that washing machines make our lives a lot easier. Washing clothes is a tiresome job. This is where a washing machine comes to help. Latest washing machines not only washes, rinses and wriggles the clothes, they also dry it making our life even easier. Either you’re in the market for a new washing machine or upgrading, it is daunting to choose one from available options. IFB is a nice brand making washing machines. Today, we are going to see the best IFB washing machines in India.