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Maono AU-MH501- an awesome review

Music has become an integral part of our lives. For some people, it is impossible without music. Be it studio listening or casual listening, headphones are hard to replace. Today, we are going to see the review of Maono AU-MH501. These are no ordinary headphones but studio monitors. These are made for studios. Let us see the review in detail.

What exactly is a tactile transducer?

You would have come across this tactile transducer in forums or on websites. You know it is something to do with the low frequency. But, what exactly it is? Why is it being used? I have done a detailed article below. Keep reading.

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why is acoustics important?

Today we are going to see, ‘Are acoustics important?’ The answer is Yes, it is. But there is more to it than just a Yes. Let us see in detail. Let us start with What is acoustics.

What exactly is the use of a subwoofer?

You would have seen a subwoofer for sure. A box that is attached to the soundbar or speakers or a home theatre system. Subwoofer for home is becoming very common now. But you may not know what is the use of a subwoofer. In this post, we are going to see it.

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How to set up a stereo system?

Stereo music is still quite popular among music enthusiasts and audiophiles. 2 channel listening is so much fun. It is fun-filled only if it is set up nicely. In this post, let us see how to set up a stereo system well for music.

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This is why your TV might sound rubbish

It might be unbelievable for you but the truth is most of the TVs sound rubbish. You might have a brand new TV and still, you might ask, does it sound right? It doesn’t matter when the TVs are purchased, most of the slim TVs sound okay and nothing spectacular even with Dolby certifications.