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A picture of a bookshelf speaker

Best bookshelf speakers for under $750

Small bookshelf speakers create great sound. They are small and take only a small space. But modern bookshelf speakers produce a loud and full sound. Some bookshelf doesn’t really need a companion subwoofer as well. They produce decent bottom end too. Today we are going to see the best bookshelf speakers for under $750. Let’s dive in.

Picture of a subwoofer

Best subwoofer under $750

Subwoofers are an important part of the entertainment. Be it music or movies, the subwoofer plays a major role. You may say it is Just an LFE or low-frequency emitter. It is, but the difference in the movie watching is hard to explain without a subwoofer. With a proper subwoofer, the experience increases multi-folds. Today, we are going to see the best subwoofers under $750

5 of the best floor standing speakers under $750

Floorstanding speakers are a thing for both music and movies. It is large compared to bookshelf speakers. They are large and go loud compared to bookshelf speakers. They are not just loud but go deep in bass as well. Today we are going to see the 7 best floorstanding speakers under $750.

10 of the Best Earphones Under Rs 500

When it comes to investing in high-quality Earphones, never Compromise on them. Also, researching earphones is necessary when you plan to buy yourself the best earphones. So Today in this Article! I’ll address my audience the top 10 best earphones under Rs 500, which are budget-friendly and serve you with the best long-lasting,  Pleasant, Vibing, and Impactful Experience. 

Best Bluetooth earphones under Rs 2000

Earphones have become an important part of life. Be it resting or traveling in a bus, headphone helps to listen to music and kill time. You will get a variety of earphones in the market. Gone is the day you need to spend a ton to get good earphones. Wireless earphones are the trend now. And without much spending, you will get a decent earphone for the price. Hence, let’s see the best Bluetooth earphones under Rs 2000.

Maono AU-MH501- an awesome review

Music has become an integral part of our lives. For some people, it is impossible without music. Be it studio listening or casual listening, headphones are hard to replace. Today, we are going to see the review of Maono AU-MH501. These are no ordinary headphones but studio monitors. These are made for studios. Let us see the review in detail.

Best wired earphones for under Rs 3000

Although earphones are going wireless these days, the wired earphones are still selling. The reason is that a wired connection ensures good sound quality. You might have guessed that Rs 3000 is a great sweet spot between good quality earphones and value for money proportions. Hence, Let’s see the best-wired earphones under Rs 3000.

8 of the best headphones under Rs 5000 in India

Headphones pave a way for private listening. Headphones have evolved so much that these days even a budget headphones sound fantastic and offer great value for money. Still, the midrange headphones sound even better and they are available at nominal cost. Today, we are going to see the best headphones under Rs 5000 in India.

10 of the best headphones under Rs 2000

Its hard to imagine a life without music. And, headphones play an important role in delivering the music. Headphones are available in different colors, different features and at different prices. Today, you’re going to see the 10 of the best headphones under Rs 2000.