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Best earphones under Rs 1000

10 Best earphones under Rs 1000

Finding the best earphones under Rs. 1000 is a tedious task and I know it. Therefore I have put an effort and have chosen for you a list of earphones under Rs 1000. You cannot go wrong with any of these. After all, headphones are inevitable in day to day lives and they make our lives much easier and fuller. Not only do you get to listen to music in high quality, but earphones also offer isolation from the noise outside. And some have noise and sweat isolation. These can be used during workouts. So, people prefer it for traveling, gym workouts, music sessions, etc. Without wasting much time, let’s jump into the list.

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This is why your TV might sound rubbish

It might be unbelievable for you but the truth is most of the TVs sound rubbish. You might have a brand new TV and still, you might ask, does it sound right? It doesn’t matter when the TVs are purchased, most of the slim TVs sound okay and nothing spectacular even with Dolby certifications.

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3 of the best smart speakers for students

The world we are living in is already occupied by the internet and kinds of stuff. From air purifiers to washing machines, things are becoming smart now. Similarly, some smart speakers combine voice search, artificial intelligence, and what not to help humans. Smart speakers have evolved to a point that it no longer is only a speaker but much more.

10 awesomely best Speakers for POP music

Today’s age is the age of POP music. Pop stands for popular music and as of today, many mainstream artists include hip-hop music in their songs. Are you equipped to listen to pop music in your home? For that matter, Are you equipped enough to listen to hifi audio? You would need a pair of speakers, a source, and an amplifier to listen to the brilliancy of the music. In this post, you’re going to see the best speakers for pop music.