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Is Webcam Compatible With Laptop?

It is easy to admit that laptop cameras are crappy. Recording a good quality video is almost unimaginable with a built-in camera on a laptop. Therefore, you might get a thought, is a webcam compatible with a laptop?

woman in gray blazer sitting in front of gray laptop computer

10 Fun Ways to Pass the Time on Computer

Whether you are bored or have a few hours to kill, a computer can come in quite handy. There are ways to spend time on the device and feel like the activities are rewarding or relaxing. The problem is picking one of the available options when there are quite a few to consider.

7 Best Laptops under Rs 50,000

Once upon a time Laptops were a luxury. But now, laptops are an essential thing in life. Most work that demands processing power in the past can be done by a laptop itself. And, laptops have become cheap too. Let’s see the Best laptops under Rs 50,000.

woman in gray blazer sitting in front of gray laptop computer

5 Best gaming laptop under Rs 60,000

Today we are going to see the best gaming laptop under Rs 60,000. Laptops are inevitable these days. People have used to game on a desktop computer and things are slowly changing. Gamers are slowly considering gaming laptops for their sheer convenience and power available. Although they cannot match a desktop in performance, due to portability, gaming laptops are gaining popularity. Let’s see some best gaming laptops under Rs 60,000.

Best laptop accessories under Rs 1000

At this age of internet marvels having a laptop is inevitable. Laptops have grown so much that it can rival desktops in the same specs and price range. Your laptops of this generation are incredibly powerful than that of the last-gen laptops with Pentium processors. With added accessories, laptops can function even more. We are going to see ten best laptop accessories under Rs 1000 in this post. Let’s dive in.