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Is it really a BLDC fan worth buying?

BLDC fans are one of the electronic items that are gaining good momentum these days. They are a bit more pricey than the normal fan still they are becoming very popular these days. What is making them very popular? Is BLDC fan worth buying? I am going to answer these questions today.

What are CCTV Cameras and How to Use Them?

When you feel the need, or you have a real need or a pressing urgency for safety and protection for your homes, housing structures or, at the same time, workplaces, buildings and the like, one of the main indications and solutions to practically everyone’s scope is to have a well-structured surveillance system. In particular, a video surveillance system.

Best smartwatch under Rs 5000

As technology is growing with each passing month new and new products are getting launched in the market. One of the products that are becoming very popular day by day is Smartwatch. Smartwatches are very useful from answering calls to tracking health.If you are planning to buy and best smartwatch under Rs 5000 then we are here to help you out. But buying the best smartwatch under 5000 is not an easy task. We have got many good smartwatches in the market.

dirty air conditioners on grungy building wall

4 of the best silent 2 Ton AC in India

Air conditioning is a must, especially in a hot and humid city. It is tough to sleep with the heat in the room and the AC helps a long way to cool down the room and therefore you will get a night of better sleep. Silent ACs are again important for sound sleep. Also, if you have a media room like a Home theatre, silent Ac is preferred. Today, we are going to see the best silent 2 Ton Acs in India.

dirty air conditioners on grungy building wall

5 of the best silent 1.5 ton Ac in India

When you’re building a new home or you wish to air condition your room, Air conditioners become Imperative. They not only cool the space but also maintains humidity levels. Some ACs even has a built-in air purifier for added advantage. Today, we are going to see the best silent 1.5 ton Ac in India.

What exactly is Wifi calling? is it good in 2022?

You might have wondered when your call quality has improved, what happened suddenly? You might have wondered when you no longer wanna go outside to take a call. You might have wondered the signal inside the building is excellent. You might have wondered there is a ‘wifi’ symbol on your phone. Yes, these are the signs of wifi calling in place. But, what is a wifi calling or what is VOWIFI? We got you covered. Read on.

11 of the best BLDC fans in India

Fans are very important for day-to-day life. You cannot spend a day without a fan especially in India. Hence, Fan has become an important household item in today’s world. There are different kinds of fans available including ceiling fan, pedestal fan, table fan, etc. The technology used is the same. You might have heard of BLDC fans. It is a new technology that is coming into the fan’s world. We will look into it and also see what are the best BLDC fans in India.

dirty air conditioners on grungy building wall

5 of the best portable ac in India

The summer is approaching and we already are feeling the heat. You must have wondered the same thing and have decided to sort this out. You would have considered installing an AC in your room but realized that installing a split AC or Window Ac is impossible. Hence, you’re searching for this portable AC. It is hard to find a decent portable AC in the market. And therefore, we have cumulated a list of the 5 best portable ac in India. I hope, you will find it useful. Let us go.

Cambridge audio AXR 100 review

Cambridge audio AXR 100 is a nice amplifier from Cambridge audio. Cambridge Audio has launched three mid-range audio amplifiers recently and they are super worth the money to be considered. The amplifiers are AXA 35, AXR 85, and AXR 100. The first one, AXA 35 is an integrated amplifier and the other two are stereo receivers. This line up is the replacement of Cambridge audio’s Topaz series or amplifier. Being a successor, they are certainly better than the Topaz series. In fact, AXR 100 is the most powerful amplifier in the Cambridge audio lineup. Today, we are going to see only Cambridge audio AXR 100.