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Xgimi H2- an awesome review

Xgimi is an unknown brand in the USA while it is well known in China. Simply put, They make projectors. DLP projectors to be specific. They launched an LED-DLP projector, XGIMI H1 in the market and that was a huge hit. Ever since then, they have launched quite a few projectors and are doing well. Today, we are going to see the successor of Xgimi H1, the H2, and its review. I will also explain different projector technologies along the way. Let’s dive into an awesome review of Xgimi H2

5 best wireless earphones for iPhone

Iphones have changed the way we look at the world now. If it weren’t for iPhones, androids wouldn’t have developed so much. Active competition is always a win for consumers. Apple then launched wireless earbuds. Ever since then, the Bluetooth wireless earbuds have become a thing. There are a ton of wireless earbuds in the market. It is quite challenging to pick out the best earbuds of the bunch. Today, we are going to see the best wireless earphones for iPhone.