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Best 4K Tv in India

Best 4k smart tv in India

You might be upgrading your TV or perhaps interested in a new 4k TV to buy very soon. You’ve come to the right place. We will see what is the best 4k smart TVs in India in various price brackets.

What is gamma?

What is gamma?

This term gamma, as you might have seen being used on tv, computer monitor, or even on a projector. You might know it is derived from the Greek language. But what is gamma and why it is used in electronics?

Pixels in a display

What exactly is PPI in a display? – April 2022

You might have very often come across this term in Internet especially when reading about phones. Reviews say that higher the ppi, better the display sharpness. Although it is not always true, what exactly is this PPI?

Why Netflix is costly for Indians

Netflix is the single most streaming service that revolutionized television watching. It is the most popular streaming service in the world for a reason. Some Internet service providers often cache popular programs for smooth playback.