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How to Turn Off Burst Mode on Any iPhone with iOS 16

In this article, let’s see ‘how to turn off burst mode on iPhone with iOS 16′. The Burst mode on iPhone sometimes irritates people a lot. Especially when the timer does burst mode. Burst photos in timer mode not only eat up space on your phone but is also useless in most cases. What could change in microseconds to take burst photo mode on self-timers? Let’s see how to turn this off on both normal mode and timer mode. Please read on.

How to Turn Off Burst Mode on Any iPhone with iOS 16
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What is Burst Mode on the iPhone? Important! (Skippable)

It is nice to give an intro. If you don’t want it, please skip this section straight to How to Turn Off Burst mode on Any iPhone with iOS 16.

This burst mode on your iPhone is a default feature of the iPhone camera app. So, if you use a third-party camera app, you are more likely to have control over burst photos modes.

The iPhone camera is very powerful and fast. This can be experienced in burst photo mode.

Why use burst mode?

Because it takes rapid pictures in very, very short intervals, this means you always get the best shot to choose from those burst images. This way, you will get the best iPhone photos.

For example, let’s take sports. You don’t want to miss a perfect shot while your son crosses the finish line. And burst photo mode helps you with it. Use burst mode to take pictures while your kid crosses the finish line. Later, you can review the multiple photos taken and can choose to save the one image which is just perfect.

So, burst photo mode is there for a reason.

Unfortunately, sometimes burst mode is a hassle. It eats up the storage of your phone rapidly. Also, there is no need to take burst photo mode on timers unless you do sports stunts. It is better to switch off burst photos mode while using the camera timer.

How to turn off burst mode?

If you have iOS 12 or lower, you can skip the below to ‘How to Turn Off Burst Mode on Any iPhone with iOS 12 or older?’

How to Turn Off Burst Mode on Any iPhone with iOS 16?

Apple doesn’t include a direct way to turn off the burst photo mode apart from deactivating the burst mode taken by pressing the volume button. But there are a couple of workarounds to disable burst photo mode while using the timer. Let’s see them one by one.

Don’t slide the shutter to the left

This is a stupid way of telling not to do something to avoid something. Since the ios device takes bursts only when you press the capture button and slide it to the left. Don’t do that. Just tap the capture button once to take the photo.

Don’t use the volume button

If you use the volume button to take shots, don’t do that unless you can be careful. It is because pressing the volume button continuously will activate the burst image mode if this feature is turned on.

Disabling burst photos while using the Timer

As discussed above, there is a burst image mode while using the timer settings on the camera app. You can put it out of action by following a few workarounds. Let’s go over them one by one.

Disabling Burst Mode on iPhone Using Flash

Enable flash while using the timer and it will turn off burst mode because it takes a lot more time-consuming process to fire the flash. But the burst photo mode is too fast with picture capturing that the flash process cannot cope with. Hence apple has disabled burst image mode on the camera app if the flash is On. So, if you want to disable burst image mode while using the camera timer, turn on the flash.

Don’t need the flash? We have a few more methods.

Disabling Burst Mode on iPhone Using Live photo.

Turn the Live photo on the camera app during the camera timer to disable the burst photos mode. It is because the live photo will take shots seconds before and after the shutter button is pressed. This is simply impossible to take burst image mode with details from before and after the shutter button press. Hence apple disables burst photo mode if the live photo is on.

HDR will disable burst mode on the iPhone camera.

This is another workaround to disable the burst image mode if the camera timer is on. Point the camera app in a way that the HDR function is on. If you have HDR button, turn it on. HDR requires high computational power and time to take the picture and process it. There will be no time left to take another picture in a fraction of second. Hence, apple disables the burst photo mode if HDR is ON.

Night mode will disable burst mode on your iPhone camera.

Turning on the night mode will disable the burst mode. It is because both night mode and burst mode are opposite to each other. Burst photo mode takes pictures rapidly, one after the other.

Night mode requires the shutter to be open for seconds, as much as a ten-second shutter delay, with which the burst photos mode is impossible. Hence apple disables burst mode in the camera app if the night mode is on.

Disable burst mode on the volume button

Apple has given users an option on the menu to enable or disable the burst photo mode that activates by pressing the volume up button.

You can do this by following the steps below

  1. Open the settings app.
  2. Open the camera app in the settings.
  3. You can find a toggle to turn on/off ‘Use volume Up for Burst.’ This will disable the burst photo that is triggered by pressing the volume-up button. Please turn it off.

You can refer the image below for settings.

A screenshots highlighting, 'Use volume Up for Burst' on camera app settings
Camera app menu

How to Turn Off Burst Mode on Any iPhone with iOS 12 or older.

If you still sport iOS 12 or older, this idea will be helpful. The burst photos mode on your iOS device can be activated by pressing the shutter button for longer until the space is gone or you decide to stop.

Press the Shutter Button Once (iOS 12 or older)

So, if you press the shutter button once or tap it once, you will take only one image and not a series of burst photos.

Other steps to avoid burst photos in ios 12 or older

If you’re asking to disable burst photos mode for the camera self timer, please follow the steps I mentioned for iOS 16.


Hence we learned, How to Turn Off Burst Mode on Any iPhone. Thanks for reading.

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