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Maono AU-MH501- an awesome review

Music has become an integral part of our lives. For some people, it is impossible without music. Be it studio listening or casual listening, headphones are hard to replace. Today, we are going to see the review of Maono AU-MH501. These are no ordinary headphones but studio monitors. These are made for studios. Let us see the review in detail.

Maono AU-MH501 review
Maono AU-MH501

Maono is a brand from China and is making professional stuff for studios and casual music production enthusiasts. They have many types of equipment for studio purposes. The microphone of Manolo’s is a big hit and its sale tops the chart. It is simply because the product is cheap and has good performance. It is one of the best headphones under Rs 3000

In the same regard, Maono AU-MH 501 is an excellent value for money headphones for what it costs and what it offers.

This headphone is no ordinary headphone. Maono au-mh501 is a proper studio headphone. The headphone looks like a properly built headphone. The price is also sweet makes it ideal to purchase a lot of numbers for studio sessions which involves monitoring for a large orchestra. Maono au-mh501 is ideal for long term listening too. 


Maono au-mh501 is beautiful and visually pleasing. The build is good for the price paid. The whole body is made up of plastic and the plastic is of good quality. It looks sturdy.

Maono AU-MH501
Maono AU-MH501

The ear cans have soft-touch plastic and it looks upmarket. The headphone as a whole has a matt black theme. It fits with any style, classic or modern.

ear cups of Maono AU-MH501
ear cups

There is a Maono logo present on either side of the earcups. It doesn’t look out of place. The cups can fold upwards and therefore it is easy to store. They call it a Collapsible design. It can swivel 180-degrees. 

wire of Maono AU-MH501

The wire quality is also good and it has a spiral cord that extends upon demand. This keeps the cable small and tidy. Unfortunately, the cable is non-removable. The cable attaches to the left earcup.

connectors of Maono au-mh501

Maono au-mh501 comes in two different connectors. One is the regular 3.5 mm jack and the other one is a professional 6.5 mm quarter-inch connector for mixers and amplifiers. A big Maono name is present on the top side of the headband.


Being a studio earphone, it should be practical to wear for a long period. Maono au-mh501 can be used for long sessions. The earcups are large and can take your ear fully and wraps around it. This way you will get good noise isolation and good bass performance. However, I am not a fan of round ear cans. And, some of the high frequencies still crept in.

headband of Maono au-mh501
Head band of Maono au-mh501

The headband is soft and distributes the weight easily. This way, you won’t have much weight on your ears. The headphone can be retracted to accommodate people with different head sizes.

Maono au-mh501
adjustable height

The clamping force is normal. Maono au-mh501 is neither loose nor tight. Perfect! You can wear this all day long with this level of comfort and perfect clamping force. The spring wire makes it easy to move to a long distance without making the cable a mess. 


Maono au-mh501 has a decent amount of features for the low price we pay for it. As said earlier, the headphone is compatible with both 3.5 mm as well as 6.5 mm quarter-inch jack. What we didn’t discuss is that you will get an angled connector. This makes Maono au-mh501 easy to use, prevent breakage. The connectors are gold plated for additional sound quality.

3.5 mm jack of Maono au-mh501
3.5 mm jack

Sound quality.

The sound quality is exactly why you should get this Maono au-mh501 headphone. They are simply unbeatable for the price. It retrieves details that are essential for an audio engineer. It has a 50 mm driver. This enables to produce a nice tight bass. We will talk about the bass later. 

The sound signature is almost flat. Even if you cannot use it for mixing and monitoring, you can very much use it for monitoring and recording. For this, the value for money is crazy high.


The bass is really good in this headphone for the price. It goes lower for studio needs. However, on testing, it was flat from 30 Hz while 20 HZ was amply present. The reason why it may not be used for mixing and mastering is that the headphones have a strong midbass. For some music, it is a deal-breaker. Overall, the bass is neat and has good sound quality, thanks to the 50mm dynamic driver.


The mids are very clean and nice in Maono au-mh501. The midbass occasionally bleeds into mids but if it is for music like Jazz, it is hardly a problem. Overall, the mids are defined. For the price, there are no complaints about the mids. Both male and female vocals sound sublime.


The highs from the large 50 mm driver are very good. It can go to 20,000 Hz easily. The treble is well detailed and easy to separate instruments. There is a good balance between the treble, mids and bass. You will have hardly any complaints with this Maono au-mh501. You can bet on it.

Soundstage and imaging

Maono au-mh501 has a great soundstage. It is neither cramped and not like open-back earphones. For the price, there are no complaints on the sound stage. The imaging is pinpoint. The centre image is strong and solid. The left and right are somewhat away from the right and left earcups, giving nice imaging and soundstage. It is still in the head but for the price point, it is completely okay.

 I listened to Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t want to miss things’. Right from the start to the end, the soundstage was great. There is a good balance of bass, mids and highs. AT the start and end of the song, the instruments make a great composture. It was a pleasure to listen to this song in Maono au-mh50.

Next, I put ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush. Again, the soundstage was impressive. The distorted electric guitar was punchy as it should be. The ride of the drums sound extremely left and that’s a testimony for wide sound stage and imaging. The snare sounded full. This song clearly showcased the Imaging of Maono au-mh501. The PRAT kept up with the song.

Then I played “Godzilla vs. Kong Ocean Battle Movie Scene.’ The roar and rumbling of king kong felt real. The bass was tight and can convey emotions. The bomb sounds are terrific. With a great soundstage, the background music sounds fabulous with the movie scene. I bet, watching movies will be really good with Maono au-mh501 for the price.

You can comfortably use Maono au-mh501 to listen to music at home. At the studio, you can use it to monitor the recordings or can give it to the artists performing the music as a monitoring tool. You can use it while watching Netflix or prime video on mobile.


This Maono au-mh501 is a fantastic headphone for the price. It excels in sound quality. You cannot go wrong choosing it. The Maono au-mh501 returns more value for the buck you spend on it. Hence, I will recommend these headphones for studio as well as home usage.

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