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Is iPhone 13 worth buying in 2022?

iPhone 13 is worth buying since its launch. Now, you know that iPhone 14 has been launched. It still has a lot in common with iPhone 13 but it also has new features. So, is the iPhone 13 still worth buying? Let’s do a small analysis.

5 things to do during the lockdown

Coronavirus has stretched its arms across the globe and too many innocent lives were taken. To tackle down the situation govt has announced a complete lockdown. As much as we like to spend time at home, too much of anything is good for nothing, right? Once happy about the lockdown, it has started to become boring now. We have come up with a small list of things to do during this lockdown.

is Samsung s20 Ultra worth buying

Is Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra worth it?

Samsung has always been the Rolls Royce of android smartphones. The latest S20 ultra is a combination akin to a Ferrari and a rolls Royce combined. Performance and snob value is fantastic. But at $1,399.99 is Samsung galaxy s20 ultra worth it? Let’s take a different approach here.

Why Netflix is costly for Indians

Netflix is the single most streaming service that revolutionized television watching. It is the most popular streaming service in the world for a reason. Some Internet service providers often cache popular programs for smooth playback.

is iPhone 8 worth it in 2020

Is iPhone 8 really worth buying in 2022?

iPhone 8 that you’re searching for was a flagship phone from Apple three years ago. They have so much legacy and brand image that it is tough to overlook even today in 2020. You can get it for Under $500 now, and it seems like a good buy. But, is the iPhone 8 worth buying in 2020? Should you buy an iPhone 8? How about other options? Let us dig more in-depth in a completely different way.