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This is why your TV might sound rubbish

It might be unbelievable for you but the truth is most of the TVs sound rubbish. You might have a brand new TV and still, you might ask, does it sound right? It doesn’t matter when the TVs are purchased, most of the slim TVs sound okay and nothing spectacular even with Dolby certifications.

10 awesomely best Speakers for POP music

Today’s age is the age of POP music. Pop stands for popular music and as of today, many mainstream artists include hip-hop music in their songs. Are you equipped to listen to pop music in your home? For that matter, Are you equipped enough to listen to hifi audio? You would need a pair of speakers, a source, and an amplifier to listen to the brilliancy of the music. In this post, you’re going to see the best speakers for pop music.

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What is an AMOLED display

We have always come across phones using AMOLED displays. The flagship phones of Apple, Samsung, or Oneplus have AMOLED display in it. Those displays are gorgeous and worth the price paid. There are TVs with OLED Panels today, and they look fantastic. So, what makes AMOLED special? Read on.

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What makes android special?

Android is one of, if not, the popular smartphone you could see in the market. It enabled everyone to use smart features. It is being used by kids and parents alike. Do you want to know why many are using your daily driver android? Do you want to know what makes android special?

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Why iOS is better than android for business

We all have our choices of phones for everyday activities. Be it an apple of an array of android phones, they make our life easier in many ways. When it comes to business, a phone becomes an integral part of any businessman. But, which of the two is better. An android or an iPhone. As you have seen in the topic, iPhones have an edge for business needs. Let’s see why iOS is better than Android for business.

Is iPhone XR worth buying in 2023?

iPhones always have a special place in the heart. It doesn’t matter what the price is. We see iPhone launch every year, and the models from the previous years get a price cut. iPhone XR one such phone in apples line up. iPhone XR’s release date was 12 September 2018. Ever since then, It was selling like a hot cake. Sales took a small dip after the launch of iPhone SE and iPhone 11. But, is iPhone XR worth buying in 2020? Let’s see in detail.

What is gamma?

What is gamma?

This term gamma, as you might have seen being used on tv, computer monitor, or even on a projector. You might know it is derived from the Greek language. But what is gamma and why it is used in electronics?