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Is iPhone 13 worth buying in 2022?

iPhone 13 is worth buying since its launch. Now, you know that iPhone 14 has been launched. It still has a lot in common with iPhone 13 but it also has new features. So, is the iPhone 13 still worth buying? Let’s do a small analysis.

5 of the best Dolby Atmos soundbar in India.

Soundbars are small devices that are capable of big sounds. Today, we get many soundbars with a lot of features. A soundbar + subwoofer gives an excellent performance to someone who doesn’t have space for traditional speakers, AVRs. Today Soundbars come with Atmos technology. It incredibly improves the listening experience. Today, we are going to see the best Dolby Atmos soundbar in India

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10 of the Best Bluetooth speakers under Rs 2000

Music is the current sensation worldwide. It is possible to spend less or spend a ton of money on music. Although listening to music in a dedicated room is ideal, playing outdoors is so much fun. You will need a Bluetooth speaker to play outside with less headache. Now we are going to see the best Bluetooth speakers under Rs 2000.

What exactly is Wifi calling? is it good in 2022?

You might have wondered when your call quality has improved, what happened suddenly? You might have wondered when you no longer wanna go outside to take a call. You might have wondered the signal inside the building is excellent. You might have wondered there is a ‘wifi’ symbol on your phone. Yes, these are the signs of wifi calling in place. But, what is a wifi calling or what is VOWIFI? We got you covered. Read on.

10 of the best L shaped gaming desk

Having a hard time gaming on your normal desk that has more than one monitor setup. Or you just want more space for your gaming setup then L shaped gaming desk can help you in this situation. In this, you will find L-shaped gaming that is durable, have more space, look beautiful, and affordable. However, the materials that in this desk are all different and they can be either glass, metal, or wood. You will understand why l shape is best for gaming purposes. Here is the best l shaped gaming desk for you to buy and all are affordable:

10 of the best earphones under Rs 2000

Earphones were once a luxury product. Not many owned a pair. But today, things have changed. earphones have become one of the necessities in day-to-day life. It would be very hard for some people to live a day without earphones. Earphones have changed too. Once there were only ear earphones but today, in-ears are very popular. Also, the price has dropped very much compared to the past. You can get high-quality ear earphones for very little money. Today, we are going to see the best earphones under Rs 2000. Let’s go.

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5 of the best bass speakers in India

Who doesn’t want bass? Almost all enjoy bass. It gives authority to any type of sound. It has the power to slam the chest and rumble your guts. You would need a pretty good speaker for good bass. You must be searching for the best bass speakers in India. You have come to the right place. We have done small research and have come up with a list of the 5 best bass speakers in India. Let’s go to the list.

11 of the best BLDC fans in India

Fans are very important for day-to-day life. You cannot spend a day without a fan especially in India. Hence, Fan has become an important household item in today’s world. There are different kinds of fans available including ceiling fan, pedestal fan, table fan, etc. The technology used is the same. You might have heard of BLDC fans. It is a new technology that is coming into the fan’s world. We will look into it and also see what are the best BLDC fans in India.

7 of the best silent fans in India

Ceiling fans are an important electronics item that is required every day. For a country like India, you cannot have a day without fans. Be it a small room or a large auditorium you would require fans to clear out the hot air to make you comfortable. The gentle breeze from the fan is making millions of people sleep daily. Once caveat of ceiling fans and table fans is that they are noisy. Now we get a few noiseless fans in the market. Silent fans are required for bedrooms and other places where silence is required. Let us see what are the best silent fans in India.

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5 best computer speakers with bass in India

Speakers are important for a computer system. You can not only listen to music, watch movies but also can hear the system level notification. But, mainly, speakers are used to catering music and movie needs. There are different kinds of speakers. Some are geared towards sound quality while others are concentrated on loudness. In between the two, there exists a category of speakers that are bass-centric. As you know, today, we are going to see the best computer speakers with bass in India. Let us go to the list.

10 best camera phones under Rs 15000

Cameras in a smartphone have evolved so much that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a good camera phone. Of course, if you could pay higher you will get better cameras but that doesn’t mean cheap phones have the worst cameras. In this post, we are discussing the Best camera phones under Rs 15000. The phones listed here are not really in any order. Let’s go to the list.