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Is iPhone 13 worth buying in 2023?

iPhone 13 is worth buying since its launch. Now, you know that iPhone 14 has been launched. It still has a lot in common with iPhone 13 but it also has new features. So, is the iPhone 13 still worth buying? Let’s do a small analysis.

10 of the best headphones under $500

Headphones are a lifesaver at many times. Be it a journey or idle at home, you always want headphones to listen to music. And headphones deliver it. Looking for a headphone at a budget of $500? That would be a costly affair. We have done our research and have chosen some of the best headphones in the market. Let us see the best headphones for under $500.

What exactly is a tactile transducer?

You would have come across this tactile transducer in forums or on websites. You know it is something to do with the low frequency. But, what exactly it is? Why is it being used? I have done a detailed article below. Keep reading.

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20 of the best speakers under $500 – $599

There is no stereo or hifi sound without speakers. Speakers produce the sound what the amplifier amplifies. Each speaker has unique qualities that are hard to find in other speakers. All are based on the requirements of the listeners. But, is it possible to find a better speaker under $500? It is tough as there is n number of speakers in the market. We have listed down what we think the best speakers under $500 are concerning others in the market. It is in no way an ascending or descending order of speakers. It is just that every speaker listed here is one of the best speakers under $500. Let’s go to the list.

The Best Home theatre system in India

10 best home theatre systems in India under Rs 10,000

We all have a TV in our home. You might be using the tv speakers for all your needs. But, are TV speakers good enough? Mostly, it is NO. Hence, you require a home theatre system to get a great sound. Well, there are several home theatre systems in India, and therefore a question arises what to choose? We have researched for you and have listed the best home theatre systems in India under Rs 10,000. Let us go to the list and find out what best suits you.

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5 of the best portable ac in India

The summer is approaching and we already are feeling the heat. You must have wondered the same thing and have decided to sort this out. You would have considered installing an AC in your room but realized that installing a split AC or Window Ac is impossible. Hence, you’re searching for this portable AC. It is hard to find a decent portable AC in the market. And therefore, we have cumulated a list of the 5 best portable ac in India. I hope, you will find it useful. Let us go.

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why is acoustics important?

Today we are going to see, ‘Are acoustics important?’ The answer is Yes, it is. But there is more to it than just a Yes. Let us see in detail. Let us start with What is acoustics.

5 best camera phones under Rs. 50,000

The camera is an important part of any phone. It is the camera of a phone that is being developed very fast apart from the processor. People started to buy phones for their cameras. Hence camera has become an inseparable part of a smartphone today. So, what are the best camera phones under Rs. 50,000? We are going to see it now. Let us jump in.

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10 of the most comfortable headphones in India.

Headphones are really a lifesaver for many of you. You will find headphones very useful to listen to music or podcasts. Be it at home or traveling outside, headphones and earphones play a great deal in keeping us comfortable listening to music. You can find a ton of differently priced, differently used headphones in the world. Are those are comfortable to wear for the long run? All earphones you see are not really comfortable to wear for a long time. We have carefully analyzed and made a list of the most comfortable headphones in India. Let us go into the list.

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Is it really an iPhone 11 worth buying in 2023?

Apple has launched iPhone 11 along with 11 pro on September 20, 2019. It was a great deal back then to purchase one. You see, iPhone 11 was better than iPhone XR and both sold like hotcakes. The hardware and software were very good that the phone’s iPhone 11 was worth the money spent. You must know that Apple is aware of it and launched it in a particular segment to capture the market and they did succeed in it.

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7 of the best phones under Rs 7000 – Rs 7500

Smartphones are inevitable these days. From govt applications to fastags to private enterprises require a phone to use its services. You don’t need a super high-end android phone to meet those needs. A simple, under Rs 7000 is just enough to tackle all those applications and also you will have a much more usage with these phones. Are that cheap mobiles available in India? It does. Today you’re going to see the 7 best phones under Rs 7000 – Rs 7500. Let’s go to the list.