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Redmi Note 10 Pro – awesome review

Redmi is a well-known brand these days. It is the sister concern of the Chinese brand, MI. Redmi is making nice phones for years now and this Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of the best phones from Redmi and also one of the best phones around. The specifications it has been rich and have great features to justify the price.

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Redmi Note 10 Pro
Redmi Note 10 Pro



On the front, you have a beautiful screen. There is no notch but a punch-hole camera. You don’t really notice it unless for full-screen video playback. It’s subtle and remains at the top of the display.

On the rear, it has four cameras and a flash. We will talk about the camera later. The back is shining and they come in three colors. They are dark Night, Vintage Bronze, and Glacial Blue. Every color looks fantastic on this phone. For review sake, we will see the dark Night color. The back panel is reflective and has a fingerprint magnet. Down the panel, the ‘REDMI’ brand is shown and the camera has ultra-premium is written on it. 

Back side of Redmi Note 10 pro
Back side of Redmi Note 10 pro

Overall, the back of the phone looks decent and has a sophisticated look. The phone looks premium and it is one of the best-looking smartphones around. Redmi Note 10 Pro is a winner here.

Right side of Redmi Note 10 pro
Right side of Redmi Note 10 pro

On the right side, there is a lock-unlock button with an integrated fingerprint reader. There is also a volume rocker on the right side.

left side of Redmi Note 10 pro
left side Redmi Note 10 pro

There is nothing but a sim card ejector tray on the left. The sim card tray has spaces for two nano sim cards and space for a memory card. It is super convenient to use. A sim card tray ejector pin is also included with the phone.

Top side of Redmi Note 10 pro
Top side of Redmi Note 10 pro

It gets interesting when you focus on the top of the phone. There is a 3.5mm jack. Yes, a 3.5 mm jack for headphones is present. You will also get a speaker on the top of the phone. In addition to that, there is a noise cancellation microphone present near the top speakers. It also has an infrared emitter on the top. This is a great addition that you can program and use the phone as a remote for likes of TV, DTH, etc.

Bottom side of Redmi Note 10 pro
Bottom side of Redmi Note 10 pro

On the bottom of the phone, you will get a bottom speaker. This works in conjunction with the top speaker and thus creating a stereo field. There is the main microphone on the bottom side and in addition to these, there is a USB type c port for charging the phone and connecting the phone to the computer. 

The build quality is great for the price. The from glass is protected by a corning gorilla glass 5 and the back is also protected by a corning gorilla glass 5. Hence it can survive shortfalls. The frame is made of plastic and it is not a dealbreaker.


It is a well-known fact that display is the first thing you would notice on a smartphone. Most of the activities if not, all the activities on a phone take place on the display. Hence, a good display is a must for any phone.

With Redmi Note 10 Pro, you get an AMOLED display. The picture or video the display shows is breathtaking. The infinite contrast of an AMOLED is quite evident on this phone. All thanks to the display, using the phone is a joy.

The display has a size of 6.67 inches diagonally. It is very large. The screen-to-body ratio is ~85.6%. Hence, the display is an edge to edge. The display has a hole for a selfie camera and it isn’t noticeable once you get used to it.

Front side of Redmi Note 10 pro
Front side of Redmi Note 10 pro

The AMOLED has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels which accounts for a 20:9 ratio. With this good resolution, you will get a good PPI of 395. The image on the screen looks sharp. The letters are crisp. As said earlier, it is a joy to use this phone.

The front glass has gorilla glass 5 protection.

The great thing about this display is that it supports 120Hz. The UI looks smooth. A higher-touch resampling rate ensures that the touch response is great. The video looks nice and the UI transitions look fluid. Scrolling is smooth and the phone is responsive.

120 Hz can be switched to 60 Hz for better battery life.


Another great thing about this phone and its display is that it supports HDR content. You can play HDR 10 content and the image looks beautiful and has a pop on the screen. The screen has enough brightness for this task. The display has a typical sustained brightness of 450 nits. But, the peak brightness is interesting. It hits about 1200 nits at peak making the HDR look great on this phone.


What is the use of the great display and a great phone itself if it doesn’t hold much charge for a longer duration? Fortunately, the Redmi Note 10 Pro comes with a big battery. It is one of the biggest in the industry. Measuring 5020 mAh, the battery lost longer than the competition. It is a nonremovable Li-Po battery. 

With a bigger battery, there must be a good charging spec. The Redmi Note 10 Pro has fast charging technology. Thankfully, Redmi has included a fast charger with this phone. It is a 33 Watt wall wart. Redmi claims that it can clock from 0 to 59% in 30 minutes. On our testing, we experienced ultra-fast charging.


This phone runs on Android 11 and the UI is taken care of by MIUI 12. If I am not wrong, the phone will get Android 12. Since it is an android phone, you can use a USB dongle to connect to a pen drive or to connect to an external DAC (Digital to analog converter) to get better sound out of it. Not to say about rooting the phone, unlocking the boot loader, install a different Android OS, etc.. are possible with this phone.


Even being a midrange phone, the performance is really good. The phone uses Qualcomm SM7150 Snapdragon 732G CPU. It is an 8-nanometer process CPU. It has all the power to tackle day-to-day activities and also can do decent gaming. 

The CPU is an Octa-core processor. It has 2 X 2.3 GHz high-performance core and 6 X 1.8 GHz low-performance core for both high-level and low-level tasks. The phone uses Adreno 618 for GPU duties. The games are decent with this GPU. 

Let us see some benchmark scores

AnTuTu – 295450

Geekbench – single-core: 565, multicore – 1710

3dMark – 1116

Overall, the phone is well sorted out and shows great performance towards the day-to-day activities. With 120 Hz, supported games look creamy smooth. You can’t go wrong with this spec at this price point.


Rear camera of Redmi Note 10 pro
Rear camera of Redmi Note 10 pro

The camera is really good on this phone for the price. The phone has 4 cameras and is therefore called a quad camera setup.

The main camera is a 64MP sensor at f/1.9. It takes the photo and downsizes it to 12 Mp for small size and easy sharing. However, you can enable a 64Mp camera from the setting. You will also get a night vision camera and a long exposure camera. Overall, the picture quality is good. Just that the picture is a bit over-saturated and sharpened artificially. The dynamic range is good and the colors are beautiful.

Then there is a secondary ultra-wide camera. It is 118 degrees wide. This camera is an 8 MP, f/2.2 sensor. The wide camera is a boon for most of the tasks. You don’t have to go back physically. Just turn on the wide lens and you are good to go capturing even the largest of the buildings.

The third camera is a 5 MP, f/2.4 macro lens. You can go super close and capture brilliant macro images. Although some regard it as an unnecessary camera, I have had good fun with it.

Then there is a fourth camera which is a depth sensor. It is useful for autofocusing and creating a bokeh effect on the photos, especially the portraits.


The phone has a 3.5mm jack so that you can plug in your favorite headphones to the phone and enjoy music. It does support Bluetooth audio. The phone has two stereo loudspeakers and they have good quality audio. It can easily fill a small room and the stereo effecting is icing on the cake.


The phone comes in 3 variants based on the ram size and storage size. 

They are 

  • 64GB, 6GB RAM
  • 128GB, 6GB RAM
  • 128GB, 8GB RAM

The phone I tested is a 64 GB, 6 GB Ram variant. It is just enough for most of the tasks. 8 GB is needed for hardcore gamers and people who multitask a lot. Otherwise, 6 GB is more than enough. The phone also uses UFS 2.2 storage and it is fast enough for the price.


There are few other nifty fifty features in this phone. 

  • It has an infrared sensor with which you can control appliances.
  • It has Bluetooth with 5.1, A2DP, LE profiles
  • It has NFC as well but it is region-dependent.
  • It comes in three colors. They are Onyx Gray, Glacier Blue, Gradient Bronze
  • The vibration motor is awesome and updated.

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We have seen Redmi Note 10 Pro and its small review. It is arguably one of the best phones released this year and has almost all pro features in this mid-range phone. I give a 5 star for this phone and also will recommend it to others. Redmi Note 10 Pro is indeed a good buy.

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