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8 Best Home Theatre systems in India

The Best Home theatre system in India

It is quite not an easy task to find the best home theatre systems in India. You might have an awesome TV but does the sound suck? 99% of the TVs sound bad and it’s normal. You can install even a cheap home theatre and there will be a terrific change in sound. Yes, it is true. Today, we are going to see the best home theatre systems in India.

Home theatre system
credits: Pexels

I have written a buying guide after this paragraph. But, if you want to go straight to the list, click here or one of the links below

Best home theatre under Rs 5,000

Best home theatre under Rs 10,000

Best home theatre under Rs 20,000

Best home theatre under Rs 30,000

Best home theatre under Rs 50,000

Best home theatre under Rs 1,00,000

Best home theatre under Rs 2,00,000

Best home theatre under Rs 5,00,000

When we say, ‘the best home theatre systems In India’, there must be one holy grail of the system you can buy right away. Unfortunately, there is a lot of combinations available. Picking one from the bunch is a daunting task. Therefore, I have picked the best one based on cost as a factor.

Cost: how much does a home theatre systems cost.

Yes, the cost is a factor. It can range from 5000 to even crores. I have segregated this post into the best under 

  • Best home theatre system in India under Rs 5,000
  • Under Rs 10,000
  • Under Rs 20,000
  • Under Rs 30,000
  • Under Rs 50,000
  • Under Rs 1,00,000
  • Under Rs 5,00,000

The products range from Sony iv300 home theatre system to an IMAX, Atmos, and Aura 3d system. Before jumping into the topic of what is the best home theatre system in India, check out the article on how to position your 5.1 system at your home.

What is a home theatre system?

A Home theatre system is a system or a group of appliances that can reproduce visuals and stereo or multichannel surround sounds. It thereby mimics the theatre experience at the convenience of your home. It simply gives a 3-dimensional immersive movie experience. If you want to check out the best 4k smart TVs in India, Click here.

Stereo vs multichannel (5.1) Home theatre Systems

You must be wondering why stereo still exists in the era of multi-channel audio. Stereo is a whole different topic to discuss. It is referred to as two-channel audio. It uses just a pair of speakers to represent a 3 dimensional sound. Stereo is essentially mixed and mastered for just a single person. This is for critical listening.

But enginers master the multichannel audio for a cluster of an audience. There are times where the simple stereo sound excels over the multichannel sound. But for movie watching, 5.1 or above worths every penny spent.

Multichannel system

The multichannel system uses more than two speakers. That makes a 3.1 system, 5.1 system or even Dtsx/ Auro 3d/ Atmos-enabled 7.4.4 systems or even more. Traditionally, a 5.1 home theatre system is popular worldwide.

Analog home theatre vs Digital home theatre

Analog Home theatre system is a system that has 5 speakers and an optional subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. The amp lies mostly in the subwoofer. It is equipped with just an amplifier and no digital decoder that all the inputs must be analog. They don’t have HDMI inputs or optical ins.

Phillips Bluray player mostly has 6 analog outputs ( two fronts, one center, two surrounds, and a subwoofer output). Those can be connected to the analog inputs of these home theatres. There is no point in buying one unless you have such a DVD player or a computer with multichannel outputs.

Digital Home theatre system

Digital home theatres are completely different. In this period, these are more synonymous with the term ‘Home theatre’. Some have a built-in receiver and a blu-ray player like in Sony E3200. Some have just the receiver and connects to all the speakers like Sony IV300.

What are a receiver and an amplifier?

Receiver or AVR stands for Audio-video receiver. It is the device that is capable of receiving audio via HDMI, co-axial inputs or optical spdif inputs. Their functionality is to decode, process and convert the sound to analog sound. Once converted, the power amplifier takes the sound and amplifies it. The receiver has DTS or Dolby digital certification to decode the digital audio. There are plenty of advantages to this type of home theatres. The main one is bass management.

What is a subwoofer?

The subwoofer is essentially a large speaker in the enclosure. But why not it can be placed in other speaker enclosure as well? Well, you can place it but there are three things that favor a separate enclosure.

Omnidirectional sound

The low frequencies under 80Hz are Omnidirectional. That means You cannot say where the sound is coming from. Even if it comes from behind, you just cannot say that. It’s a physical property of the sound. So, it doesn’t matter if the low-frequency driver is placed on to the speaker or hidden away from the view as we do with the subwoofer.


Simply, it is not economical to put a big driver in every speaker. Not only it increases the cost of making also, but you would also need a more powerful amplifier to drive the speakers. Putting a large speaker with an aggressive amp on a separate enclosure improves performance at low cost.


Placements are critical when it comes to the subwoofer. You cannot put it anywhere you would like. You need to find a good spot where the subwoofer sounds the best on your listening position. This is simply impossible by placing the subwoofer on main driver enclosure.

Bass management

In a traditional 5.1 system, there will be 5 small speakers and a subwoofer. Be it a small satellite speaker or a mammoth floor stander, they cannot reproduce the full range of sound efficiently. Bass in them is a weak point. However, the subwoofer has a bigger driver and a more powerful amplifier to make the bass sound and felt.

The main duty of the bass management software is to divert the bass frequencies from small speakers to the subwoofer. This makes the sub reproduce the bass while the other speaker sings well with ease with the rest of the sound.


Lip sync is the characteristic of Home theatre systems to reproduce the sound exactly in sync with the visuals. That is, exactly when the lip in the visual moves we hear the audio. There shouldn’t be any delay. Because of complex connections, there can be a delay. Fixing it is a major thing.

Most of the modern receivers adjust the lip-sync automatically. They come with a manual setting option too.

Room correction:

Rome correction is the ability of the receivers to adjust the sound for the room. This means you enjoy the sound at best. You will have the option to input speaker types, distance, and individual levels. This is to tailor-make the sound for your room. Mid to high-end receivers have an automatic system with a mic to calibrate it automatically. Dirac is an example.

HTiB vs Separate

HTiB is a bundle of speakers and a receiver in one box. Separates are nothing but buying every component separately. This is tailoring the home theatre for individual taste. Sony IV300 is an HTiB. Whereas, a separates is a Denon receiver connected to a pioneer speaker package.

Separates give the ability to customise each and every component of the home theatre to suit your taste. It is always recommended to go with separates for best home theatre experience.

Soundbar vs Home theatre

You might have thought about soundbars too. I would advise staying away from it unless you have less space in your room. There is not a single way soundbar is better than any home theatre system at any price. Please read why sound bar just don’t cut in.

Best home theatre system in India for Rs 5000

With the budget of Rs 5000, we get only an analog home theatre system.

Philips Heartbeat SPA-3000U/94 

Philips is an old brand that still makes affordable home theatre. The sound quality is good for the price. The Philips Heartbeat SPA-3000U/94 is their budget offering.

It has a 5 satellite speaker each has 3-inch full-range drivers. Coupled with a 5.25-inch driver on a subwoofer, it can produce some good bass. The frequency response is from 40 Hz – 20kHz which is decent.

The system also has a USB and sd card reader so that you can play music directly from it. It also comes with remote control. As discussed above, it works in 5.1 only if you connect it to the source that has 5.1 analog outputs. The devices like a DVD player or computer sound card has them.

Has bluetoothNo HDMI support
Plays from usb and micro sd cardPower is less and good for small rooms
Digital display
Fm radio
Discrete 5.1 sound
Multicolor LED
Check the Price on Amazon

Best home theatre system in India for Rs. 10,000

Sony DAV – TZ145

Best Home Theatre system in India
Credits: Sony

Sony has HTiB in every price range. This Sony DAV TZ145 is an excellent home theatre for about Rs. 10,000. It has an S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality.

This is a proper 5.1 Home theatre with 5 discrete full-range speakers and a subwoofer. The total wattage is 360W. It has a built-in DVD player so that you can enjoy your old DVD collection. This sony 5.1 home theatre upsamples the DVD in 1080p resolution. It supports Dolby digital sound and also Dolby digital Prologic up-sampler. It also supports USB playback. You can plug in a USB stick with movies to play from it.

Best under the budgetIt is only 360W compared to other Sony HTiBs
Has a dvd player built inHas no bluetooth
Supports USBCannot get very loud
Good sound quality and bass
Upscales the visuals to 1080P
Check the Price on Amazon

Best home theatre system under Rs 20,000

Sony IV 300

Best home theatre system in India under Rs 20,000
Sony IV 300

The answer is no brainer. It is a Sony IV300. This Sony 5.1 Home theatre system is quite an exception in Sony’s line up. With this system, you get to connect multiple sources to it. It is unlike other HTiB models from Sony. systems like E3200, HT- S500RF soundbars, etc. which have only one HDMI output and rely on the arc for sound.

This sony 5.1 Home Theatre IV300 has two HDMI Ins, one optical, one coaxial and one set of analog inputs. This means you get to connect 5 different devices all at once. Additionally, this sony 5.1 Home Theatre supports Bluetooth with NFC and maracas feature.

The product looks stylish and compact for a home theatre of this specification. IV300 has 5 discrete satellites and a subwoofer. The sub of IV300 is huge for the price point. With its 7-inch subwoofer driver, this sony 5.1 Home theatre can produce some powerful bass.

Unfortunately, the stylish satellite speakers don’t come with a tweeter. Thankfully, all the speakers are full range and can work well without a tweeter. The sound is crystal clear until some 70% of volume before it distorts.

Another pro of IV300 is you get to experience Dolby Digital True HD and DTS HD Master Audio, a rarity in this price range. You will not miss the awesome sound played over by a media player or inbuilt USB reader from this sony 5.1 Home theatre. Sony IV 300 is one of the best Home Theatre systems in India

Budget all in oneHTiBDistorts at high volume
Beautiful and compactSpeakers are 3 ohms and cannot be upgraded 
Decodes True HD and DTS HD MASubwoofer sounds boomy
Can get loud with great overall bass and mids
Has inbuilt USB, bluetooth and NFC
Check the Price on Amazon

Best Home theatre systems under Rs 30,000

Yamaha YHT 1840

Best Home theatre systems in india under Rs 30,000
Yamaha YHT 1840

With Rs 10,000 more, you’re in a premium market for Home theatre. The best one under this budget is Yamaha YHT 1840.

This HTiB with a bundle of an AVR or audio-video receiver of the model HTR-2071 and a speaker package model NSP-40. The receiver has four HDMI inputs, one optical input, one coaxial input, and two more analog ports. This means you can connect your blurry player, Firestick, a PC, a gaming console and what not?

yamaha Hometheatre system
credits: Yamaha

The main advantage of this system is upgradability. You can upgrade to a better speaker one by one as the budget permits. It also has a ton of options to work with. Examples are speaker placement compensation and Bass management.

The subwoofer is a 6.5-inch passive type. That means the receiver is powering the subwoofer. The bass is tight and accurate unlike the boomy bass of Sony IV300. The receiver also has a sub-pre-out so that you can add a better larger subwoofer later. It is sold separately. 

Unfortunately, It can only decode DTS and Dolby Digital plus and not DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD. However, the built-in digital to analog converter burr brown can handle 24-bit audio. Hence you can decode the True HD and DTS HD MA in your Blu-ray player or mi box and send the PCM out to the Home theatre. It makes you enjoy the lossless sound. For streaming, it is not an issue as all. streaming sites including Netflix and prime video has only Dolby digital plus output.

The speakers are crystal clear. Being full-range speakers, They don’t necessarily need a tweeter to reproduce high frequencies. The sealed centre speaker gives better audio. The other 5 speakers are ported for the slightly better low end. You get tone control, equalizer, lip-sync and a lot of features that are absent in Sony IV300. In the midrange budget, it is the best Home Theatre systems in India. Click here for the full review.

Can be easily upgradedNo HD audio Decoding for DTS & Dolby
Built in burr brown DACNo bluetooth
Has speaker management
Has bass management
Has provision for another subwoofer
Comes with HDCP 2.2 compatibility
It can upsample 1080p to 4k
Supports HDR
Check the Price on Amazon

Best home theatre system in India under Rs 50,000

Yamaha YHT-3072

Best home theatre system in India under Rs 50,000
Yamaha YHT 3072

You might have come across a stylish Sony 5.1 home theatres at this price range. Trust me, Yamaha yht-3072 is better. All the features in Yamaha yht 1840 minus the subwoofer amplifier output is available in this YHT-3072 and much more.

It still has subwoofer pre-outs. You get almost everything that you need to have a great experience in this price range. You will get Bluetooth, HDR, Dolby Vision, HLG with this Home theatre. With a burr brown DAC, you get decoding of DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS HD MA, Dolby True HD all 24-bit lossless audios.

Apart from these, there are two main differences between Yamaha YHT-1840 and YHT-3072. The first one is an active subwoofer. The self-powered subwoofer that comes with this package is larger and more powerful. It is powerful than the passive subwoofer that comes with YHT-1840

Auto Calibration

Another difference is the audio calibration. With Yamaha YHT-1840, you have to do the calibration all manually by yourselves. But with Yamaha YHT-3072, it does it automatically. A small calibration mic is provided with the package. You have to keep the mic on your seat and do a calibration. The system automatically adjusts the distance reading, levels, phase, and equalizer of it. This makes what you will hear is the best this system can do. It is one of the best Home Theatre systems in India

Check the Price on Amazon


This is not a proper home theatre setup but a sound bar. It has been included because there is no more systems available under Rs 50,000 that produces great sound.

This soundbar is one of the best soundbars to get although I don’t recommend soundbars at all. It has a 1000 Watts power with dolby audio. It also has bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream music wirelessly to the soundbar.

The system consists of discrete 5 channel speakers for proper 5.1 surround sound. The front and center are housed inside the soundbar. The audio separation is poor and that is what you would expect to form a soundbar. The front two channels have separate tweeters for a proper high frequency experience

HT-S500RF has a Powerful Bass with 18 cm big Subwoofer driver. The bass from it is quite good. The mids are clear and highs are great too. Highs are good because of the tweeter built in.

The good thing about this sound bar is that it has hdmi, USB and optical inputs. optical input is great to connect to the TV if the hdmi arc isn’t functioning well. Over all, it is a nice buy if you cannot buy an Yamaha YHT 3072.

Check the Price on Amazon

Separates – An art of home theatre making

Separates as we have seen already are like assembled computers. We pick the components we like and assemble them into a nice computer. Similarly, we pick the right AVR, speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers (if needed) all our choice. That way we tailor-make the experience for our taste. In the below examples I have put forth the choices based on my preference and it is subjective. You can go ahead and do an audition to finalize your own. Nevertheless, I am assisting you based on my research.

Best home theatre system in India Under Rs 1 lac.

With this budget, you get a good quality system that you don’t feel the upgrade bug soon. The list below is my choice.

AVR – Denon AVR x550BT

Subwoofer – Bic America PL200ii

Speaker package – Taga harmony TAV-606 v3.

Taga harmony TAV-606 v3

With two floor standers, two bookshelf speakers and a center, this makes a great system for under the budget of 1 lac. Taga harmony is a well-regarded polish branded speaker company. it always packs a punch above its price. This is a 5.0 package and can produce good bass. You can get the subwoofer later sometime when the budget is available. 

Check the Price on Amazon

But what is fun without the subwoofer?

BIC America is an American based company known for its value for money subwoofer in India. Bic America acoustech pl200ii subwoofer can do 21hz and 30 Hz very easily and it adds an oomph factor to both movies and music. It also comes with 5 years warranty.

Bic America pl200ii
Bic America pl200ii
Check the Price on Amazon

The Denon Avr x550 BT is a mid-level receiver and has all the features said for YHT-3072. It is good for both movies and music. You cannot go wrong with it.

Denon Avr X550 BT
Check the Price on Amazon

Be sure to spend some money on acoustics and that makes the home theatre sound even better. You can’t get a better home theatre system in India for a budget of Rs 100,000.

Best home theatre system in India for 2 lacs.

With a budget of around 2lacs, you can see a whole new dimension opening.

Pioneer LX 303

PIoneer LX 303 a 5.2.4 atmos receiver
Pioneer LX 303

The AVR you can go with is Pioneer LX 303. It is a 9.2 channel receiver with all bells and whistles. You can configure it in a way that it works as a 5.2.4 atmos/ DTSX system. You get over the head speakers for additional immersion in sound. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a pre-out to connect the front towers to power amplifiers.

Check the Price on Amazon


Pioneer SP FS52

You can go with the pioneer Andrew jones’s series of speakers. Since you’re going for the package, you will get a good deal for it. Pioneer SP FS52 is a fantastic pair of floor standers. Mr. Andrew Jones, a famous speaker designer designed it. It is good for both music and movies. It can shame some speakers that are twice its price.

Pioneer FS 52, a finest speaker in the market
Pioneer FS 52

The FS 52 floor stander can play extremely well. You can add SP BS 22 bookshelf speakers for both surround and atmos duties. Pioneer SP C-22 can take care of the center channel needs.

Check the Price on Amazon


The subwoofer is one of the critical parts of the home theatre experience. It is always better to go with a dual subwoofer than a single subwoofer. This will even out the room resonance and gives out splendid bass. Thus I suggest going with two BIC America PL200ii or two Yamaha sw300. If a single yet powerful subwoofer is enough, You can go with a single SVS PB1000.

SVS PB 1000

SVS PB 1000 subwoofer
SVS PB 1000

SVS is a well known brand in Home theatre market. SVS PB 1000 is their entry level ported subwoofer. Entry level doesn’t mean it is a slouch. It can hit 19 hz at reference levels. The only downside of it is slightly lacking mid bass. Be it a thunder or the low notes of a piano, It plays it well.

Check the Price on Amazon

Best home theatre system for 5 lacs.

With a budget of 5 lacs, you can build a fantastic home theatre system in India.

Denon X4500h AVR

Best home theatre in India
Denon X4500H

The Denon x4500h is a much better 9.2 channel receiver. That means you can make a 5.2.4 system at home. This receiver is Alexa compliant. It also supports IMAX enhanced, DTS X, Dolby Atmos, Aura 3d. It can play Spotify, Tidal, etc. everything is high quality including the 300 MHz DAC that can output 32 bit of sound. Odyssey MultiEQ XT32 does the calibration and it is one of the finest in the industry. In a nutshell, it is one hell of a receiver

Check the Price on Amazon


My personal choices are 

Qacoustics 3000 series
credits: Q acoustics

Q acoustics is known for its detailed yet dynamic speaker one can buy in this price range. They can be best used for both music and movies. If budget permits, you may go with Q acoustics 3050i for fronts and 3020i all around. If not 3090i for the center and Polk audio OWM 3 for heights. The same series of speakers all around the room are better. The sound is timbre-matched and the audio quality is consistent when the sound pan around. This way you can enjoy the atmos or DTS X sound to the fullest.


SVS PB 2000

Best subwoofer in India
SVS PB 2000

This amazing subwoofer a pair is easily in the budget. The subwoofer has a flat response throughout its range and can go low down to 16 Hz which is insane. You can configure it with a mobile phone. This subwoofer can be used as sealed or ported whichever is convenient. Two of these are more than enough to shake the whole house. It is indeed a good buy

Check the Price on Amazon


Should I need 5 speakers for home theatre?

Ans: At least 5 speakers are required for dolby digital or DTS sounds to enjoy the fullest. Having said that, you can still set up a wonderful stereo system to watch movies.

Is positioning important for dolby and DTS?

Indeed it is. You see, the sound is mixed in the studio with the speakers in the same position as mentioned in the article and it is imperative that you should emulate studio-like placement at home to listen to how the audio was mixed.

Why should I need an AVR?

AVR is the heart of any home theatre system. They receive the audio and video from the likes of fire TV, split them and process the audio, and send the video to the TV or Projector. The audio is then time-matched, distance matched, bass managed, and undergo further processing, amplified, and sent to the speakers.

Is Bluray player important?

No. It is not. Now, it is quite hard to find a bluray and almost all the titles are available for streaming.

why dual subwoofer is better?

when the subwoofer works, it excites something called as room modes. This makes awful resonance inside the room. This makes the audio sub par. In order to control this issue, one more subwoofer is added. This will cut down the resonance, nulls and peaks in the sound and as a result, you get to listen to uniform sound.

Is acoustics important?

Acoustics in very important. Your Rs 100,000 speaker may sound like Rs 10,000 speaker in an empty room. Even a couch can act as an acoustic barrier. If you can afford it, go for an acoustically treated room.

What is a 3d sound?

3D sounds are the casual terms of dolby and dts encodings. Dolby digital and DTS are 2d sounds and Atmos, DTSx and auro 3d are 3d sound formats.


I have given you the best Home theatre systems in India across the different price brackets. End of the day, You should be happy with the system you buy. What others like might not suit your taste and what you like might not be loved by others. If possible, go for an audition before purchasing. But, the systems shown in this post are of extremely high quality for the corresponding price ranges.

Now its time to check out the best 4k smart TVs in India. click here to read.

Thanks for reading.

Vignesh sathiaraj

Aju Vignesh Sathiaraj Padma is a mechanical and audio engineer. He is a person who loves technology and things. He is also an audiophile and loves to listen to audio gears. He is an avid writer and loves to blog.

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