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Top solar inverters in India in 2022 under Rs. 10,000.

Solar inverter in India

Inverters are quite popular in India, thanks to frequent, unannounced power cuts. Lately, budget solar inverters gaining momentum as it saves a lot of money by using solar power. But there are a ton of branded and unbranded inverters in the market now. Let’s see the best solar inverters in India in 2022 under Rs 10000

Array of solar panels arranged to capture sunlight
Array of solar panels

What is an Inverter?

Wikipedia says,

“A power inverter, or inverter, is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).”


In day to day usage, Inverter is an electronic device attached to a battery and mains of a house. The battery recharges when the main power supply is available. In the event of power cuts, the inverter discharges the battery to power the mains of your home. This allows an uninterrupted power supply.

The solar inverter is a kind of inverter device that is capable of accepting solar power from the solar panels. It helps to cut down the usage of grid power and saves money on electricity bills.

Types of solar inverters

There are three types of Solar inverters. Lets see one by one.

On-grid solar inverter

These are the inverters that generate electricity from solar panels and send it to the grid. A net metering system adjusts the readings of our usage from the grid and electricity sent to the grid. But, if there is no power in the grid, this system stops working. It also means if there is a power cut, you cannot use the solar to power your home.

Off-grid solar Inverters

This is the type of inverter that we use at home like any other inverter but with solar compatibility. This is the cheapest form of solar inverter for home use. It uses solar power to charge the battery and once it is full, the remaining power is used to power appliances. Usually, people have their mains connected to this inverter so that both solar and grid power is efficiently used.

Hybrid solar inverters

This one is a combination of both on-grid and off-grid technology. It is the best solar inverter setup of all the three. The advantage is that it uses solar or grid power or both to charge the batteries based on a better efficiency algorithm. It runs the appliances trying to maximize the usage of solar power and taking excess from the grid. If the excess power through solar is available, it sends them to the grid through a net metering system.

Top budget solar inverters in India in 2022

Hybrid inverters are costly and there are no inverters available in Rs 10000 price range. However, the off-grid inverter connected to the grid is a cheap alternative to hybrid inverters. The catch is that the net metering will not work.

We recommend three such solar inverters for you here.

Vguard smart pro-1200s

An Image of Vguard smart Pro - 1200s
Vguard smart Pro – 1200s is an amazing buy under the budget

This is the highly recommended model. Vguard has a long history of making quality electronics. This inverter is the latest one in their portfolio. Vguard might be late to the solar inverter game but has come up with the one with the latest technologies. This inverter caters to the category of budget solar inverter in India.

The inverter is IOT and app-enabled and you can control almost all operations with an app. You can access the inverter, check it anywhere from the world. You can even prioritize fast charging, charging only from solar, etc from the app. The app connects to the inverter via Bluetooth or Wifi. Unfortunately, Alexa support is not implemented yet. This is one of the best solar inverters in India


  • pure sine wave inverter
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Efficiency greater than 85%
  • Max load of 800W
  • Change over time of 10 milliseconds
  • Turbocharging mode
  • 80 – 230AH battery compatibility
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Surge rating 2000 VA
  • Water topping reminder
  • Holiday mode
  • 500W solar panel support
  • Powered USB port to charge the phone that works even if the inverter battery is dead


  • PWM controller
  • Just 500 W for the panel support
  • No digital display on the faceplate. 
  • Change over time and efficiency could have been better

Despite higher priced, it still bangs for the buck for what it offers. It has fantastic looks, good performance, great support. This is the best budget solar inverter in India in 2022.

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Luminous NXG1400/12V 

Best solar inverters in India
Luminous NXG1400/12V 

This is the second recommended top solar inverters in India in 2022 under Rs 10000. Luminous is a top player in the inverter category for years now. This yellow monster is a great inverter in every possible way except for the app. Simply, it doesn’t have any app support. The highlight is you can connect up to 1000W of solar panels. The main issue is apparently you cannot disable the battery charging via the grid.


  • efficiency is 96%
  • Change over time is 3 ms
  • Surge rating 1200 VA
  • It can run up to 1000 W load.


  • no app support
  • PWM controller
  • No digital display
  • No way to disable grid charging.

With a change over time of 3ms and solid performance, this inverter is one of the top solar inverters in India in 2022. It is a great buy indeed.

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Microtek Solar ups M-sun-2035 va 24v

Of all the inverters featured here, it is the only one with a display. , Unfortunately, many users have a display issue. Also, this is the only ups with 24-volt support. That means you would need two 12V batteries to work with it. It can handle a whopping 1350W of equipment. Microtek won many awards for inverter technology and its efficiency in the past. With the company’s claimed efficiency of 98%, it is a very efficient inverter of the lot.


  • can connect to 1350W of load max
  • Can use 1000 watt of solar panels
  • Has a digital display
  • the efficiency of 98%
  • 24 volt


  • No app support
  • Only the PWM controller
  • display issue

With the company’s claimed efficiency of 98%, microtek’s Msun range of inverters are a good buy.

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Havells Solar Home Inverter SL 1100

Havells make many electrical and electronic equipments in India and the solar inverter is their latest offering. This inverter is designed to utilise maximum power through combining both solar and normal electricity. It is also highly efficient to save on electricity bills. It comes with Overload, short circuit, over temperature battery low/ high protection by default. The total capacity of the inverter is 1100 KV. Battery voltage required is 12V. You can connect up to 3 panels of 150 watts at 12 volts everything in parallel. The controller is PWM based and that is a drawback in our opinion.


  • Sine wave inverter
  • Battery temperature protection 


  • Only PWM
  • Quite noisy
  • Transfer time is < 20 milli seconds.
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Conclusion – The best budget solar inverter in India in 2022

Weighing all the pros and cons of the inverters listed above, My pick will be Vguard Smart pro-1200s. But, if you need more power and can install 1000W of panels, you can choose luminous inverters. Yet, with the app connectivity, aesthetics, and solid performance, vguard wins hands down. The extra features are great and the USB power can be handy during a real emergency. V guard smart pro-1200s is the best budget solar inverter to buy in India under Rs 10,000.

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