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What are CCTV Cameras and How to Use Them?

When you feel the need, or you have a real need or a pressing urgency for safety and protection for your homes, housing structures or, at the same time, workplaces, buildings and the like, one of the main indications and solutions to practically everyone’s scope is to have a well-structured surveillance system. In particular, a video surveillance system.

And as it goes without saying, any system that provides video surveillance is represented by the presence of video cameras. As we now know, as in all areas of current technology, even in the area of ​​video surveillance, the equipment has undergone an incredible rise in terms of performance, basic qualities and level of technology.

Buying a CCTV camera today is a solution that is often of vital importance for all those who need safety and protection and that is why, in choosing, you must be very careful.

At what? Obviously, to the details: because it is from these, in the details of the characteristics that we can see the true nature of a CCTV camera and it is in this sense that we can distinguish the best ones. To buy the best CCTV security cameras for home, you need a little bit of know-how.

Closed-circuit video cameras– CCTV cameras

In the first place, even if we use the singular, it would always be better to clarify a concept: although it may have a high angle of coverage, every single camera is not able, even in the closed-circuit system, to cover an entire perimeter to be monitored and protected. And it is for this reason that, in principle, many specialists in the sector advise to bet not on one, but on a kit of closed-circuit video cameras dedicated to surveillance.

In this perspective, we could say that one of the solutions that may seem more appropriate, in terms of quality and characteristics, is the one that refers to

CCTV cameras that are part of a video surveillance kit with at least a series of key and key features, such as 1080p resolution, night vision, of course, the alarm and also some others such as the so-called motion detection, the possibility of being waterproof with a security system guaranteed to IP66 and, again, a wi-fi system, that is, both wireless.

We must say immediately, it is certainly not a system that we can buy with a few pennies, but not even a huge outlay, especially if we are going to commensurate it with the high and marked shooting quality and a whole series of reference features. 

Ease of installation and use, these kits increasingly benefit from the plug and play system. In a nutshell, after connecting them to the power supply, just connect the NVR directly to the monitor and router and select the camera. Consequently, like all plug and play systems, the CCTV video will be displayed on the screen in seconds without having to do anything else.

Basically, no cables are needed between cameras and NVR. Among other things, if these external closed-circuit video surveillance kits support the wi-fi system it is even better: remember, however, that we are talking about at least a series of 4 cameras.

Wi fi, Full HD, motion detection – Other Features

When choosing a CCTV camera, one of the main indications to keep in mind is to get into the merits of some of the most popular features such as Wi fi, Full HD resolution, and motion detection. With them, as mentioned above, the reality regarding the waterproofing of the devices must be analyzed.

The existence of a wireless system decidedly practical, intuitive and functional is one of the parameters to which we must give the right weight: having the chance to have CCTV cameras that guarantee a stable wifi connection is nothing short of vital and crucial for the purpose for which we think about this. kind of installation of video surveillance systems.

At the same time, pay attention to the signal reception distance: which normally, in the open area, is equal to 50 meters, or 10 meters if it passes through the wall.

As mentioned before, an IP66 waterproofing system is suggested.

At the same time, the main resolution that many suggest is that of full HD at 1080P with the possible integrations, now in fashion and trend, of a 2MP image sensor that serves to make the images sharper and more distinguishable.

At the same time, roads that lead to a system equipped with night vision are by far suggested so that the wifi external video surveillance kit can really protect and observe the home or office for the whole 24 hours.

To this is connected, as mentioned, the aforementioned motion detection system, which as a rule and as a rule nowadays is also customizable: in practice, the CCTV video surveillance kit must be equipped with a system aimed at dynamic monitoring of the entire protected area through sensors capable of identifying motion detection and doing it with customizable programs.

In practice, with every ‘suspicious’ movement, you receive reports, alarms, messages or indications on the app.


Home safety can be a real issue if you are not prepared for it. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and having a good safety system in place can save you a whole lot of trouble. CCTVs are actually great devices. With technology really taking to the sky, there are so many different options to choose from. 

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