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Why iOS is better than android for business

why ios is better than android for business
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We all have our choices of phones for everyday activities. Be it an apple or an array of android phones, they make our life easier in many ways. When it comes to business, a phone becomes an integral part of any businessman. But, which of the two is better. An android or an iPhone. As you have seen in the topic, iPhones have an edge for business needs. Let’s see why iOS is better than Android for business.

Straightforward software

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Ios offers very little to no customization options. Not something most business people care about. Apple has given you something that works every single time without any distractions. For example, IOS allows no customization for wallpapers except for changing one. Android offers a host of options. Less customization option means one less item to worry about. I doubt if professional people (barring enthusiasts) spend most of their time fiddling with customizations. It is set it and forget it.

One more example is there is no home screen. You have a lock screen and when opened, it goes straight to the app drawer. To me, this is ideal. Either open the phone and use the required app or not open the phone at all. More the options, the more time one spends on the phone. More the time spent on the phone unnecessarily, less productive you are. That’s how the OS of an iPhone is designed. This makes iOS better than Android for business.

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There may be android phones that are better in the camera department than an iPhone. But, the iPhone wins hands down overall. It begins with how the camera is opened. You can unlock the phone and open the camera by touching the icon. It is time-consuming. Just swipe right the lock screen and you have the camera opened. Entering the camera, you don’t get much control. In fact, there aren’t any controls except some picture mods, HDR, flash, and live photos.

Like a Rolls Royce car, the phone does everything for you. All you have to do is to press the shutter button and the picture is yours. This feature is extremely important not only for business people but also for anyone who wants to take a quick picture of anything. This certainly makes iOS better than Android for business.

Speed of phone

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Speed and seamless interaction are some of the qualities required for any business. I phone aced it. Speed is one of the reasons why the manufacturing industry is still in place. Remember the troubles of slow internet in the past? Speedy leased line broadband internet for business is a boon. Similarly, the speed of the phone is important too. Slow phones can cause anxiety.

The general rule is that the phone should be faster than our thinking. Anything slow can be frustrating. Ios is engineered with speed in mind. No matter what android has, it’s the speed with the straightforward software of iOS that gives an edge. Be it multi-tasking or using an app, a new iPhone can serve you for years to come before it loses its speed. This is why IOS is better than android for business

Mail app

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The mail app on iOS devices is excellent. You can add as many accounts as you want yet, it works flawlessly. You get to swipe to read action which comes handy to check mails. You can save a draft, download attachments, etc. This is a good addition for business people. Alternatively, you can install third-party apps like Gmail to get access to mails. From IOS 14, you can choose a third-party app as a default app for mails.


There are many applications for business in IOS, that works better than the Android counterparts. Lemme list out a few.

  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Stocks
  • Reminders
  • Wallet
  • Pages
  • Numbers 
  • Keynote etc.

This is not an Android vs iOS debate but official apps in iOS work a touch better than the Android counterpart. The very important feature of all the above apps is seamless interaction and less clutter so that you get to focus on what is intelligent and what is not.

seamless integration with other Apple devices

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You can literally compose an email or a document on an iMac and switch instantly to your iPhone where you left off on the desktop. The ability to continue your work irrespective of whether you’re working on an iPad or the iPhone makes much sense for the business people. The universal clipboard is another fantastic feature. You can copy on a Mac and paste the items copied on an iPhone. Not to mention all the office software comes with a Mac and iPhones are free of cost. Seamless interaction is the cherry on top of the cake.

Other examples are AirPods and calls. You can connect the AirPods to the Apple ecosystem. You then start the music on Mac and while enjoying you receive a call on your iPhone. With a touch of a button, the AirPods pause the music on Mac and switch to your iPhone to attend the call. Once the call is done, the AirPods switches to Mac and resume the music.

Handoff and airdrop

Handoff is another sweet feature of the Apple ecosystem. When someone calls you on your iPhone, the phone rings. At the same time, you will get a notification on your Mac about the call. With the click of a button, you can answer the call on your Mac. The phone need not be near the Mac. As long as they are connected to the same network, it works.

Airdrop is a file-sharing system and if you have your Mac and iPhone nearby, airdrop can be used to send files from one device to another wirelessly. This will become a handy feature especially for business people who need to transfer lots of files between devices. It works with Mac to Mac as well.

Bloatware free phone

Bloatware is unwanted software in phones that hog the memory for no particular reasons. Phones especially from china have a ton of bloatware. Even flagship makers like Samsung put bloatware onto the phones. Fortunately, iOS has little to no bloatware. They don’t hinder much at all. This helps the user by faster phones and to keep the distractions away.

Security and safety

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It is one of the prime selling points of iPhones. They are hard to break, hard to crack. iPhones until iPhone 8 and iPhone se used touch id, a fingerprint scanner, for authentication. Now, Apple has switched over to face id. An IR light sensor maps the face into the system and face is used to unlock the iPhones. It’s faster and more accurate.

Apple is also serious about the privacy of its customers. All apps should adhere to apple’s privacy policy. They cannot simply steal away your data. It comes crucial for businessmen especially the men who have a threat to data security.  This is also a reason why iOS is simply better than android.

No virus or malware

Ios is a very closed system and you can install apps only from App Store, unlike androids. Apps in the App Store are thoroughly checked not only on functionalities but also for viruses. All the attachments of the mail are open securely. It is quite hard for an app to install malware. This is why IOS is better than Android for business.

Android vs iOS which is better

There are features in androids that are better than ios. There are things in iOS that are better than the androids. For example, handoff and airdrop work way better in iOS than androids, which, doesn’t support handoff like feature at all. On the other hand, androids have a ton of customizable options leaving iOS far behind. But, most of the businessmen seldom care about customization than security. Therefore for business, iOS is better. Even in general, iOS is better than Android.


One of the prime reasons why people opting for iPhones is because of the safety measures apple has provided. Adding to that, having a speedy phone is always great not only for business but also for personal usage. With no sense of distraction, iPhones are ideal for any businessmen. Apple also updates the phone frequently to support its latest hardware, it just gets better overall. These are the reasons why IOS is better than android for business. Thanks for reading.

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