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Is iPhone 8 really worth buying in 2020?

iPhone 8 that you’re searching for was a flagship phone from Apple three years ago. They have so much legacy and brand image that it is tough to overlook even today in 2020. You can get it for Under $500 now, and it seems like a good buy. But, is the iPhone 8 worth buying in 2020? Should you buy an iPhone 8? How about other options? Let us dig more in-depth in a completely different way.
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5 best wireless earphones for iPhone

Iphones have changed the way we look at the world now. If it weren't for iPhones, androids wouldn't have developed so much. Active competition is always a win for consumers. Apple then launched wireless earbuds. Ever since then, the Bluetooth wireless earbuds have become a thing. There are a ton of wireless earbuds in the market. It is quite challenging to pick out the best earbuds of the bunch. Today, we are going to see the best wireless earphones for iPhone.
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7 best android smartphone for students in India

Once upon a time, mobiles were cussed for students' bad scores. Tables have turned now that it is mandatory to have a phone or laptop to attend online classes. Mobiles are inevitable for students' world because they learn with mobiles in hand. Wikipedia helps in clearing doubts, and students can chat with other students or teachers to clarify their doubts. Now that mobile is essential, it is imperative to have an excellent mobile phone. We got you covered. We are going to look at the best android smartphone for students in India. Let us dive in.
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What makes AMOLED special

We have always come across phones using AMOLED displays. The flagship phones of Apple, Samsung, or Oneplus have AMOLED display in it. Those displays are gorgeous and worth the price paid. There are TVs with OLED Panels today, and they look fantastic. So, what makes AMOLED special? Read on.
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What makes android special?

Android is one of, if not, the popular smartphone you could see in the market. It enabled everyone to use smart features. It is being used by kids and parents alike. Do you want to know why many are using your daily driver android? Do you want to know what makes android special?
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Why iOS is better than android for business

We all have our choices of phones for everyday activities. Be it an apple of an array of android phones, they make our life easier in many ways. When it comes to business, a phone becomes an integral part of any businessman. But, which of the two is better. An android or an iPhone. As you have seen in the topic, iPhones have an edge for business needs. Let's see why iOS is better than Android for business.
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5 Best budget refrigerators in India

Refrigerators are one of the best appliances that were invented to run on electric current. Be it to fetch cold water to quench for your thirst or to save the food for a week, Refrigerators are there to rescue. Refrigerators are available across the budget from Rs 10,000 to lakhs. Today, we are going to see the best budget refrigerator in India. Let's dive in.
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5 of the Best earphones for college students

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels Whether you are a study enthusiast or rock learner, you have to select the right pair of...
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Yamaha YHT 1840 – An awesome review

Home theatre is a dream for many. Having a good home theatre means you get to immerse yourself in the...
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Best non Chinese earphones under Rs 2000

Earphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. Being at home or traveling around, we depend upon earphones for our music and movie needs. In fact, some YouTube channels recommend using headphones for awesome results. There is a pile of good and bad earphones in the market. As a change, we are going to see the best non-Chinese wireless earphones under Rs 2000. Lets dive in.
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Is iPhone XR worth buying in 2020?

iPhones always have a special place in the heart. It doesn't matter what the price is. We see iPhone launch every year, and the models from the previous years get a price cut. iPhone XR one such phone in apples line up. iPhone XR's release date was 12 September 2018. Ever since then, It was selling like a hot cake. Sales took a small dip after the launch of iPhone SE and iPhone 11. But, is iPhone XR worth buying in 2020? Let's see in detail.
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Is iPhone 8 worth buying in 2020?

The iPhones are extremely capable devices that has ever launched in the market. The old iPhone 5s still works perfectly good even today. But, is it still worth a buy? Lets dig deeper.

is iPhone 8 worth it in 2020
The Best Home theatre system in India

Best Home theatre in India

Hometheatre is a dream of many and people deserve on such equipment. However, there are a number of branded and unbranded systems out there. Lets see the best systems from Rs 5000 to all the way up to RS 5,00,000. Click to read more

What is HDR in iphone

You would have come across the term HDR quite a lot of times. Especially with an iPhone. Do you know that there are two kinds of HDR on an Iphone? Click to read more