Is iphone 8 worth buying in 2020

iPhone 8 that you’re searching for was a flagship phone from Apple three years ago. They have so much legacy and brand image that it is very hard to overlook even today in 2020. You can get it for around $450 now and it seems like a good buy. But, is the iPhone 8 worth buying in 2020? How about other options? Let us dig deeper in a completely different way.

is iPhone 8 worth it in 2020
The Best Home theatre system in India

Best Home theatre in India

You must have an awesome Tv already or likely to purchase one soon. You may not be happy with the current sound setup. Perhaps You are looking to upgrade your home theatre system. You’re at the right place here. You will see the best home theatre system in India based on various budgets.

What is HDR in iphone

Does your shiny new iPhone often display HDR in-camera and photos? You would have heard this term, ‘HDR’ in Tv advertisements. HDR is a new format and they are getting popular and affordable phones and TVs these days. So, what is HDR on iPhone? What exactly HDR do to the images and photos we see.